Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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William MurphyNov 27, 2018
The biggest dealbreaker in Civ 6 on the Switch is probably that it doesn’t have pass-and-play couch multiplayer, which feels like a big missed opportunity. Online and local multi-console matches can be done, but you won’t be getting competitive in “hot seat mode” as you can in pretty much every other rendition of the series. Even the iOS version has this available, and seems really random that it’s missing here.
Gavin LaneNov 20, 2018
Watching - and influencing - how the world unfolds is as addictive as ever, and the boon of portability make this a great way to play. Lack of online play is an obvious disappointment, but the core game works fantastically well on the handheld and we had an absolute blast; take our advice and get stuck in. Also, give Phillip II a wide berth – true to his word, he’ll get your wealth one way or another!
Dan StapletonNov 15, 2018
Civilization VI is as brilliant a 4X strategy game on Switch as it is on PC, tablets, or phones. With touch and Joy-Con controls that work reasonably well in both handheld and docked modes, I wouldn't be too upset about an even longer commute because it would give me more time to play a few turns.
Ryan JanesDec 02, 2018
Civilization VI has been one of the most demanding experiences I’ve ever played and while the barrier to entry will be intimidating to newcomers, it’s a game that rewards those willing to put in the time. You wouldn’t think a PC series would work so well on the Nintendo Switch but Firaxis has accomplished quite the feat and delivered one of the strongest third-party offerings the console has seen.
Emil GunnarssonNov 26, 2018
The Switch is slowly getting a whole pantheon of great ports of everything from indie hits to old PC frontrunners and Civilization VI is another proud example of just that. While the lack of the extra goodies that are on the PC is irksome, it is far from a deal breaker. The civilizations and the gameplay that is in this version of the game is still more than enough to keep you satisfied for a long, long while. Just don’t hog the bathroom all the time.
Toby SaundersNov 24, 2018
Firaxis Games has done a magnificent job of porting Civilization 6 to the Nintendo Switch. While the PC version offers superior graphics and controls, you won’t be able to put this Civilization 6 Switch port down. It retains the series’ effortlessly addictive gameplay and is the perfect title for newcomers and long-time Civilization fans alike. Just one more turn.
Dave AubreyNov 21, 2018
A blend of touchscreen controls and physical buttons makes this one of the most convenient ways to play Civilization VI, and the portability makes it the best version to play on the go. Recommended to everyone who's looking to build a nation or take over the world.
Thomas MedinaNov 26, 2018
Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch wasn’t something anyone saw coming. Yet now after playing it, I can’t imagine a better fit. The “one more turn” philosophy meshes perfectly with the Switch’s pick up and play handheld potential. Plus with performance that arguably plays better than an equivalent PC and full touch screen controls in addition to a not awful game pad, this is another third-party win for the Switch.
Matthew ZawodniakNov 25, 2018
With the exception of the missing online play, Civ VI is - for better or worse - a faithful and complete port of the PC experience. It’s disappointing to be stuck primarily playing with AI but there’s a lot to love about Civ VI’s single player experience, and playing on Switch turns out to be a solid way to experience the rise and fall of entire civilizations.
Nick PetrasitiDec 03, 2018
Civ VI released two years ago for PC and has grown through updates, tweaked gameplay and DLC since then. The Switch version is just the base game, but that’s more than OK. There’s plenty to sink your teeth into, providing hours upon hours of unique experiences, accompanied by a divine soundtrack to really get you in the mood for building nations.
Mike HolmesNov 28, 2018
Comparisons between the versions aside, the bottom line is this: Civilization VI is a great strategy game and Aspyr has done a decent job of porting it over to two new platforms, with well-implemented touch controls and decent optimisation. It might not be the best version of the game, it doesn't have the new Rise & Fall expansion, and it's quite pricey.
Tomas BarryJan 23, 2019
Sid Meier's Civilization VI on the Nintendo Switch is a huge success. Considering it's the first iteration ever to appear on a console, and a hybrid one no less, Firaxis Games and Asphyr Media have done an excellent job. There are surprisingly few compromises to the control system and sense of flow, meaning it mirrors the PC version very well. Additionally, the aspects that have been streamlined to better suit the platform are thoughtfully implemented, such as the quick action button prompts.
GameCentralNov 20, 2018
The whole point of Civilization VI though is that you can play it how you want, and that’s still entirely true of this new console version. Rather than the downgraded port some might have expected this breathes new life into the game and makes it more accessible than ever for new players and old. It was already one of the best strategy games ever on PC and now it is on Switch as well.
Josh LackNov 27, 2018
Having a running office game of Civ on standby for lunch breaks would’ve been a great sales point, I can only hope 2K and Aspyr were waiting for the Online service to move passed any teething issues and will come back to these features in a later update as they would make the Switch version of the game an almost perfect thumbs up for fans of the series. The first expansion pack, which was released this year on PC, is also absent but the minor DLC packs are thankfully included rather than in the store for sale.
Ben SalterNov 29, 2018
Civilization VI on Switch is our favourite way to play. It makes a great handheld game, while the options to jump between physical and touch controls, or to swap to a TV screen, improve the already great mobile experience. It’s also great to see a Switch port that isn’t skimmed from the Wii U’s greatest hits or a publisher’s ageing back catalogue; it’s something great console players are yet to experience, from a series that has been absent from home consoles since 2008.
Sara BorondoNov 20, 2018
Sin duda hubiéramos preferido que estuviese incluida la expansión y el multijugador online o, al menos la opción de jugar en multijugador en la misma consola. No tiene todo lo que podría tener, pero lo que sí tiene, lo tiene impecable.
Alberto PastorNov 19, 2018
Civilization VI es uno de los mejores videojuegos de estrategia por turnos de los últimos años, así que resulta increíble poder disfrutar en Nintendo Switch de una obra de estas características y magnitud. Hay tanto por hacer, y es tan divertido, que pasaréis horas forjando grandes imperios vayáis donde vayáis. Y esto, hablando de una saga tan emblemática y respetada como Civilization, es increíble.
Luis López ZamoranoNov 21, 2019
Civilization VI llega a PS4 y Xbox One conservando toda la esencia de su versión de PC. La interfaz y los controles han sido adaptados de maravilla y no cuesta demasiado hacerse con ellos en poco tiempo. Además, las expansiones Rise and Fall y Gathering Storm también han llegado en un pack conjunto que se puede conseguir por separado para añadir más contenido al título. Civilization VI para consolas no tiene nada que envidiar a la versión de PC y os divertirá sin límite de horas si sois fans de la estrategia y la gestión.
Miguel RodríguezNov 28, 2018
Dos años y varias expansiones más tarde (una de ellas recientemente anunciada en el momento en el que se escriben estas líneas), Civilization VI no solo es un juego que sigue siendo satisfactorio y que aguanta maravillosamente el paso del tiempo, sino que se reafirma como uno de los reyes del género, y en el caso que nos acontece, como uno de los pocos ports de Switch que son imprescindibles por calidad y el contenido que ofrecen.
Jens BischoffNov 28, 2018
Auch die Lade- und Wartezeiten erfordern vor allem bei fortgeschrittenen Partien einige Geduld. Schade ist auch, dass die Zoom-Reichweite sehr begrenzt und Mehrspielerpartien nur über die lokale Netzwerkfunktion für bis zu vier Teilnehmer möglich sind. Online- oder Hot-Seat-Gerangel scheiden somit leider aus.
KaarajNov 21, 2018
Si Civilization VI restait apte à être transposé sur Switch de par statut de jeu de stratégie au tour-par-tour, le résultat s’avère également convaincant sur bien d’autres point, à commencer par les contrôles. Bien adaptés à une jouabilité console, ils s’accompagnent en plus d’un portage sans concession de l’expérience Civilization, comprenant toutes les mécaniques du jeu de base exception faite de celles apparues dans l’extension Rise & Fall et du multijoueur en ligne.
Camille AllardNov 30, 2018
La conversion ne souffre d'aucune concession majeure et vous fera découvrir, sur place ou à emporter, ce qui fait le charme d'une saga de gestion de civilisation qui a su faire ses preuves avec le temps. Il faudra juste se montrer patient en fin de partie, étant donné la longueur des tours. Il fallait s'y attendre avec un processeur Tegra d'ancienne génération.
Damien GreffetNov 24, 2018
Finalement, le plus gros point noir reste l’attente interminable entre deux tours lors du end game où on passe plus de temps à attendre que la machine mouline qu’à réellement jouer. Vous l’avez compris, on vous recommande de vous tourner vers la version PC de préférence, mais si l’attrait de la mobilité est le plus fort, ou si vous n’avez qu’une Switch : il n’y a pas à hésiter.
Fabio BortolottiNov 22, 2018
Il miglior Civilization dai tempi di Civ 2 e 3 diventa portatile, con una conversione eccellente, sia per la resa tecnica, sia per l'interfaccia. Se siete dei fan della serie, ora avete un modo eccellente (e più pratico di un PC portatile) per perdervi nell'anomalia spaziotemporale che vi succhia la vita anche quando siete in movimento. Peccato per l'assenza dell'espansione Rise and Fall, ma considerando la qualità della conversione è una mancanza più che accettabile.
Simone PettineNov 19, 2018
Certo, c'è qualche tempo di attesa in più rispetto al computer e non avrete una grafica super mega ultra 4K, ma come potrebbe essere altrimenti? Resta da chiedersi perché gli sviluppatori continuino a riproporre sempre lo stesso prezzo di lancio, lo stesso di due anni fa, discretamente elevato anche a fronte dell'assenza della prima espansione ufficiale. A parte questo, Sid Meier è tornato ed più in forma che mai.
Reinoud SchaatsbergenDec 10, 2018
Ook het gebrek aan een precieze cursor om je rijk te besturen is op een enkele keer na nauwelijks te merken. Hoewel het niet de complete Civilization-ervaring is door een gemis van enkele DLCs en vooral de gelimiteerde multiplayer, is de mogelijkheid om urenlang vanaf je bank een rijk te besturen een nieuwe ervaring die Civvies gaat behagen.
Kevin de BruinDec 03, 2018
Uiteindelijk is Civilization 6 Switch een gaaf spel dat niet veel onder doet aan de PC-versie. De besturing is eigenlijk prima vertaald naar een console-game en met gemak stop je uren in dit spel. Als je daarentegen de PC-versie ooit al hebt gespeeld dan is dit toch een stap terug. Niet alleen is er geen online multiplayer, ook mist het spel andere content die wel voor de PC-versie beschikbaar is.