Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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Love Nurmi

Love Nurmi

Apr 11, 2021
arturo lopez

arturo lopez

Mar 18, 2021


Mar 14, 2021
Michael Down

Michael Down

Jan 4, 2021

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Feb 28, 2021
Mario 64 and Sunshine feel outdated, however I would say the package is worth it alone for Mario galaxy. I believe that odyssey is a better pick up, but if you have already played it to death and want more Mario, you can’t go wrong with this package.
Oct 14, 2020
Is good to see the OG 3D mario games in the switch, I remember playing this games as I child and it's good that I can play these once again in mi Nintendo Switch.
Sep 18, 2020

These are some of the best of the video games ever created. The fact that this title is sometimes getting scored 70's and 80's blows my mind as none of these titles are worse then a 9/10. The reason it is getting rated lower is because they didn't remaster this game. Some people think the menu is a bit boring and not nearly as good as Other collections which I can agree on. Also other collections/re releases like this are usually remastered. However this is not a remaster, it was never marketed that way. It's because of expectations. Because most people expect it to be revamped with new visuals doesn't mean it should. But these games are practically perfect so expecting something perfect to be changed at all is mind boggling to me. You can go to metacritic and you can see for yourself that metacritic scored the original games 94, 92 and 97. This new collection of those three games on the same website is a 83. How is that possible. These are masterpieces and don't let anybody fool you!
Sep 21, 2020
3 masterpieces of 3D platforming
Sep 18, 2020
It is an spectacular game! 3 games in one collection is awesome! Especially these 3D games! Super Mario Galaxy is a lot of fun and still nostalgic! I am just starting with sunshine since i never played that game before. Im getting used to Super Mario 64, the camera is a little annoying, but it is still pretty cool to play and have an adventure. Overall, this game is a must-have and I really consider it for anyone who wants to have a nostalgic time or have never played any of these great games before!