Skyhill for Nintendo Switch


Feb 26, 2019
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Developer: Mandragora
Content Rating: Teen


World War III was an unexpected and cruel tragedy… You seemed to have a nice time, hidden in your fancy penthouse in Skyhill Hotel... Till the impact of a bio-weapon blew away the life and world you once knew.

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Jemma CassonMay 14, 2019
Skyhill is a challenging and fun point-and-click adventure game with the seemingly simple premise of escaping a skyscraper during an apocalypse. A hunger meter adds an extra level of strategy as you rummage hotel rooms and sleigh grotesque mutants. It’s an atmospheric and addictive experience that’s worth checking out.
Samantha OoiApr 22, 2019
Skyhill has an interesting premise, but its systems are ultimately too simple in design to provide any compelling choices during gameplay. The overall lack of progression or variety makes replaying it after completing it once feel pointless.
Joe DevaderMar 23, 2019
A successful run may take you no more than around two hours, but you’ll likely find yourself going back for another crack either with different perks or on a higher difficulty just to see how far down you can get. Seeing the numbers slowly tick down as I went made me truly feel like I was progressing, even as each floor was functionally identical to the last. If playing a game over and over until you’ve figured out every secret and strategy is something that you enjoy, Skyhill is one you should at least give a glance.

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