Streets of Rage 4 for Nintendo Switch

Streets of Rage 4

Apr 30, 2020
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Developer: DotEmu
Content Rating: Teen


Amongst the best beat’em up series ever created, jammin’ ‘90s beats and over the top street fighting, the iconic series Streets of Rage comes back with a masterful tribute to and revitalization of the classic action fans adore.

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Jun 18, 2021


Peter Torckler

Peter Torckler

Aug 4, 2021
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Ryan Luz

Jun 19, 2021
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Leo Ribeiro

Jan 24, 2021
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Erol Yerlitaş

Dec 12, 2020

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Eric HallidayMay 20, 2020
Streets of Rage 4 is an incredible love letter to an already beloved franchise. With a large variety of stages and an incredible amount of unlockables, this game will keep you entertained for weeks.
Darren PalmaMay 04, 2020
Streets of Rage 4 is like taking an old favourite toy to an antique repair shop only for it to come back working far better than it ever did before. The new lick of paint does the series justice, and the decision to stick to its guns and stay so close to its roots demonstrates a true understanding of the classic beat ’em up genre. I can’t deny I had a promising feeling in my jollies that I would enjoy Streets of Rage 4 before going into it.
Dale DriverApr 29, 2020
Streets of Rage 4 delivers the greatest hits of the classic series and is at its best when played with at least one friend. If the primary focus was delivering a traditional Streets of Rage experience with a modern coat of paint, it absolutely succeeds. But while it layers on a few new and interesting mechanics, it’s still a very conservative update to the quarter-century-old format that feels like a slave to the past.

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