The Long Reach for Switch

The Long Reach (Switch)

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At its heart The Long Reach is an adventure game. Closer inspection also reveals it’s a thrilling horror story, flavoured with sci-fi ideology, psychological context and a skeptical view on the human psyche.
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Nintendo World Report


All told, The Long Reach could have used some more time in the oven. It presents issues that seem readily solvable—lighting, object highlighting, proof reading—but in its current form, the game is frustrating and not particularly enjoyable. Maybe some of the problems can be patched out, but until that happens, I can’t recommend The Long Reach despite its intriguing storyline.

Zachary Miller Mar 19, 2018



A quirky 2D adventure with hints of psychological horror and some classic puzzles. Though its gameplay is riddled with glitches and its narrative full of flaws, The Long Reach keeps tempting you to peer around the next murky corner.

Jon Mundy Mar 14, 2018

Pocket Gamer


But in the end it's hindered by its core gameplay. How much you enjoy it will vastly vary on how much you enjoyed playing classic adventure games. If you're a fan of mashing everything in your inventory with everything you can interact with in the world, then you're going to lap it up. If not, it's probably wise to give The Long Reach a wide berth.

Alex Calvin Mar 19, 2018



The Long Reach just barely misses the mark thanks to a painfully tone deaf script full of juvenile dialogue and puzzles that rely on process of elimination as much as actual thought-work. The general aesthetic of the world is appealing, with just well-crafted sprites, and the atmosphere is appropriately oppressive, but the overall story feels bound together by a script that can't decide between humour and tension.

Renan Fontes Mar 21, 2018



Una interesante apuesta por el survival horror con algunos puzles más propios de aventuras gráficas que del terror, que gustará bastante a los fans de ambos géneros.

Juan Rubio Mar 19, 2018



Todo ello hace de The Long Reach un más que decente debut por parte del equipo ucraniano. Una aventura de corte clásico pero repleto de elementos contemporáneos que contentará a todo tipo de jugadores. Un mix muy equilibrado de géneros que os mantendrá en tensión y con el nivel de atención justo para seguir adelante en la aventura junto con unos diálogos que hacen sentir a los personajes vivos y cercanos.

Albert Manjón Mar 13, 2018