Soccer Slammers for Switch

Soccer Slammers (Switch)

Released: New
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Soccer Slammers for Switch
Genre: ArcadeSportsMultiplayerSingle Player
Developer: Atooi
Content Rating: Everyone


Soccer Slammers is 2-on-2 arcade soccer with no rules. Just fast-paced fun for 1 to 4 players on a single Nintendo Switch. Crush your opponent by mastering power shots, slam tackles, bank shots, super sprints, and team combo-shots! Warm up with a two minute Quick Game or go for glory in the World Cup against the top 32 teams in the world.
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Pure Nintendo


Although Soccer Slammers is a bit difficult, the game was still amazingly fun. Slammers proves that 2 versus 2 soccer in 2 minutes is more than enough time for plenty of action and excitement. If you enjoy arcade-style sports games, do yourself a favor and download this game. Once again, Atooi scores big.

Heath Shusterman-Zimmerman Jun 28, 2018



Despite its fun art style and great arcade feel, Soccer Slammers doesn’t capture the magic and spirit of the sport it emulates. A lack of depth, an unbalanced system, and a small offering of control takes away from what could be a great little time killer. Even with the uproar around World Cup football at the moment, I don’t see many people getting sucked into Soccer Slammers anytime soon.

Matt Eakins Jun 18, 2018



Soccer Slammers is a frenetic arcade football game that's extremely light on depth and content but high on immediate thrills. It's the ideal half-time snack, but it won't sate your hunger for a more meaty football experience. Thankfully, with FIFA 18 already available on Switch a more immersive experience exists, but if it's casual action you're after, this could the fixture you need.

Jon Mundy Jun 14, 2018

Nintendo World Report


Soccer Slammers is an amusing multiplayer game that isn’t really worth checking out unless you have others to play it with. It might not live up to the titans of soccer video game history, but it’ll do as a nice compliment to FIFA, especially for the less technical crowd.

Neal Ronaghan Jun 16, 2018

Pocket Gamer


A choice of either a Quick Play game or World Cup offers very little in variation - choose a team, play for a few minutes, become frustrated with your lack of control over the outcome, rinse and repeat. There's nothing to unlock, no sense of progression and the only option to really personalise the game comes from changing the look of the ball. It's baffling to think that there's more fun in a game of FIFA International Soccer for the Game Gear.

Dan Lipscombe Jun 27, 2018

Nintendo Enthusiast


This is not something you will play for hours at a time. As a cheap, content-light package, it is most enjoyable in small doses. Still, Soccer Slammers definitely has a spot in any local multiplayer-oriented catalog. If you and your friends are looking for something immensely frantic and easy to pick up and play, then Soccer Slammers is a worthy addition to your library.

Andrew Rockett Jun 26, 2018