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Ken McKownSep 29, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is certainly rough around the edges as far as a classic collection is concerned, but there is no denying the impact of all three games. The omission of Galaxy 2 and the questionable ports are certainly head scratchers, but that doesn’t change the fact that this collection will deliver hours of fun for Mario players old and new.
Ozzie MejiaSep 22, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is frustrating, because it could be more. It could be so much more. But even with Nintendo phoning it in, the games themselves are such classics that they're still worth putting in your Switch library. Just make sure you add it before it goes away forever.
Stuart GippSep 04, 2020
Great stuff, but we say stick with the NES originals. The major problem with Super Mario All-Stars on Switch in 2020 is that it's on Switch in 2020; the benefits it conferred over the original 8-bit games back in '93 are rendered somewhat moot by the user-friendly functionality of the NES app that's already available.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusSep 21, 2020
In the end, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a perfectly adequate collection of three very good games. Even if Sunshine isn't to your taste, Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy are two of the finest platformers ever made, and they absolutely make the collection worthwhile. The only disappointment is that not enough was done to adjust and touch up the games for the Switch.
David MorganSep 28, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a lackluster collection of three (mostly) excellent, timeless games. Nintendo has shown us what it can do when the effort is put in with 2004's Super Mario 64 DS, so the lack of attention afforded here stings all the more.
D. CrowleySep 23, 2020
So there we have it; three excellent ports of excellent games. Though there are a few nitpicks I have, these game’s excellence largely overshadows them. Playing Sunshine and Galaxy, particularly on Switch, simply feels unreal; I caught myself several times while playing, thinking to myself how this collection feels like a dream. An absolute must-buy.
Chris CarterSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars, as barebones as it might be as a compilation, is a great way to experience (or re-experience) these games all over again. It was a joy running through all three of them even if they weren't strictly upgraded. That goes double for Mario Galaxy, as this is going to be my preferred way to play it from now on.
Sam WoodsSep 28, 2020
Ultimately, this is what it all comes down to. There’s no denying that a few improvements would have been nice and some more archival footage would make Super Mario 3D All-Stars feel like more of a celebration, but each one of these games is still a masterpiece and that’s what it’s all about.
GrayshadowSep 19, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars delivers some of Mario's best adventures into 1 package but without any notable improvements. The core games alone are amazing, each one is worth the asking price but as a re-release Super Mario 3D All-Stars is lacking. There's little in terms of improved quality or gameplay elements that makes these titles distinguished from the original versions.
Kirstin SwalleySep 20, 2020
It’s a huge disappointment that at the time of this review Nintendo has said that this collection will only be available until the end of March 2021 but hopefully they see some other form of release so it can be enjoyed for the entirety of the Switch’s lifetime. Anyone looking to play through the games again or try them out for the first time shouldn’t miss out on Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
Sam LoveridgeSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All Stars' package of three of the best 3D Mario games are just enhanced and tweaked enough to be an enjoyable revisiting, but without removing the classic charm.
Ethan AndersonSep 24, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a satisfying gift for the series' 35th anniversary. The collection provides a worthwhile journey through Mario's 3D beginnings, even for newcomers like myself. Much more effort could've been put into modernizing the camera controls in Super Mario 64 and FLUDD's spray mechanics in Super Mario Sunshine, but 3D All-Stars is still an overall enjoyable platformer package nonetheless.
Brad LangSep 16, 2020
Despite collecting three of Mario’s most well-known games, Super Mario 3D All Stars doesn’t justify their porting onto the Switch. With minimal improvements, few features that truly make it feel like an “Anniversary celebration” and some bafflingly lazy design choices, 3D All Stars feels like more like a quick cash grab.
Alex EverattSep 16, 2020
Another surprising exclusion is the lack of Super Mario Galaxy 2, and my only hope is that Nintendo has plans to re-release that gem at some point. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy are three near-perfect platforming adventures. In my opinion, they are must-play games that everyone should experience at some point, and what better time then now on the Nintendo Switch.
Daniel NewSep 23, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a limited time release in both physical and digital formats. We can only guess at the reason but whatever misgivings you have about the nature of the collection – or its position as Nintendo’s big fall release – it’s still an essential purchase. The three included games look better than ever and provide hours and hours of exquisitely designed, eye-bleedingly inventive gameplay.
Dave AubreySep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars contains three legendary games, and this package allows you to experience all of them, the way you remember them. Whether or not these games hold up as competitive, contemporary pieces of entertainment is one question, but they do serve as an amazing time machine taking me to the moments I shared with friends and loved ones years ago, and this is a perfect way for you to form new memories with yours.
Bob FeketeSep 24, 2020
Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy on Switch are excellent, there’s no doubt about that. If Nintendo were smart, they would make more games from their back catalog available. Being able to play these three games on the Switch is awesome, and I cannot overstate how happy I am that I get to do so. I just wish the Super Mario 3D All-Stars bundle could have delivered a little more.
Leo FariaSep 19, 2020
This sets a very bad precedent for the future. If this was being sold for maybe thirty or forty bucks, without the stupid limited availability, this would have been a complete must-have, a stroke of genius. As it stands, however, Super Mario 3D All-Stars just feels like an act of greed and hubris from a company that once knew better.
John RairdinSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is by no means a complete overhaul, nor is it as simple as a port. It’s not as straightforward as Super Mario 64’s virtual console release, or Super Mario Galaxy on Wii U, as the entries in this collection are indeed updates to the original games. Each game seems to have been treated as its own challenge, with different improvements and changes being put into each.
Kyle HansonSep 22, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars isn’t a perfect collection. It doesn’t go far enough in enhancing the three games it brings to the Switch and excludes one that many feel is the best in the series. Two of those games also might not impress new, modern players due to various issues with their age, controls, and visuals.
Eric HallidaySep 23, 2020
There’s no denying that Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are all masterpieces of their time. But without modern trimmings, this is a series that will only fully be appreciated by incredibly hardcore fans. Newcomers to these games may find themselves quickly turned off by the limitations of older software and controls. So while fun, the lack of effort put into Super Mario 3D All-Stars is very disappointing.
Kim SnaithSep 24, 2020
On the whole, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a decent collection. It doesn’t try to impress with extra features or fancy padding; it simply puts three games from the past in a simple collection for old fans to enjoy. But without even the slightest of tweaks aside from a resolution boost, Super Mario 64 is painful to play.
Chris ScullionSep 16, 2020
We’ve had an absolute blast playing through these three gems all over again, especially now they look sharper than ever. It’s a shame that the presentation is practically barebones with no bonus content beyond the soundtracks, but there can still be no denying the quality of the games on offer here. This is the Beatles’ Greatest Hits of the video game world, and is an absolute treat whether you’re reliving it in HD or discovering it for the first time.
Nadia OxfordSep 16, 2020
The Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection could stand a few more extras. Customizable controls would be great, as would sound options, design documents, or artwork. When you think about everything the original All-Stars offered—three graphically upgraded Mario games, plus a "lost" game—3D All-Stars is a bit lacking.
Alex SeedhouseSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars gathers three iconic games in one star-studded collection on Nintendo Switch. The chance to experience these grand adventures at home or on the move is nothing short of a triumph, but many will be left disappointed that more wasn’t done to deliver improvements beneath the otherwise sharper surface.
Dalton CooperFeb 15, 2021
Bowser's Fury is great while it lasts, but it is admittedly short, and so Super Mario 3D World's high price tag on Switch may be hard to swallow for those that have already played through the game on Wii U. Double-dipping makes more sense for someone who is wanting to take advantage of Super Mario 3D World's online co-op functionality, but other returning players may want to wait for a sale.
Bella BlondeauSep 22, 2020
So, are the games in this collection classics? Yes - that's not in dispute. What is in dispute, however, is if this assembly of them are worth sixty dollars for a limited window during a pandemic and recession. From where I'm sitting? There are a lot better ways to use your money right now than support Nintendo's frustrating, archaic, and anti-consumer practices.
Cameron BaldSep 21, 2020
Despite boasting three of the most beloved platformers of all time, Super Mario 3D All-Stars too often resembles a hurried re-release as opposed to an act of careful curation.
Bobby JackSep 16, 2020
In gameplay terms alone, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a predictable triumph, one which will delight new players and experienced fans alike. The only minor drawbacks are the package’s lack of extras or updates and its limited release.
Gary “Dominoid” SheppardOct 03, 2020
Overall, whilst you still get two stone-cold classics here alongside the first re-release of a piece of Mario history, I just can’t shake off the feeling that this collection could have been handled better. If you already own the games then you aren’t really getting much for your money that you don’t already have. Playing them on the go is something of a draw, but as Galaxy is best played docked that only applies for two of the games on offer.
Evan NorrisOct 14, 2020
Disproportionate might be the perfect word to describe Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It's packed with three important, remarkable 3D platformers, but lacking some of the special features and upgrades fans have come to expect from modern collections. Still, as a convenient way to experience three retouched Super Mario games — two of them masterpieces — 3D All-Stars is absolutely worth your hard-earned coins.
Stefan LSep 16, 2020
Much like an actual 35th birthday party (I assume), Super Mario 3D All-Stars just feels a little halfhearted. It bundles together three great platformers, all of which benefit from the bump up to HD resolutions, and Nintendo have done well to adapt the varying controls to suit the Nintendo Switch, but there's a squandered opportunity to enhance and go beyond this in a meaningful way. Maybe Nintendo are saving themselves for the big five-oh in 2035?
Kieran HarrisSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is unmissable in the sense that it compiles together three of Mario's greatest 3D adventures into one package, but I can't help but feel like more could have been added to make it more tempting for long-time fans who have played the trio of games extensively.
Luke HemmingSep 16, 2020
For stalwarts, it's a great excuse to dive back in and revisit a childhood hero in all his hat-wearing, moustache-twirling glory. Each inclusion has perfect character and level designs, as well as an ever-increasing level of innovation that simply cannot be matched by any other gaming company in the platforming genre. To sum up Super Mario 3D All-Stars in one word? Unmissable.
Adam CookSep 16, 2020
Whether the year it was released has affected the way Super Mario 3D All-Stars came together, we’ll probably never know, but it still comes with a wholehearted recommendation simply due to the quality of the games.
Joel CoutureSep 18, 2020
Still, I just can’t stop playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars. These games just grab me when I play them, refusing to let go until I’ve done everything and gotten everything. The joy of movement, the sharp controls, and the endlessly imaginative worlds keep bringing me back, even after all these years.
A.J. MaciejewskiSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is brimming with charm and fun. It's surprising that these games released so long ago because they have held up beautifully and thoroughly prove Nintendo's brilliant level of creativity over the years. Here's hoping for many more games to come!
Andrew RockettSep 16, 2020
Although nothing here is likely to change your opinion on any of the titles, most people who have played these games don’t need any convincing. Each game holds up very well and shines behind its own compelling strengths. It’s hard to imagine what could have been — a fully revamped Super Mario 64, tweaks to a few of the more painful aspects of Super Mario Sunshine, or some fresh levels in Super Mario Galaxy, for example.
Steve FarrellySep 30, 2020
The game is out now at a decent price and is worth more than a couple hours of your time or, maybe your kid who never played these can learn a thing or two. Either way, pick it up. This package alone is worth owning a Switch for.
Shannon GrixtiSep 14, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars is another must-own game for Nintendo Switch. It brings together three games from three different generations and shows just how timeless the Mario franchise is. At the same time, it is a shame that Nintendo didn't celebrate the iconic franchise a little more throughout the presentation of the package.
Steve WrightSep 16, 2020
As a Galaxy fan, I’ll willfully pull out my wallet for a Switch version, and I can imagine Mario fans across the board will say that about at least one title of the three on offer. It’s a low effort release by Nintendo — bolstered by the impending fear of FOMO if you don’t buy this before March 2021 — but it’ll be a purchase you’ll ultimately be satisfied with.
Alex HardingSep 19, 2020
Being able to so conveniently play three revolutionary 3D Super Mario titles on Nintendo Switch in just a single cartridge is truly wonderful. Having these games upscaled and enhanced for modern TVs will allow many modern gamers to delve into these iconic titles with ease of accessibility. The only baffling aspect about Super Mario 3D All-Stars is its glaring omission of Super Mario Galaxy 2; it just feels incomplete without it.
DefaSep 16, 2020
A quienes nunca les ha gustado todo este asunto o que optan por opciones ilegales, evidentemente aquí no encontrarán nada de interés. Solo recuerda que no hay razón ni fundamentos reales para atacar a quienes sí encontramos valor en un producto como este.
Jesús BellaSep 16, 2020
Super Mario 3D All-Stars contiene algunos de los mejores exponentes 3D plataformeros de la historia de Super Mario. Como colección tiene mucho valor, pero lamentablemente no está lo suficientemente trabajada. Mientras que Super Mario Galaxy brilla con intensidad tanto en lo visual como jugable, no lo hacen tanto el resto de títulos, los cuales requerían algo más de esfuerzo para ser traídos a la actualidad, con ajustes sobre todo en el aspecto de las texturas, pero también del control.
Salva FernándezSep 16, 2020
A Super Mario 3D All-Stars le pasa lo que ya hemos visto muchas veces con otros recopilatorios o retornos de grandes juegos. Donde la calidad de los títulos, sobre todo Mario 64 y Galaxy, es intachable y se mantiene vigente a día de hoy, pero la manera de recuperarlos queda muy lejos de estar a la altura de su legado y de su historia.
Víctor MartínezSep 18, 2020
No sé si es arrogancia (como podría sugerir el lanzamiento por tiempo limitado: el 31 de abril de 2021 dejará de estar a la venta, ni en físico ni en digital) o que Nintendo se quita importancia, pero lo que sí tengo claro es que ni con esas Super Mario 3D All-Stars es menos atractivo o recomendable. Es un pedazo de historia de los videojuegos; un pedazo incompleto y un poco tibio, pero de historia de los videojuegos, al fin y al cabo.
Claudio TorresSep 16, 2020
Muchos fans de Nintendo estaban deseando que Super Mario 64, Sunshine o Galaxy aterrizara en Nintendo Switch. Lo han acabado haciendo los tres cogidos de la mano, y es indiscutible que son obras maestras y muy divertidas a día de hoy, a la altura de muchos plataformas actuales. Y aunque el juego de Nintendo 64 podría haber sido más mejorado, sigue manteniendo la esencia de un clásico.
Carlos LeivaSep 16, 2020
Es una pena que Nintendo no le haya dado a este icono el tratamiento que merece para celebrar una fecha tan señalada, pero incluso así, ha sido más que suficiente para recordarnos por qué Mario lleva más de 35 años levantando pasiones y marcando a numerosas generaciones de jugadores con juegos que rara vez encuentran rival.
Laurely BirbaSep 16, 2020
Avec un simple arrosoir, Nintendo parvient non seulement à renouveler des mécaniques de gameplay déjà brillantes, mais aussi à corriger les imperfections de son illustre prédécesseur. Les fondations ayant été posées cinq ans plus tôt, les développeurs ont pu se focaliser sur les textures qui tranchent avec les aplats de Super Mario 64.
Yann BernardSep 16, 2020
Non seulement l'appellation de Super Mario 3D All-Stars suggérait davantage de contenu sur le fond, mais cette compilation brille moins qu'espéré par sa forme. Super Mario 64 conserve pourtant son intérêt à la fois historique et nostalgique, un caractère novateur sur lequel Super Mario Sunshine s'étend dans tous les sens du terme, tandis que Super Mario Galaxy décolle littéralement pour figurer parmi les plus éclatantes étoiles de la plate-forme en trois dimensions.