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William MurphyMar 10, 2017
Everyone will have a different favorite Bomberman character; there are different kinds of powerups, bombs, and multitudinous different stages to play on. The network response times can be a little lacking, but Konami and HexaDrive have already committed to work on that issue and free updates to content. Super Bomberman R is a good, not great, return for the franchise. It’s charming in its retro gameplay, but also a bit disappointing that the first new game in a decade does little to push the IP forward.
Ken McKownMar 15, 2017
Super Bomberman R is a decent game that asks too much to jump in. I get it, the Switch launch is lacking titles to purchase, but I still cannot recommend this title at its current price. I would wait. This is a fantastic $20-$30 game, and should have been priced accordingly.
Sean EngemannMar 08, 2017
If you want Super Bomberman R for the occasional good time blasting your friends and family around the television, then it is worth considering, but only down the road when the price drops significantly. At $50, there is simply too little it offers and too much it does wrong. With the issues presented, it begs speculation as to whether Konami simply cranked this out quickly to capitalize on the hype of the launch of a new system.
Bryan RoseMar 06, 2017
When it comes to Super Bomberman R, don’t expect any frills, bells, or whistles. This is a standard edition of a Bomberman experience, with a decent enough story mode and a pretty fun online experience whenever the connection was smooth. Nothing about this game reinvents the franchise, but hey -- as someone who has wanted a new entry in the Bomberman series for years, this game definitely fits the bill.
Ray CarsilloMar 08, 2017
The in-game currency decision was a head scratcher, as it adds an unwelcome grinding element to much of the gameplay. If you can look past that, then there’s a decent campaign and the same addictive multiplayer Bomberman is known for sitting at this launch title’s explosive core.
Alex SchramkeApr 07, 2017
While the presentation of Super Bomberman R is cartoony and colorful, the fact that the game doesn\u2019t add much new to the series, and the amount of content (even if it is quality), provided feels like this should have been a $20 game rather than a full retail priced game.
Jason FaulknerMar 09, 2017
I think Bomberman is cool and cute, but this title is not the launch that the Nintendo Switch deserved. By either offering more new content or pricing the game reasonably, Konami could have jump started the Bomberman franchise, which has been MIA for years. Instead, Super Bomberman R just doesn't give the value or the fun that the price commands. Instead, you're better off saving up an extra $10 and buying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you already have a copy, you might want to think about just buying a second one instead of this title. As least then you'd get your money's worth.
Kyle HansonMar 02, 2017
For the price, Super Bomberman R is a tough sell. It does deliver on the promise of a return to the classic multiplayer that we all love. And the Switch is starving for content, as all newly launched systems do. If you really love Bomberman’s signature multiplayer, or if you really have to have a new Switch game, then Super Bomberman R will serve its purpose. If you want a full, content-rich experience then you’ll want to wait for something else.
Mike WilliamsMar 08, 2017
While Super Bomberman R brings back the classic Bomberman action, the package could stand to be better. Once you've polished off the short Story Mode, you're left with multiplayer. Local and online multiplayer is solid, but lacks match customization options found in older Bomberman games.
Griffin VacheronMar 06, 2017
The $50 asking price of Super Bomberman R is hardly worth it to play by your lonesome, but as a go-to for when Zelda exhaustion kicks in or siblings get sick of hogged Joy-Cons, there’s little reason not to award a sturdy recommend. It provides serious multiplayer mileage, and acts as a return-to-function for the Bomberman franchise, hopefully assisting a more dramatic former-glory restoration sometime in the future.
Steve BowlingMar 03, 2017
If you're looking to share the joy with your friends at launch, Super Bomberman R is your best bet, but for those flying solo, it might be a less fulfilling experience.
Chris CarterMar 02, 2017
And that's it. It's Bomberman, man. It feels like an arcade game with a $50 price tag. The campaign isn't as strong as it could be, but there's enough here to keep the series going until Konami can muster up a little more for the next iteration.
Ryan McCaffreyMar 06, 2017
Super Bomberman R’s multiplayer versatility and boss-filled story mode are laudable retreads of classic gameplay, but its depth and customizability are disappointing. By contrast, the aforementioned Bomberman Live was a brilliant, fully featured Bomberman for Xbox 360 that came out 10 years ago, and it only cost $10. It’s reasonable to expect a bit more from a $50 Bomberman game in 2017.
Steve HannleyMar 07, 2017
Addictive as it may be, there’s not much content here and camera angle and control issues strain things further. That being said, it’s still a blast (pun fully intended) and can easily make for a great party for those looking to be social with their new console. A perfectly good “B game” for Zelda, Super Bomberman R is a cute ball of fun, but could have been more.
Carter WashingtonMar 02, 2017
If you've got the friends (and controllers) and you got an extra $50 burning a hole in your pocket, you might have an incredibly fun party game on your hands. I still personally feel that $50 is a bit high, so if you're the patient type, then waiting for
James GalizioMar 16, 2017
To sum it up, the only thing Super Bomberman R had that really blew me away would have to be its soundtrack. It’s energetic, peppy, and gives an otherwise mediocre game a bit of energy. It certainly doesn’t justify the price of admission, though. Imperfect controls, a lack of game content, and lackluster online multiplayer makes Super Bomberman R a bit of a dud.
Jason D'AprileMar 06, 2017
In almost every respect, Super Bomberman R plays it safe with its tried-and-true formula. The story mode is short (less than two hours at most), but fun with some creative boss battles and plenty of nostalgic throwbacks. The heart of the game--the battle mode--is a welcome retro rush, and decades since the franchise debuted, it’s still one of the best party games around.
Dafydd GapeMar 10, 2017
Super Bomberman R has its flaws, but the core multiplayer gameplay is still the same as it ever was. Addicting and the more friends you can get involved, the better. Maybe ask them if they’ll chip in on buying the damn thing, though.
Michael ChowMar 13, 2017
Overall, Super Bomberman R is a Bomberman game through and through. Although the game features the classic Bomberman gameplay, an overall lack of innovation and previously developed customization makes the formula feel stale. Although the Story Mode was an enjoyable venture, the lack of depth and development of some otherwise likeable characters leaves much to be desired.
Nick Gillham Mar 15, 2017
Super Bomberman R does a great job of bringing back those warm, fuzzy feelings of the SNES era. Those days where you would sit around your old CRT TV with a multitap plugged in playing with your family at a get together, and for that, it’s hard to fault. What you can fault, though, is the cost of entry, with a forgettable single player and a whole load of unused multiplayer content can you justify the outlay? Maybe it’s worth clubbing together with a bunch of friends and affording it that way – just a suggestion.
GameCentralMar 03, 2017
Bomberman itself is still a classic, and works very well on the Switch, but the insanely high price makes this impossible to recommend. The multiplayer experience is as good as it’s ever been, and it’s very well suited to the Switch in terms of both local and online options. The story mode is a horrible waste of time, even by Bomberman standards. Absurd pricing, especially given how similar it is to previous versions.
Paul MurphyMar 13, 2017
It’s a welcome return for Bomberman with an unwelcome price, but you will have a lot of fun with the game – especially with others. For me it isn’t the best game in the series, but if you’ve never played it before that won’t matter. If you are looking for a party style game or just something different, then Super Bomberman R is worth a look.
Shane JuryMar 04, 2017
The White Bomber and family head up a worthy return for the Nintendo Switch. Barring hiccups with online lag and repetitious voice clips, Super Bomberman R is a satisfying candidate for multiplayer competitions and online battles.
gamesTMApr 12, 2017
The game supports up to eight players, tuning into that couchplay madness that’s already making 1-2 Switch and Snipperclips so popular. It’s here that lack of any real new innovation gets a pass, with that oh-so-addictive fun of trapping a friend between your bomb and their own, only to see them fired off the map in a blaze of smoke, making it all very worthwhile.
Glen FoxMar 06, 2017
Super Bomberman R offers the trademark multiplayer battling fun, but doesn't do anywhere near enough to justify the price tag.
Shawn LongMar 08, 2017
Super Bomberman R is decent for a launch title on a system that is a little lacking in retail titles, but it has it’s issues. Fans of Bomberman and people who will use the local multiplayer option will get more enjoyment out of this title than the average person, who will probably wait for a price drop. It’s not perfect, but when the game shines, it does shine pretty bright; there’s just not enough moments of that brightness unfortunately.
AurelianoMar 11, 2017
De cualquier forma es bueno tener a Bomberman de regreso luego de tantos años en un título cuyo multijugador los mantendrá riéndose mucho tiempo. Si no pueden esperar por Mario Kart 8 Deluxe y quieren jugar con muchos amigos, éste es una gran opción.
Daniel DehesaMar 08, 2017
Es triste que el regreso de Bomberman haya tenido una ejecución tan pobre, pues estamos ante una franquicia legendaria que, bien aprovechada —como sucedió con Bomberman Live—, puede ofrecer un gran valor. Esta entrega no es del todo mala, pero tampoco brilla; es ideal para los fans que quieren jugar batalla competitiva con amigos, pero más allá de ese hecho, es difícil recomendar la experiencia de juego para el resto de los poseedores de un Switch, en especial porque el precio del juego es de un AAA (cuesta poco menos que The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) y lo que ofrece es apenas de un título arcade.
Alberto PastorMar 09, 2017
La idea de llevar, vayas donde vayas, un Bomberman que pone tan fácil disfrutar de su acción en compañía de hasta ocho personas es maravillosa, y en ese punto, Super Bomberman R cumple de sobras con lo esperado. El mayor problema de este videojuego de Konami es que, al margen de eso, poco más tiene que ofrecer. Se echan en falta más novedades, más contenidos que alarguen la vida de un título que, en un suspiro, agota prácticamente toda su diversión.
Juan GarciaMar 08, 2017
Queríamos que este fuera el retorno soñado de uno de los grandes personajes de los años 90, pero parece que Bomberman debe volver a esperar para reverdecer viejos laureles. Super Bomberman R resulta anodino y poco inspirado en su campaña y, aunque sí que divierte cuando se juega de forma local, sus modos multijugador fracasan por el lag y la poca precisión de los controles.
Ramón VarelaJun 24, 2018
Super Bomberman R continúa ofreciendo escaso en contenido para un jugador; el modo historia se puede considerar un largo tutorial para aprender estrategias y el mayor incentivo está en desbloquear multitud de nuevos escenarios para la batalla. Pero por supuesto, Bomberman no es para jugar en solitario: incluso en horas bajas, la saga es capaz de dar piques y encender rivalidades, ya sea con amigos en local o las partidas online.
Sergio MartínMar 05, 2017
Esperábamos más en el regreso de Bomberman, sobre todo en lo que respecta a su modo individual, demasiado simple y para nada divertido, ya sólo se salva a dobles. Menos mal que el multijugador sí que está más conseguido… sin que por ello sea una opción sobresaliente.
Salva FernándezMar 10, 2017
Super Bomberman R es un juego pensado para disfrutar sobre todo de manera multijugador… Local. Con gente en casa y varios mandos es como más se explota una fórmula tradicional, sin grandes novedades pero suficientemente atractiva para entretener en sesiones de juego con amigos. Cualquier persona, conozca o no la serie, puede estar disfrutando del título al poco de empezar.
Jan WöbbekingMar 08, 2017
Die Steuerung ist schwammig, es mangelt an Extras sowie Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und im simplen Online-Part muss man sogar mit häufigen Lags leben. Der traditionell stiefmütterlich behandelte Story-Modus wirkt mit seinen austauschbaren Kulissen und nervigen Zeichentrickfilmchen zudem eher wie ein Lückenfüller.
Nicolas VerletMar 02, 2017
Le concept de Bomberman est éternel, et c'est sans doute tout ce qu'on retiendra de cette première apparition bien cheap sur Switch. Techniquement faiblard, mal conçu en solo et pauvre en multi, Super Bomberman R est loin de faire honneur à la série, que ce soit en termes de contenu ou tout simplement sur le plan de la réalisation.
Laurely BirbaMar 08, 2017
Graphiquement limité – pour rester poli – le jeu est également une déception quand on creuse un peu le gameplay. Les adeptes de la première heure devront vite oublier une bonne partie de leurs techniques ancestrales, tandis que les néophytes auront certainement du mal avec la vue isométrique de la campagne solo qui n’est pas le meilleur moyen de se familiariser avec le concept.
Pseudo suppriméMar 02, 2017
L’intérêt d’un Bomberman réside dans son multijoueur. Aussi bien à 4 qu’à 8, les joutes s’intensifient et deviennent plus amusantes lorsque des êtres humains contrôlent l’ensemble des avatars à l’écran. Avec 8 cartes “Normal” et de nouvelles à débloquer et seulement 4 bonus activables selon votre bon vouloir, le manque de contenu caractérise ce mode Bataille.
Julien HubertMar 07, 2017
Avec Super Bomberman R, Konami tente de profiter de la sortie de la Switch pour faire revenir sur le devant de la scène l'un des plus grands jeu multi de tous les temps... mais c'est raté, ce nouveau Bomberman est tout juste moyen, ce qui représentera forcément une immense déception pour les vieux routards du jeu vidéo qui voyaient là une bonne occasion de s'y remettre.
Aníbal GonçalvesMar 10, 2017
Na sua génese, Bomberman é um Party Game, mas mesmo nesse universo, fica aquém do que era expectável em quantidade e qualidade. Atualmente é interessante porque a Switch implora por opções multijogador locais, para que possamos passar um bom bocado com os amigos, em qualquer lado, mas merecia melhor, a consola e a série. À medida que novos títulos forem sendo lançados, cairá no esquecimento, sem nunca merecer a inclusão de mais conteúdo.
Manuel MoraisMar 24, 2017
Apesar de uma longa ausência da série nas consolas, Super Bomberman R é um título muito pouco ambicioso e tecnicamente pouco competente. Não trazendo nada de significantivo que não se tenha já visto anteriormente e a um preço superior às últimas entregas, apenas se recomenda aos que procuram a tradicional experiência multijogador offline pela qual a série é conhecida e mesmo aí não convém esperar muitas novidades.
Mattia RavanelliMar 08, 2017
Super Bomberman R è sempre il solito Bomberman, o quasi. Quando si è con qualche amico funziona bene per una manciata di partite e si finisce con il ridere come cretini, sparando bombe all’impazzata. Ma quanto offerto è troppo poco per un gioco proposto a un prezzo decisamente elevato, anche a fronte di una modalità Storia tutt’altro che esaltante e a qualche carenza se si parla di opzioni e di novità. Compratelo solo se siete super appassionati della serie.
Marco PerriMar 08, 2017
Super Bomberman R poteva essere di più, ma poteva anche andare peggio. Detto in tutta onestà, la sensazione è sempre piacevole, anche dopo tanti anni. È che Konami avrebbe potuto mettere più impegno per consegnare uno Story Mode più strutturato e ambizioso. Avrebbe anche potuto arricchire maggiormente la disponibilità di opzioni a disposizione nella creazione delle sessioni multiplayer. Si, poteva fare di più.
Rick DijsMar 18, 2017
Een klassieke Bomberman-game wordt natuurlijk vooral voor de multiplayer gespeeld en daarin stelt Super Bomberman R absoluut niet teleur. De game valt vooral tegen bij de singleplayer en bovendien is de camera vaker irritant dan behulpzaam. Dan kan een level wel een toffe eindbaas hebben, het redt helaas deze game niet. Bommen alom, maar uiteindelijk een doffe knal.
Jonas MäkiMar 07, 2017
Detta är ett spel som hade mått oerhört bra av möjligheten att skapa eget innehåll att sedan kunna dela med sig av samt lite mer precis spelkontroll. Med ens hade prislappen varit fullständigt rimlig och spelet en modern klassiker. Det är fortfarande väldigt skoj dock, och vet du med dig att lokal multiplayer både hemma och på resande fot är något du gärna ägnar dig åt - så slå till. Det är ju för spel som dessa Switch är så överlägsen.