Salt and Sanctuary

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Neal RonaghanAug 01, 2018
I say that not as any indictment but more of a very adept comparison. Ska Studios smartly transformed the core concepts of a Souls game and turned it into a side-scrolling action game with an ample amount of Metroidvania influence. The result is tough as nails, but doable with perseverance and gumption. Salt and Sanctuary is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a journey worth suffering through for those who think they are worthy.
Mitch VogelAug 02, 2018
Salt and Sanctuary does an admirable job of hitting all the right beats that it needs to provide a challenging and fun action adventure that will no doubt provide a solid bang for your buck, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to stand on its own two legs; this is a game that can only thrive on the scraps generated by the overwhelming popularity of a much better game series.
Fran SotoMay 21, 2019
However, it is a title that fits well with a "pick up/put down" pace and gives players a lot of choice in how they wish to play. Salt and Sanctuary provides ample replay value in a fun title that is fast-paced and challenging enough for anyone seeking a "Souls-like" game.
Richard SeagraveAug 03, 2018
It’s available on PS4, PS Vita, PC and now Switch, though there’s nothing that particularly makes it stand out as being better on any of them. But then I guess on Switch there’s the option to play in handheld mode or on your big TV. So yeah, go with the Switch. You’ll die, die and then die again, but you’ll always go back for more.
Scott SullivanAug 07, 2018
Despite how much the Souls series has inspired this title, it still stands on its own two feet without feeling derivative. It’s a treat to play and to look at, with a detailed and mysterious world that is eager to show you where you fall on the pecking order. For those who are fans of the popular Souls series, you’ll be right at home and likely be just as enamored, but the game is also worth checking out if you’re eager for a substantial action title to take with you on the go.
Leif JohnsonAug 01, 2018
You could call Salt and Sanctuary a 2D mashup of Dark Souls and Castlevania, and you'd be right. But such a simple pronouncement would be a disservice to the tremendous amount of thought that's gone into Salt and Sanctuary, whether it's in the graphic style that evokes horror through the style of comic strips or in the intricate web of dungeons and castles serves as it map.
Christian VazAug 24, 2018
Salt and Sanctuary may be inspired by the Dark Souls series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every Dark Souls fan is going to love this game. The big problem with creating an entire game inspired by a well-loved franchise is that people’s expectations are going to be sky high. As someone that loves Dark Souls, I can say I enjoyed aspects of Salt and Sanctuary, but comparing the two games side by side seems incredibly unfair. Similarly to the Souls games, Salt and Sanctuary requires time and patience for players to reap its true rewards.
GameCentralAug 06, 2018
Excellent combat and level design, with a wide range of weapons, upgrades, and obscure story hints that FromSoftware would be proud of. Local co-op is a very welcome addition. If you want a 2D Dark Souls it’s hard to imagine FromSoftware doing much better than this, even if it has too few original ideas of its own.
Nick HanchetAug 30, 2018
Salt and Sanctuary not only manages to encapsulate the games in which it took liberal inspiration from, but then confidently build upon them, ensuring a complete, unique package that demands your attention at all times.
Álvaro AlonsoAug 23, 2018
Si Dark Souls y Castlevania tuviesen un hijo 2D, probablemente se llamaría Salt and Sanctuary. Puede que no sea el mayor ejemplo de originalidad, pero Ska Studios ha unificado con acierto lo mejor de ambas sagas, logrando un vástago que nos agarra con fuerza y facilidad para no dejarnos escapar.
Alejandro PascualAug 06, 2018
Salt and Sanctuary no busca innovar y no reniega de sus inspiraciones. Pero una vez las aceptas, encontrarás un título más que sólido, lleno de desafíos, que traslada la fórmula Souls a las dos dimensiones, mezclándolo todo con el género Metroidvania. Un título largo y apasionante, que ahora también deleitará a los usuarios de Nintendo Switch.