SuperEpic: The Entertainment War for Nintendo Switch

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War

Dec 12, 2019
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Developer: Undercoders
Content Rating: Teen


In a not-too-distant future dystopia​, a single videogame development company, ​Regnantcorp, controls an Orwellian society by enslaving the population with their addictive free game​s. As a rebellious racoon, along with your llama steed, you'll explore a surreal castle-like office full of enemies, challenges, secrets and corporate pigs. Break into their headquarters, uncover the conspiracy and save videogames!

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Darryl EdgeDec 05, 2019
SuperEpic: The Entertainment War is a service to the Metroidvania genre, as it offers enough creativity and satirical humour to really stand out from the crowd. There are one of two niggles along the way, but nothing that will pull you out of the experience. It looks great, plays smoothly and is quite frankly tremendous and addictive fun from start to finish.
Jaime CarrilloDec 16, 2019
To succeed as a Metroidvania, a game has to set itself apart from the rest. SuperEpic’s second-screen mini-game approach is not only an innovative concept, it helps underline the satirical conceit the game’s story lays out. Even with its shallow combo-based combat system, there’s plenty here for fans of the genre to enjoy.
Tyler HancockJan 17, 2020
SuperEpic has nowhere to go after it comes screaming out of the gate. Its engaging initial gameplay never really evolves past button-mashing. Decent sprite work is derailed by environments that are so bland as to defy recollection. Its own commentary on the bereftness of mobile games ends up being a commentary on itself, and leaves you a lonely, wandering shell, questioning your gaming habits, your existence...everything.

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