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Heidi KempsJul 10, 2018
I loved the original Sonic Mania and was incredibly excited to see what the new additions would bring in Sonic Mania Plus/Encore. But, while the game balance tweaks are welcome and Ray and Mighty are fun characters to play as, the dearth of new stages and the samey feel of the old levels in Encore mode really put a damper on things, and I’ve really come to dislike the Mania special stages after struggling with a new set of them.
Kira CAug 08, 2018
Overall, Sonic Mania Plus adds even more features to an already awesome game! I had a lot of fun playing this game and would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to fans of the older Sonic titles.
Alex Santa MariaAug 19, 2017
Sonic was never really about the ‘tude or furry friends, but it was about precision arcade platforming and an immense style all its own. The Taxman and his friends understand this more than Sega has in a long time and brought us the best Sonic game of all time because of it. I can only hope that this game is the first in a long line of grand new adventures for the Sonic we all love.
Matt EspineliJul 10, 2018
Sonic Mania methodically uses its sentimental appeal to great effect, but in the process, it heals the wounds inflicted by its most disappointing predecessors and surpasses the series' best with its smart and interpretive design. An excellent 2D platformer, Sonic Mania goes beyond expectations, managing to be not only a proper evolution of the series' iconic formula, but the best Sonic game ever made.
Thomas WhiteheadJul 11, 2018
Sonic Mania was a true return to form for the mascot, in his 2D 'Classic' guise at least, and celebrated the glory days of the original games while also enhancing their qualities and taking on new ideas. From new areas, imaginative second acts and some delightful boss encounters, the development team poured a lot of passion and talent into the project.
Mollie L PattersonJul 10, 2018
Somehow, Sega, Christian Whitehead, and the development teams behind the original Sonic Mania have found a way to make the best Sonic game in years even better. Sonic Mania Plus is now nearly everything it could and should be, with new playable characters, modes, options, and polish sure to please fans. There’s a small handful of areas in which the game could still be improved, but really, this is just about as good of a Sonic adventure as we could ever have hoped for.
Tomas FranzeseJul 10, 2018
While I do have a couple nitpicks, they aren’t anything super intrusive and didn’t take much away from the experience for me. Encore mode and new characters make the game feel just as fresh and exciting as it did at launch last year. If you haven’t tried Sonic Mania yet, now is a better time than ever to jump in — whether you opt to pick up Sonic Mania Plus and all the extra things it brings, or just download the Encore DLC and free updates.
Neal RonaghanJul 10, 2018
Sonic Mania Plus took a well-made game and made it even better, with two interesting new characters and remixed levels. The new content seems a little more geared for the superfan rather than the newcomer, which at the end of the day, is totally okay because whether you bought Mania last year or you’re only just getting to it now, it is still worth checking out.
William MurphyJul 10, 2018
The new Angel Island Zone is just icing on the cake. If you've already played through Sonic Mania before, there's ample reason to pick Sonic Mania Plus up too, especially if you're a fan of the Blue Blazer. There's enough new content to digest, and the art book is pretty great, even if it's just a little trinket. Now... how long do we have to wait for a proper sequel?
James GalizioJul 13, 2018
At $4.99, even if you’ve already had your fill of the blue blur on your Switch, it seems like a no-brainer to pick this DLC up. And, if you’ve yet to play Sonic Mania; Sonic Mania Plus offers yet another essential addition to your physical game collection. It might not be an entirely new game, but Sonic Mania Plus manages to feel just as fresh as the original Sonic Mania did a little over a year ago.
Kyle HansonJul 10, 2018
What Sonic Mania Plus boils down to is, do you like classic Sonic and did you miss out on the first release? If so, you should buy this one immediately. It almost perfectly encapsulates what made the original Sega Genesis and CD games so much fun while updating the style so that it feels fresh and new. Sonic Mania Plus adds to what the original did, making it the definitive version of Sega’s excellent revival.
Andrew DuncanAug 11, 2018
Overall this is the best Sonic DLC available, and that includes the Sanic t-shirt for Sonic Forces. It’s not that expensive, and brings in two new characters that aren’t just simple reskins. Using the team of characters in place of lives is a really interesting move, though I’m glad they kept it to the DLC instead of the main game. I just wish there was more to write about, other than the remixing of levels, soundtrack and the slightly different multiplayer mode.
FlynnieJul 27, 2018
The fan outcry for a physical version of Sonic Mania was enormous, and while it did take a year for SEGA to act, it has ultimately delivered a package that is simply outstanding. After so many bad outings in the series, Sonic's legacy was beginning to turn to dust. Many mistakes have been made in trying to emulate, yet evolve the 2D adventures of yesteryear, with failed projects, such as Sonic 4.
Jordan BiordiJul 10, 2018
Veteran players can enjoy the newfound reasons to jump back into the game, while newcomers will get more variety to find a character and play-style they really love. Sonic Mania Plus can really move. Sonic Mania Plus has an attitude. Sonic Mania Plus IS the fastest thing alive.
Chris BrownAug 13, 2018
Performance is rock solid out of the dock, and Sonic really does feel perfectly suited to being played on the go. Docked mode is great too, but all too often I found myself undocking my Switch and reclining on the couch when I was playing at home.
Juan RubioJul 17, 2018
Sonic Mania era un sueño hecho realidad, y Sonic Mania Plus es un sueño que ya podemos tocar. El lanzamiento de una edición física es algo que llevábamos pidiendo mucho tiempo, pero los nuevos contenidos son la guinda del pastel. Tan divertidos como siempre, modificando la fórmula sin perder la esencia, y continuando con el homenaje que Sonic se merecía.
CarnbeeJul 16, 2018
Les deux nouveaux héros se fondent parfaitement au sein du roster et possèdent des pouvoirs qui s’intègrent bien au level design du titre, alors que le mode “Bis” change quelques éléments de la campagne principale afin de surprendre l’habitué. En définitive, rien ne change drastiquement avec cette redite, cependant Sonic a encore plus d’arguments pour que l’on daigne le suivre à vive allure.
Pierre-Alexandre RouillonJul 17, 2018
En revanche, le profane qui n'a pas du tout touché au titre depuis sa sortie peut sereinement se jeter dessus, à condition de ne pas être allérgique à la rigidité des vieux Sonic. Il trouvera alors une superbe lettre d'amour, imparfaite mais flamboyante, aux premiers épisodes d'une série maudite. Et puis nom de nom, cette bande-son !
Tiago MarafonaSep 18, 2018
As vendas e o grande sucesso entre os fãs garantiram o reforço de conteúdo de Sonic Mania, ressurgindo como Sonic Mania Plus. A qualidade da obra que mistura as preferências dos fãs com a supervisão da Sega resultou num magnífico regresso ao passado com mecânicas do futuro. Sonic Mania Plus traz a versão completa do jogo, com a possibilidade de se embarcar numa nova abordagem ao enredo e com duas personagens novas - Mighty e Ray.
Valentino CinefraJul 14, 2018
Sonic Mania è stato un capolavoro. Merce rara, un tributo prezioso, ed un grande sospiro di sollievo per il futuro. Sonic Mania Plus è una vera e propria director’s cut che aggiunge contenuti, aggiusta quel poco (anzi, pochissimo) che c’era da aggiustare, e propone due nuovi personaggi giocabili. Mighty e Ray sono new entry gradevoli, e brillano soprattutto nella modalità Bis, una revisione dell’avventura di Sonic Mania davvero ben congegnata.
Rox van der HelmJul 28, 2018
Voor de rest kan weinig negatiefs aan Sonic Mania Plus opgemerkt worden. Wie de egel ook maar een beetje een warm hart toedraagt en niet vies is van een beet je nostalgie, zou Sonic Mania Plus een kans moeten geven. 30 euro is echt niet veel voor een dergelijke game en het staat leuk in de kast.
matus_aceJul 27, 2018
Sonic Mania Plus v samotnej hrateľnosti nič nemení, len pridáva ďalší obsah navyše a prináša možnosť pre tých, ktorí si hru chceli vystaviť doma na poličke. Mohlo toho byť trošku viac, ale stále sa hra oplatí ako samostatný titul a aj ako upgrade.