South Park: The Stick of Truth for Nintendo Switch

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Sep 25, 2018
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Arm yourself with weapons of legend to defeat underpants gnomes, hippies, and other forces of evil. Discover the lost Stick of Truth and succeed in earning your place alongside Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny as their new friend. Fail, and you will forever be known as…a loser. Authentic South Park: Written and voiced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. An Epic Quest: Earn your place alongside Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Friends with Benefits: Recruit classic South Park characters to your cause. Intense Combat: Arm yourself with magical weapons and mystical armor. Custom South Park: With, like, a billion character and item combinations.

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Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Sep 16, 2019

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Dom Reseigh-LincolnSep 28, 2018
Benefitting from the performance tweaks made by the transition from old-gen to current-gen hardware - and the same smooth mapping of its controls to the Joy-Con - South Park: The Stick of Truth proves itself just as good a fit on Nintendo Switch as South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Both a pastiche of classic RPG tropes and a wonderfully empowering example of how to make a great modern example of the genre, this is still one of Obsidian’s best exports and as authentic as any episode of the cult TV show it’s so closely tied to.
Romain MahutSep 28, 2018
En plus de très bien tourner sur la console de Nintendo, cette version de South Park : Le Bâton de la Vérité a également l'avantage de pouvoir être utilisée n'importe où, n'importe quand. South Park : Le Bâton de la Vérité mérite de figurer dans la ludothèque Switch de quiconque n'y a pas déjà joué sur une autre machine. Il serait vraiment dommage de passer à côté.
Tiago MarafonaOct 17, 2018
South Park: The Stick of Truth traz consigo a qualidade de excelência a que a série televisiva habituou os seus fãs. Dotado de um incrível sentido de humor, que poderá ir de simples piadas até às mais mórbidos e ácidos exercícios do humor negro, The Stick of Truth é perfeito, sobretudo para quem não se sente ofendido com facilidade. Como RPG, cumpre na totalidade os requisitos dos fãs do género, embora não seja bastante profundo.

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