Shin Megami Tensei V for Nintendo Switch

Shin Megami Tensei V

Nov 12, 2021 NEW
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Developer: Atlus
Content Rating: Mature


The ambitions of god and human clash amidst the horror of a dying world. Neither human nor demon, the newly-forged Nahobino and his friends must decide what is worth saving... and prepare to sacrifice everything in its name. In a world without its Creator, which path will you choose?

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Kamil Jakubowski

Kamil Jakubowski

Dec 2, 2021
Michael Ben Ali

Michael Ben Ali

Nov 21, 2021

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PramathNov 04, 2021
Shin Megami Tensei 5 is a great game, and a triumph at mostly everything it sets out to do. A staggering amount of mechanical depth, and a renewed focus on exploration, discovery, and traversal in a gigantic world, paired with an intriguing story, and a stunning sense of ambition, all come together to make this one of the most ridiculously expansive and ambitious RPGs I’ve ever played.
Thomas MedinaNov 30, 2021
It’s not the game I spent all this time thinking it would be, or afraid it might be, and it’s so much better for it. I’ve already poured an incredible amount of time into it, and this is just the first of many playthroughs. Multiple endings, multiple builds to try, and just the fun of running around a perfectly designed world with the best turn-based combat you can experience.
Richard SeagraveNov 19, 2021
Its dangerous world is a pleasure to explore, and recruiting a small army of demons is shockingly addictive. Some may be disappointed by the lack of story scenes, but I enjoyed the fact that it just lets you get on with developing your party without any fluff; the focus here is on the journey. If you’re a Shin Megami Tensei fan or into RPGs that favour gameplay over storytelling, consider this a must-have.