The Banner Saga 2

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Anthony BacchusJun 19, 2018
The Banner Saga 2, however, isn’t designed for newcomers. It’s recommended to start from the first game before jumping into the sequel. While it can certainly be enjoyed without playing the original, players will be missing out on key character and plot developments. If you’re looking for a deep tactical RPG with a fantastic story on Switch, you can’t do much better than The Banner Saga 2.
Chris BowmanJul 13, 2018
Overall Banner Saga 2 is a game full of despair, heartache, and utter loss, and that’s some of the best parts. There is always some hope as you push forward. You will become intertwined in a huge story based on Viking-type characters and lore and spend hours doing it.
Alex SeedhouseJul 25, 2018
The Banner Saga 2 continues to deliver a refreshingly personal experience, and, while some of the unpredictable events that transpire will undoubtedly astound, it is the rippling consequences of your own actions that keep you transfixed to the point that you will fret over every decision that you are forced to make. It has been a long time since a game has so readily impressed me across the board, and, with that, I now wait to see how the Saga comes to a close.
Liam DoolanAug 25, 2018
The Banner Saga 2 expands on the series' existing foundations with more of the same. There’s no drastic overhaul to the text-based elements or battle segments, and similar systems are in place when it comes to managing your caravan party, fighting enemies, and talking your way out of a tight spot. If you’ve played the original, you’ll know exactly what to expect.
Neal RonaghanJun 17, 2018
Banner Saga 2 is a great sequel, building on the first one’s fantastic presentation and style. The music is positively sublime especially when paired with the gorgeous art and animation. If you’re craving a good fantasy story and are down for some fun tactical turn-based fare, this series is one to follow through on. The finale can’t come soon enough even if the battles and story segments along the way might thin the party in tragic ways.
Jamie MercerDec 22, 2018
While the first game looks at the emerging threat and initial impact of the Dredge, the second one examines the influence that this menace has on society,and whether it's possible to keep a band of humans and Varl together while the world falls apart around them. While new additions such as classes and barricades are nice to have, at six to eight hours long, it is a bit on the short side for the asking price. The physical release of the Banner Saga Trilogy offers greater value for money.
Paul MurphyJul 31, 2018
It’s the middle part of a story and at times it certainly feels middling. More polished that the first title yet nowhere near as enthralling or captivating, it feels like it was dragging the story along at times. Fans of the first title will still find plenty to enjoy, and I hope that the final part sees some of the choices pay off.
Tom BickmoreMay 07, 2016
Superb writing and a unique combat system combine to make The Banner Saga 2 something quite special, in the same way it did back in 2014. The larger variety and frequent introduction of enemy types stops The Banner Saga 2 from becoming dull and repetitive. The Banner Saga is fast becoming one of the best series in modern games, with some of the strongest characterisation and world-building in years.
Toby BergerJun 25, 2018
Much like its predecessor, The Banner Saga 2 finds an excellent spot in the Switch’s library. It’s a sequel that refines rather than evolves any of the key gameplay elements, but still manages to feel like an important piece of the series’ narrative puzzle.
André ReisJun 04, 2019
The Banner Saga 2 oferece mais variedade em ambientes e tácticas, com um enredo um pouco mais sombrio que o seu predecessor, mas no fim contenta-se por ser apenas um ponto de passagem para a sequela, uma espécie de pedra no caminho que tem de se atravessar para chegar ao que realmente interessa. É pena, porque por trás deste sistema ainda existe muito potencial, que infelizmente não foi explorado na sua totalidade por manter vista de algo que ainda estava por chegar.