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Content Rating: Everyone


Hold Joy - Con and enjoy fly - frying performance The biggest feature of this work is to shake Joy - Con as a bee "Furifuri performance"! "Hold the bear holding Joy - Con" If you swing straight down, "Don", if you swing it downwards to "Kappa". It corresponds also to HD vibration! You can feel the feeling of tapping the drum ♪ Each performance character has various playing skills such as automatic division of "Don" "Kapp" ​​and support of continuous hits. In addition, Kirby 's participation in this performance character is decided from "Splatoon 2" to "squid", "Kirby of the stars" Kirby' s participation is decided! Let 's challenge songs that have never been played with friends who can rely on ♪ Party mode where you can enjoy yourself with everything newly! Participate in Joy-Con and play up to 4 people ♪ 20 types × 2 difficulty levels are carried. * When playing with multiple people, you need a controller for the number of people. You can also share the (L) and (R) of Joy-Con and play. Compatible with TV mode, table mode, portable mode! Enjoy playing games anytime anywhere ♪ Enjoy playing games at the same time up to two people with one software. Furthermore, if you bring in "Nintendo Switch", you can play up to 4 players with nearby people in local communication ♪ * Software of "Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch ~ じ ょ ん!" Is necessary for people . Over 70 songs recorded! "Super Mario Odyssey" and "Splatoon 2" will also be included!