The Longest Five Minutes for Switch

The Longest Five Minutes (Switch)

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The Longest Five Minutes for Switch
Genre: AdventureRPGSingle Player
Content Rating: Teen


Our hero tries to regain his priceless memories before it\'s too late, but the Overlord stands before him, his power unyielding! What can happen in The Longest Five Minutes!?
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Dual Shockers


The Longest Five Minutes is almost the standard definition of an RPG, brought to life with one of the most exciting storytelling techniques for any Switch game. It’s a good entry point for those looking to try out NIS America games or RPGs, and interesting enough to keep the attention of more hardcore fans. But without leaning too heavily into the novel flashback dynamic, The Longest Five Minutes doesn’t bring much more to the RPG table.

Lou Contaldi Feb 06, 2018

Hardcore Gamer


Unfortunately for all the minor smiles and well-orchestrated music that accompanies one’s travels, The Longest Five Minutes feels mostly like a sterile assembly of classic JRPG’s least-appealing necessities. Its premise of losing one’s memory and the relation that has between past and present occurrences could have been an interesting twist on RPG mechanics to uncover, but it ends up being little more than a stale alternative to what is a rather unaltered series of common JRPG affairs.

Jordan Helm Feb 06, 2018



The concept of The Longest Five Minutes is undeniably intriguing, and its retro-styled visuals, quirky personalities and dialogue, and moments of inspired, emotional storytelling give it a lot of inherent charm. But charm can only go so far to make up for a game’s flaws, and far too often, The Longest Five Minutes falls victim to stereotypical old-school JRPG drudgery like endless random encounters and annoying dungeons--the exact sort of thing it wants to deconstruct. Though its ambition is admirable, it ultimately doesn’t live up to the promise of its clever premise.

Heidi Kemps Feb 13, 2018



The Longest Five Minutes uses a truly gripping concept, throwing the classic RPG formula on its head by having you put the pieces of an already existing story together as you go. While the combat and general gameplay are almost too easy-going, the story, characters, and overall aesthetic had us always wanting more, never wanting to put the game down. The asking price is perhaps a little steep for the amount of content available, and the strange take on a usually well-understood genre may throw some players off, but there is an indescribable charm that is worth exploring here.

Ryan Craddock Feb 06, 2018

Nintendo World Report


The Switch has had a surprisingly large RPG library in its first year; already it feels like there’s more RPGs on Switch than were on its predecessor and they just keep coming. Where The Longest Five Minutes stands out is that despite the name, it is fast. I did a lot of exploring in the environments looking for treasure and still managed to roll credits in under 12 hours. Given the Switch’s propensity for roguelikes and exceedingly long, story-driven games, this is a minor miracle. Not every game has to be a seven-course meal; sometimes you just want a light snack. On that front, Longest Five Minutes delivers.

Donald Theriault Feb 06, 2018



The Longest Five Minutes isn't quite all bad, though. The dialogue is written well and the music is reminiscent of old classic RPGs, but there’s simply not enough difficulty or uniqueness to keep players interested for the full duration. If you're the most casual of gamers, then you may find the difficulty level suitable, but anyone who's ever touched any kind of RPG before will undoubtedly find it too easy and not worth the ten or so hours of gameplay.

Becca Smith Feb 14, 2018



The Longest Five Minutes is an interesting take on a nostalgia trip, but by splitting the game into the individual memories it does a huge disservice to its RPG nature. If only these memories had been fleshed out, giving the main characters a little depth, some side quests, some hidden quests… anything to make it feel like the games it is monkeying, instead of being such simple little, objective-based stages. There are moments that shine, but they are marred by the numerous issues and make this Nintendo Switch release somewhat of a disappointment.

Drew Hurley Feb 26, 2018

Hobby Consolas


Un juego de rol que parte de una original premisa, pero que peca de ser tremendamente sencillo en todas sus facetas jugables, hasta el punto de, en ocasiones, casi parecer más una novela visual (que por desgracia llega con los textos sin traducir). Visualmente, aunque parece un juego de NES, tiene detalles soberbios, como personajes muy expresivos.

Alberto Lloret Feb 23, 2018



No podemos esconder los sentimientos contrapuestos que nos ha dejado esta obra de Nippon Ichi. Por un lado, su original argumento, gran sentido del humor y su apuesta por la estética de 8 bits nos han gustado mucho. Pero no podemos negar lo simples que resultan los combates por turnos, algo fundamental en estos títulos, así como el hecho de que se abusa en demasía de las conversaciones… que además están totalmente en inglés. Un buen JRPG que podría haber sido mejor todavía.

Sergio Martín Feb 11, 2018


The Longest Five Minutes part d’un concept intéressant pour livrer un jeu qui manque d’envergure. Sa narration par flashback comporte de bonnes idées et malgré quelques clichés, on a vraiment envie de voir la fin. Toutefois, il faudra faire avec un gameplay JRPG old-school des plus basiques, que ce soit le système de combat ou les donjons et villages. Sympa par moments, il reste intéressant pour un public averti.

Anagund Feb 18, 2018



Com muita criatividade e um belo enredo, The Longest Five Minutes é um título merecedor de atenção por parte dos donos da nova consola da Nintendo e um grande alvo a ter em conta numa futura promoção.

Fábio Carmo Mar 19, 2018