Slender: The Arrival

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Jamie WardJun 28, 2019
Slender: The Arrival is not the best-looking game either. Well, I am actually being very kind to it there; it is a horrid looking game on the Switch. It is a title from 2013, but it looks like it pre-dates that by a good number of years. It seems that too much was scaled back and downgraded, in order to make the Switch be able to run the title at a decent framerate.
Kris BrooksJun 28, 2019
Slender: The Arrival did manage to perform well on the switch and of course give me some truly great scares but let’s be honest. The Repetitive mechanics do start to take away from the scares and morph into frustration. The concept was great and I am impressed with how far the developers went but I think a different direction would have turned the tables.
Lewis WhiteJun 21, 2019
Slender: The Arrival is far from the greatest horror game on Nintendo Switch. With the likes of Outlast 2, Layers of Fear, and Resident Evil to compete against, this bland and bare horror title shows its true colours separated from the hype of 2013. Unlike the mystical powers of the Slenderman, there’s nothing compelling here in the slightest, unless you like looking at poorly rendered forestry.
Pedro MesquitaJul 04, 2019
Slender: The Arrival é um jogo mediano e existem melhores alternativas disponíveis neste momento. Ainda assim, a sua sonoridade continua ser avançadíssima nos dias de hoje, ainda que infelizmente deixe a desejar nas restantes características.