Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro Edition

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Ben BaylissMay 01, 2019
It?s a huge shame that levels tend to repeat themselves occasionally and are rather short, but this is likely just a product of the game having its roots as a mobile title. Despite that, the simplicity keeps it friendly and does feel somewhat old school in terms of handling like in PS1 games like Wipeout, and Formula 1. If you?re into the good ol’ PlayStation racing titles such as these, then Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition might be for you.
Richard SeagraveMay 03, 2019
If you’ve played Table Top Racing to death already on another format there’s probably no reason to pick up this new Switch version unless you’re really keen to play it in local multiplayer. If you’ve never played it before though, this new Nitro Edition may be worth adding to your collection if you fondly remember the mad antics of games like Micro Machines. Its races may not be all that exciting, and success may sometimes feel dependent more on luck than skill, but Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition is still entertaining.
Jon MundyMay 03, 2019
A fully-featured arcade racer with a genuinely meaty single player campaign, Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro Edition nonetheless lacks a cutting edge where it matters - on the track.
Chris ScullionMay 01, 2019
Table Top Racing: World Tour is an adequate enough racer that doesn’t ever shoot high enough to delight, stumble low enough to frustrate or simply do anything that leaves a lasting impression on us, be that positive or negative. It runs fine, looks fine, plays fine. It’s fine. And that includes the ‘fine’ Switch owners seemingly have to pay for a game that now costs ten bucks more than it did when it launched three years ago. When the only thing that stands out about a game is its price, that probably says it all.
Steve ClistMay 01, 2019
Though not a perfect game, I really enjoyed my time with Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition. Even as an accomplished racer I found some events challenging. There are definitely a few difficulty bumps but nothing impossible. The array of events (pure race, battle race, pursuit, eliminator, overtake, checkpoint, hot lap, time trial, drift) helps to keep the action fresh. The art design is fun and really helps to sell the idea of racing toy cars.