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Chris CarterJul 14, 2021
Zelda: Skyward Sword was a weird game to assess in 2011, much less today. It had a lot of great ideas undercut by some questionable design choices, but to some, it was the best Zelda ever made. I understand that $60 for a remaster of a 2011 game is a big ask, but this is the definitive version of a flawed yet fun adventure that should be part of any Zelda rotation.
Travis NorthupJul 16, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a fantastic Zelda adventure that’s aged like wine, even if Wii-era motion controls still aren’t great.
Alex SeedhouseJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD stands as the definitive way to experience the origins of the Master Sword. To this day, there’s still nothing else quite like it – from the strategic swordplay to Nintendo’s unrelentingly inventive puzzle design – and while it excels in its playful experimentation, the game represents a stepping stone to where the series would lead in the future as much as it delivers an origin story that allows you to discover the secrets of the past.
PJ O'ReillyJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD introduces a raft of technical improvements and quality of life updates that reinvigorate and revitalise this ten-year-old game. With motion controls more precise than ever before, an alternate button control scheme that totally works, crisp HD graphics, smooth 60fps gameplay and a bothersome sidekick who's been streamlined into something altogether more useful, this really does feel like Skyward Sword as it was meant to be experienced.
Kirstin SwalleyJul 20, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is not only the best way to enjoy this title, but hopefully will be remembered more fondly thanks to welcome adjustments and improvements that make an already wonderful entry in the long-running series even more wonderful.
Jaime CarrilloJul 28, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD gives a misunderstood title in Nintendo’s celebrated franchise a well-earned second shot. If motion controls and lack of polish turned you off this game the first go around, now’s your chance to give this adventure a try. Like all great remakes, it’s got some serious QoL upgrades and not an insignificant amount of graphic upgrades as well.
Ben ReevesJul 14, 2021
In some ways, Skyward Sword perfects Ocarina's template, but that formula also feels well-worn and stuffed with unnecessary junk. Despite all the ways Nintendo updated this package, Skyward Sword remains far from my favorite entry in the series, but this is clearly the best way to play this blemished gem.
Michael GoroffJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD improves on the original in every conceivable way. The visual and performance upgrades make it feel like a new game, and the motion controls feel much more responsive, thanks to the Switch’s Joy-Cons. But the new button controls are the biggest improvement; instead of fighting against the motion controls, players can now savor the satisfying combat and genius level design. What was once the outcast of the 3D Zelda games now stands tall as one of the best in the series.
Megan PetersAug 02, 2021
Its colorful story strays far from the dark world of Twilight Princess, and its crafting mechanics will feel familiar to those who've only tested out Breath of the Wild.
Nathan BirchJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a conservative update to one of Link’s less-heralded adventures that’s unlikely to change many minds one way or the other. The padding, control limitations, and other issues fans have long bemoaned are still in full effect.
Kevin KnezevicJul 14, 2021
Despite these flaws, Skyward Sword is also filled with many genuinely magical moments. The soundtrack, notable for being Zelda's first fully orchestrated score, is still delightful, and the story is one of the most touching tales the series has ever woven, shedding light on the origins of Hyrule and other elements that have become hallmarks of the franchise.
Jason FaulknerAug 01, 2021
If you missed Skyward Sword the first time around, it’s definitely worth picking this up. It’s one of my least favorite Zelda titles, but it’s still a good game. You could hack about eight hours off of it, and it’d be all the better for it, but the quality of life improvements help make the repetitive parts less tedious.
Nathan LeeJul 31, 2021
Given its high price point for a remaster, anyone on the fence should either wait, or ignore the game altogether. The quality of life changes are greatly appreciated, but they are not going to change anyone's long standing opinions on the game, besides perhaps criticisms about the motion controls.
Quinton O'ConnorAug 28, 2021
Like a pizza with all your favorite toppings, plus two that disgust you, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is mostly delicious. But you'll know exactly when it isn't.
Josh WestJul 14, 2021
Skyward Sword HD gives one of the most misunderstood Legend of Zelda games a second chance. It's an under-appreciated gem, one that finds the space to really breathe with a more reliable and relaxing method of control embedded within it. Skyward Sword has its fair share of problems, but it makes up for many of them in moments of true brilliance and defiance against established series conventions.
Dan HastingsAug 05, 2021
Skyward Sword is definitely one of the better games in the Zelda series. Some experimental ideas and mechanics were implemented that breathe some fresh air into the dungeons and puzzles throughout the adventure.
Josh WiseJul 23, 2021
It’s not quite that I had forgotten how good it was—more that I needed the intervening years to realise it.
Community Guest WriterAug 05, 2021
I’d advise caution with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, it’s a solid title and for a hardcore Zelda fan, I’d recommend it. For a player who can overlook the button scheme on a handheld, I’d recommend it and for someone who enjoys motion control schemes and RPGs, I’d definitely recommend it. However, for the average gamer, this is all I can say… I would have happily parted with my money to raise my Joycon to the sky. It’s not perfect, but it was an adventure.
Josh NicholsJul 23, 2021
It still isn’t a perfect game, but nearly all of the game’s major issues have been addressed in the remaster. If you never played Skyward Sword, then it’s the perfect time to fly through its world. The story, presentation, and music are all that you’d expect from the franchise, and nearly all of the game’s problems have been addressed in Skyward Sword HD.
Dave AubreyJul 14, 2021
The linear structure of the game and relative empty space of the sky will still frustrate some, but the core sword-fighting gameplay and straightforward Zelda structure is better here than it is in many other games. If you want a traditional 3D Zelda experience, then Skyward Sword HD is an easy choice.
Scott BairdJul 14, 2021
Skyward Sword HD is the definitive version of the game, with many of the annoyances from the original Skyward Sword scrubbed from the experience. Skyward Sword HD has its frustrating moments, but it's still an excellent game, and it's worth a return trip to those who already soared through the skies on the Wii.
Josh BroadwellJul 23, 2021
The main takeaway from my time with Skyward Sword is just how much potential the Zelda series has. Breath of the Wild is just one vision of how the franchise could evolve, but hopefully, Nintendo doesn't let it be the only one. There's still a lot to learn from Skyward Sword.
Neal RonaghanJul 14, 2021
With hindsight, Skyward Sword HD serves an interesting coda that paved the way for Breath of the Wild. The linear ebb and flow of Link’s earliest chronological story might be rooted in the past, but it’s still an engaging and cozy adventure in the present that’s well worth playing or revisiting.
Shubhankar ParijatJul 20, 2021
Sure enough, Skyward Sword HD is a better game than the original Wii title, but for all the improvements it makes, it is still a deeply flawed experience- and no amount of quality-of-life changes could ever fix that, because that’s unfortunately just how the game was designed. I’d still recommend it to Zelda fans, because when Skyward Sword is good, it’s very good. It’s just that there are large portions of the game when it’s far, far from good.
Anthony MannAug 24, 2021
For anyone who wrote this game off for any reason, please give this game another shot. It contains a wonderful story, one of the most satisfying final battles, some of the best humor in any Zelda game, plenty of completely optional side content, and some really unique gameplay that only Skyward Sword has offered. I have never been happier to say I was wrong about a game.
James PaleyJul 14, 2021
On its own merits, Skyward Sword HD still has a little rust on the blade. The level design leans on outdated, clumsy mechanics. Traversal between islands is boring at best, painful at worst. The motion controls, the outdated mechanics in question, are still an absolute third rail, not to be engaged with for any reason. On the other hand, this is an excellent remaster.
Eric HallidayJul 21, 2021
Even if you forgive the nightmarish art style and the dated quest methods, as it is a remake of a decade-old game, it doesn’t forgive The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swrord HD for having awful controls and a complete lack of quality of life features.
Andrew ThorntonJul 27, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD proves worthy of its place in the series. While a bit of trimming at the start would make a stronger game, once it got going, I never wanted it to end. If you like Zelda games and haven’t played Skyward Sword, you owe it to yourself to try this one. For veterans of the game, you’ll find a ton of quality of life changes making this the definitive version. Even if you were put off by the original release, you might find this time that you fall for this legend.
Leo FariaJul 20, 2021
Skyward Sword HD is a fascinating game that will either please or bore fans. I almost feel there is no in-between. At sixty bucks, this is way too much to ask for a Wii game, but the fact you can play it on-the-go is still worth lauding. Even if you have to deal with some confusing controls in order to do so.
Sean ChristieJul 24, 2021
Skyward Sword HD is enough of a Zelda game that fans of the series will still have a good time playing it. With a strong story and characters that stand out, there is still fun to be had despite the god awful controls that do their best to ruin what would’ve been an outstanding game had it adhered to traditional gameplay mechanics.
David CaballeroJul 14, 2021
It also tells a beautiful story, which is more character-based than usual (Impa we love you), it includes some brilliantly smart boss and dungeon designs (Lanayru, we're looking at you), and it brings back an approach to the adventure genre that is rarely seen nowadays. It's 50+ hours of inventive puzzle-solving and rewarding combat, and wielding the sword feels as exciting as ever.
Aaron PotterJul 29, 2021
Motion control-fearing players finally have a way to satisfyingly play one of Link’s most misunderstood adventures. A few design elements can annoy and now feel archaic, sure, but Skyward Sword HD is well worth another stab on Nintendo Switch.
Drew HurleyAug 09, 2021
The bad rap that Skyward Sword received is evidenced here to be undeserved. Even the worst Zelda game is still a good game, and this is by no means the worst Zelda game. It has some dungeons and experiences that are standing side by side with the very best of the whole franchise. While the controls aren't as good as they could have been, and some of the early annoyances remain, this is absolutely a must-buy. It's not the worst Zelda game, not a bad Zelda game, but a great Zelda game.
GameCentralJul 14, 2021
This is unquestionably a better version of Skyward Sword than the one released a decade ago but the flaws run too deep for it to ever be regarded as a classic. It may not be the best entry in the series but it’s far from the worst and, as can now be seen more clearly, it is one of the most innovative.
Miri TeixeiraJul 14, 2021
This is what people truly want from a Switch port. A gentle, well thought out, genuine upgrade that captures the heart of the original game and allows it to flourish at a higher standard. Although it is still perhaps a little simplistic, the game has redeemed itself through the quality-of-life updates that were sorely needed the first time around. Skyward Sword is finally a winner, and will undoubtedly delight newcomers and old fans alike.
Jon MundyJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword still doesn't wholly convince a decade on, with flaky controls, drab visuals, and a dull over-world. But it retains enough of that irresistible Zelda magic to warrant a place on your Switch. Just.
Adam CookJul 14, 2021
This is in large part thanks to the fact it’s a different kind of Zelda game. It feels more like the people in this world are alive, and real. Zelda herself looks different, and it’s very intentional. It’s an origin story for the series, too, though since it might be an entire generation’s first time playing, I won’t spoil more than that here.
Dave MorrishJul 22, 2021
Nathan EllingsworthJul 23, 2021
Some smart changes to controller issues and pacing problems make this the definitive way to play this classic Zelda title. But sadly, some repetitive elements and backtracking haven't changed at all. However, with an engaging story, well-realised characters, and some brilliant items and dungeons, Skyward Sword HD is a delightful adventure for fans of the series and beyond.
Jaimie DitchfieldJul 18, 2021
If you’re interested in experiencing a deep narrative with some likeable characters, then you owe it to yourself to experience this game. Then again, even if you’ve played it before, Skyward Sword HD is an adventure worth revisiting with these improvements.
A.J. MaciejewskiJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is an absolutely incredible game so if you haven't played it yet, this HD iteration makes for a great excuse to finally give it a go. Those who still own it on Wii might want to hold out, though, because it's surely not a huge step up.
Preston DozsaJul 14, 2021
Though it may be one of the weaker Zelda games, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a good adventure in its own right.
Dylan CovingtonJul 25, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD has taken everything great about the original and either preserved or improved upon it. Sadly, it also takes its one glaring flaw and has emphasised how dated it is. The graphics, music, story and combat are all extraordinary, just as they were the first time around, but this game might’ve been further improved to damn-near perfect with just a little bit of tweaking.
James BerichJul 14, 2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD makes great efforts to improve the original to make it the definitive way to play the series’ origin story. Whilst the game's initially poor pacing has improved, the game can still be slightly tedious and repetitive. Putting that aside, the dungeon design, item ingenuity, and some of the boss battles are series highlights that no Zelda fan should miss.
Ben SalterJul 14, 2021
As a remaster, the characters look good in high definition, but the environments appear dated and could have used more attention. But unlike the previous two Zelda remasters on Wii U, Skyward Sword HD is more about updating a game designed for the Wii’s waggle to work well on a handheld and with a conventional controller. With that focus, it delivers a version of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword that is much easier and more natural to play from start to finish.
Carlos LeivaJul 14, 2021
La mejor y más disfrutable versión de una de las entregas de The Legend of Zelda más únicas y especiales.
David OñaJul 14, 2021
Una remasterización a la altura que recupera uno de los Zeldas más olvidados de la época moderna. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD supone la actualización de una de las entregas más particulares. Una que articula todo su discurso a través del sistema de control de la consola que la vio nacer, dando un nuevo enfoque a la fórmula tradicional de la saga y poniendo el énfasis en el manejo de la espada. Un excelente videojuego que supone otra lección de diseño por parte de Nintendo, que firmó un título que sigue siendo vigente una década después, pero que llega a un precio un tanto elevado.
Pedro Pérez CesariJul 31, 2021
Con esto último debe quedar claro que lo recomiendo, en especial para todos aquellos que llevan años con ganas de jugar Skyward Sword; después de todo, este relanzamiento les sale más barato que conseguir un Wii y una copia original. Igual será una buena experiencia para quienes ya lo probaron, solamente que deberán tener en cuenta que tampoco es completamente diferente. Se le quitó lo peor, pero en el fondo sigue siendo el mismo y viejo Skyward Sword.
David MartínezJul 14, 2021
Diez años después de su lanzamiento original, nos reencontramos con una aventura mágica. El último Zelda clásico, antes de Breath of the Wild, sigue siendo una aventura que nos dejará marcados de por vida, y se disfruta mucho mejor con el nuevo esquema de control. Los cambios consiguen que siga resultando muy actual.
DefaJul 14, 2021
Simplemente no se me ocurre un escenario en el cual no te estaría recomendando que juegues The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, pues a pesar de cómo fue que cambió por completo el sistema de controles y mecánicas de la serie, se mantuvo fiel al resto de elementos que hacen tan especial a esta franquicia, esto sin mencionar que el extraño experimento funcionó, tan solo era cuestión de aprenderlo y listo. La polémica iba a estar y lo más probable es que nunca se vaya, pero creo que tampoco hay que desviar la conversación hacia temas que simplemente no son ciertos o que tan solo están basados en opiniones poco informadas. Estamos frente a un Zelda en toda la extensión de la palabra, eso creo que es complicado de refutar.