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Kirk HinerDec 26, 2018
It may be a “re-creation” of a nearly 15-year-old game, but it looks and plays like it was custom made for this generation’s systems. It may be a bit too easy for hardcore STG fans, but that just means those of us who want some frenetic arcade action gaming without feeling totally powerless are going to keep coming back to Sky Force Anniversary for dozens of entertaining hours.
Dave FrearNov 19, 2018
If you want to test your skills then the additional difficulties that can be unlocked will scratch that itch, and there's also replayability in trying to improve your score. As enjoyable as this is, it's something that has already been done - and done well - by Sky Force Reloaded. But if you've already played through that and are looking for more, then Sky Force Anniversary provides another batch of missions to sink your teeth into - albeit with a few less bells and whistles.
Xander MorningstarNov 22, 2018
And that’s Sky Force Anniversary. Unfortunately, it’s just “less” of what came before it. It shares so much with Sky Force Reloaded that I didn't mind going back into it. In some ways, it was fine to come back to and relive, albeit as a much shorter experience. But why pay the same price when there is a game identical to it in gameplay with more content?
Patrick AndersonDec 11, 2018
Put it all together and that fun I experienced at the beginning of my playtime hit a pretty big wall around the mid-point, and the experience just didn’t sustain itself in the long run. Sky Force Anniversary is a slick-looking game that is easy to pick up, play and enjoy for a while, but just be prepared to put in some serious time repeating levels if you want to make it to the end of this air raid with all your wings intact.
Renan FontesDec 24, 2018
Sky Force Anniversary is an endearing, if a bit repetitive, take on shoot 'em ups. While each stage is visually impressive, the general level design leaves much to be desired in terms of variety and creativity. That said, the core gameplay loop, while simple, is bolstered by a welcome progression system where each component of the plane can be levelled up.
Jordan AshleyAug 03, 2019
Sky Force Anniversary is a visually stunning game, but it can’t make up for the shallowness of its mechanics. With a superior sequel available on the Switch for the same price, it is hard to justify bothering with this release.
Nuno NêvedaDec 08, 2018
Sky Force Anniversary é uma proposta interessante e oferece bons momentos de desafio, com muitos elementos do agrado dos fãs do género. Apesar de tudo, existem melhores propostas na eShop com preços semelhantes, até dentro da própria série. Quem já explorou Reloaded e procura mais, este Anniversary poderá ser uma opção a ter em conta.


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