Rogue Aces for Switch

Rogue Aces (Switch)

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3 planes left in your whole squadron, and you’re the only pilot. Just pop out and win a war for us would you, old chap? In Rogue Aces, you’ll battle for air, sea and ground supremacy while gradually upgrading your precious aircraft’s stats. Rogue Aces is about hot acrobatic dogfights, heroic mid-air plane-jacking, sweet fully destructible buildings and different-every-game procedural landscape and mission generation shizzle. Just don’t leave it too late to deploy that parachute, what what?
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This is the arcade game the 12-year-old version of you was always meant to play. Fast, frantic, outrageously challenging and with the sort of free-form play that requires and rewards player creativity. Infinite State Games have created something very special here. I’ll see you in the skies, just try and beat my high score.

Adrian Burrows Apr 12, 2018



Rogue Aces is a stellar, fresh experience - even more so if you never played spiritual forerunner Wings of Fury - that has landed on the Switch eShop seemingly out of nowhere. It not only delivers an audio-visual treat but also an overwhelmingly entertaining stimulation of the senses thanks to the frenetic aerial ballets you will take part in. Easy to pickup but devilishly hard to walk away from, Rogue Aces demands just the right amount of arcade shmup skills and strategic planing with the odd lucky break when something just works out.

Gonçalo Lopes Apr 12, 2018

Game Reactor


We have to say though that Rogue Aces surprised us with how much it hooked us in, getting us into a rhythm of taking off, wreaking havoc on our foes, and landing again in no time, getting better and better to reach higher scores, all of which was underpinned by a soundtrack from Kevin 'Kevvy Metal' Black that really got our motors going. A bit more variety would've been great, but we can't take away from a great arcade game, one that took us to the clouds above.

Sam Bishop Apr 12, 2018