The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

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Mitch VogelOct 10, 2019
Nearly two years on from its initial release, The Alliance Alive HD Remastered proves to be a perfectly competent port of an already fantastic handheld game. A well-written story, a smartly interwoven and complex system of gameplay mechanics, and a distinctive visual style makes this a no-brainer for anybody looking for a consistently high-quality RPG experience on their Switch. It may feel a little simple, given its origins on the 3DS, but don’t make the mistake of passing up on The Alliance Alive HD Remastered, it’s well worth your time.
Kirk HinerOct 08, 2019
The Alliance Alive is a slightly above-average game that’s dwarfed by the myriad JRPGs already available for and coming to the Switch. It can serve as a decent filler between them, but there’s nothing in this HD remaster to make it a better option than its original 3DS release. Save yourself some cash and go that route if you can…just be sure to rotate those save files.
Leo FariaOct 15, 2019
If you’re looking for a JRPG fix on your Switch and you’re not willing to spend cash on Dragon Quest XI or Ni No Kuni, then The Alliance Alive HD Remastered isn’t a bad idea. Just bear in mind that this isn’t a groundbreaking JRPG by any means. The story is passable and the production values aren’t impressive.
David LloydOct 04, 2019
Even knowing that the only change of the new remastered version of Alliance Alive is the graphics, I still had high hopes for a better second experience. Some of the individual aspects I enjoyed, but as a full experience it still didn’t click. If you picked up Alliance Alive the first time around, whatever that experience was for you will likely be repeated on the Switch. To those whose main interest is the battle system, if grinding for moves and abilities is your thing, this remastered is a much prettier and convenient version to play.
Gabriel JonesOct 04, 2019
Even accounting for the passage of time, and the contempt that familiarity brings, The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is still a class act. This traditional tale offers a unique blend of fun characters and engaging exploration. The battle-system is sufficiently deep, and caters to any style of play. There are times where this journey isn't as good as it could be, but absolutely nothing about it stands out as truly awful. All in all, it's a wonderful RPG that deserves to be checked out.
Mary BillingtonOct 04, 2019
The Alliance Alive is a wonderful and easy to recommend JRPG. This Switch version offers updated graphics and a reworked menu but not much else to make it worth double-dipping if you already own it on 3DS.
Cody MorrisOct 16, 2019
Despite the flaws in story and system, overall The Alliance Alive HD Remastered was compelling from start to finish, and I have a feeling I’m not done with it yet. Two separate new game plus modes let you keep trucking, but there’s plenty of content I had left untouched. While you can blast through the main story in under 30 hours, this is the kind of game where fanatics might double their playtime. Players looking for something classic, yet new, will love this game, but it won’t satisfy everyone.
Sergio MeleroOct 29, 2019
En conjunto, The Alliance Alive HD ofrece una experiencia JRPG bastante atrayente, sobre todo por su interesante argumento (solo en inglés, una pena) y por el carisma de algunos personajes. Su sistema de combate por turnos ofrece algunos destellos de brillantez estratégica, y el título nos dará para una treintena de horas donde exploraremos ciudades conectadas a través de un mapamundi general, nos enfrentaremos a sencillos puzzles y estableceremos alianzas de gran valor para combatir a los Daemons.
Diogo CaeiroOct 30, 2019
Longe da perfeição, The Alliance Alive é uma proposta que vai agradar aos maiores adeptos de JRPGs mas que pouco faz para se elevar em relação ao jogo original. Os problemas em termos de equilíbrio e desenho do jogo continuam os mesmos e as melhorias da sua componentre audiovisual são, no geral, fracas. Enquanto esteve perto de ser uma experiência especial na 3DS, esta apresentação na Switch comparativamente à concorrência é algo decepcionante.
DottorKillexOct 14, 2019
The Alliance Alive HD Remastered, in fin dei conti, si accontenta di riproporre in alta risoluzione quanto visto su 3DS due anni or sono, con texture ed asset in alta risoluzione a rimpiazzare quelli precedenti e menu più gradevoli alla vista e di più facile navigazione rispetto alla versione originaria. Inutile specificare, allora, che la versione probabilmente consigliata è quella per Nintendo Switch, perchè quella qui recensita, senza la possibilità di giocare su uno schermo portatile, ha sofferto un po’ il televisore della diagonale molto ampia utilizzato per il test.