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Sam LoveridgeOct 18, 2019
Some may find the RPG elements too grindy - especially when it comes to the lengthy boss battles - and others may find the story concept too twee. But I'm loving Ring Fit Adventure: ease of use, a great RPG, and a great workout all combine to make one great experience. Nintendo has made fitness fun again with Ring Fit Adventure, with a package that's as easy to use as it is a great workout.
Donovan ErskineJan 14, 2020
Ring Fit Adventure is an excellent cross between fitness and action/adventure. Nintendo manages to create their best exercise game yet while weaving in classic adventure tropes to gamify the experience. Ring Fit Adventure is a great way to usher newcomers into gaming while helping longtime gamers stay in shape.
Geoffrey TimNov 04, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure isn’t for everybody, but for Gym-a-phobes looking to add a bit of activity to their lives, it’s a far better attempt at the gamification of fitness than Wii Fit ever was.
Kirk HinerNov 12, 2019
The RPG element has been overblown, but it provides just enough incentive for you to get up and move. More importantly, it’s engaging enough to keep you on top of it well after you’d’ve lost interest in other exercise apps. The Ring-Con itself is a quality accessory that’s easy to use, and the whole package provides mostly accurate readings and feedback.
William SchwartzOct 22, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure is a fun and wholly functional workout experience. Nintendo walks you through every step of the process to make sure you’re doing things correctly to avoid injury or over-exertion. Whether you’re playing adventure mode or just banging through your favorite mini-games or exercises, the Ring-Con delivers a workout that feels like it’s doing its job in getting your heart rate elevated to the point of burning calories and potentially fat.
Alex SeedhouseJan 25, 2020
After countless sweaty hours with Ring Fit Adventure, I’m left genuinely shocked. This game is a real workout that’s left me breathless, tired and often times aching the following day. At the same time though it also manages to expertly weave everything together with a lengthy and enjoyable RPG adventure that feels essential to the experience rather than merely bolted on. Perhaps best of all though it’s made me visibly excited to workout and that in itself is quite the achievement.
Allisa JamesNov 07, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure is all-around an excellent exercise title with a unique RPG hook. It’s well-crafted, fun, relaxing, inclusive, allows for tons of customization, and encourages anyone — regardless of age, weight, or physical ability — to start their own workout routine and get into shape. It’s a truly refreshing take on the fitness genre and one that I hope to see emulated more in the future.
CJ AndriessenNov 01, 2019
Two weeks of a workout regiment is not nearly long enough to give a full assessment of how effective it is, but it is enough time to see that Ring Fit Adventure is one well-crafted exercise game. Will it be good enough to help me overcome this lifelong struggle? Ask me again in a month and then five months after that.
Kirstin SwalleyOct 30, 2019
There’s a ton of variety here to allow players to exercise how they like even without touching the adventure mode. Nintendo has really outdone themselves by combining an encouraging RPG adventure with exercise to push players to their limit in Ring Fit Adventure.
RobotsFightingDinosaursOct 28, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure may be the best exercise video game, blending strength and aerobics training into an impeccably designed package.
Jonathon DornbushOct 17, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure is a marathon, not a sprint, just like adapting a healthy lifestyle should be. The last couple of weeks haven’t altered my life or made me look like The Rock all of a sudden, but as a way of getting into (or back into, in my case) a pattern of healthy living, it’s been a solid push in the right direction. After about 18 hours and more than half the adventure done, I fully expect to keep playing as the weeks go on. That’s not to see where Ring Fit Adventure’s fairly weak story goes, but rather to keep engaging with the fun and challenging blend of exercise and RPG mechanics it provides.
Dalton CooperOct 26, 2019
Overall, these issues were minor in the grand scheme of things. Ring Fit Adventure is the most fun players can have doing these exercises, and it's the rare game that is great as both a video game and an exercise tool. It's the best exercise game since the now-defunct Xbox Fitness for the Xbox One Kinect and blows Nintendo's previous exercise games out of the water.
Rich WalkerOct 17, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure may see another peripheral eventually end up consigned to a cupboard, along with your Wii Balance Board, Kinect, dance mats, and whatever else. But if you get the bug, it could transform you into your most svelte, muscular, best-ever self. It even reveals a Joy-Con feature I didn't know existed: the IR sensor on the right Joy-Con can read your heart rate. Ring Fit Adventure is just full of surprises.
GameCentralOct 18, 2019
As peculiar an idea as Ring Fit Adventure is it carries it through impressively well and somehow manages to make the idea of a fitness role-playing game feel like a sane and normal thing. There are some issues with repetition, particularly in terms of the backdrops and the wearingly unfunny dialogue, but fundamentally the mixture of role-playing and fitness works and is entertaining enough to get you interested in the wider world of both.
Chris WhiteOct 21, 2019
Whilst Ring – the character that acts as your personal trainer and motivator – can become annoying at times, Ring Fit Adventure’s RPG-lite elements and enjoyable levels make it a great alternative to heading outside and running around the block. With lots to get stuck into, Ring Fit Adventure is this generation’s Wii Fit, and where that focused more on realism, this wants you and your family to have fun whilst playing, encouraging you to push yourself to become a much fitter version of yourself.
Daan KoopmanNov 01, 2019
Even at that, however, Ring Fit Adventure never loses sight of its main goal: making moving your body accessible to players of all skill levels. In that sense, Ring Fit Adventure simply hits it out of the park and never looks back. I couldn't believe how well it scaled to my needs, which Nintendo deserves a lot of praise for. Spectacular stuff through and through.
Lewis PetchOct 27, 2019
Fitness games are often judged on whether they make you forget you are exercising, but if you forget, you’re probably doing it wrong. What Ring Fit Adventure succeeds in, is making that exercise consistently enjoyable yet still effective.
Neil FlynnOct 29, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure gently straddles the fine line of trying to be an intense fitness workout routine that wants to get serious about breaking a sweat, while also gamifying movement through its RPG mechanics and on-screen actions. It can't be recommended to drop a whole gym routine for this, but it definitely compliments one - furthermore it could easily help people get into fitness from their own bedroom, or help those who are too busy to head to the gym after a long day at work.
Chris ScullionOct 22, 2019
If you're a gym addict you probably shouldn't throw out your membership card just yet, but for everyone else looking to get fitter, this is a fantastic way to do it that won't bore you senseless. Play it properly and you'll definitely feel it the next morning – a sure sign that it's at least doing you some good – while the compelling adventure mode with its RPG elements will ensure that you'll keep coming back for more.
Jonas MäkiNov 07, 2019
To summarise, Ring Fit Adventure is by far the best workout game we've tried. Those who loved Wii Fit may well think that the game is too much of just that, a game, while others (like us) will appreciate the sense of atmosphere that really does make you forget that you're working out. The game is also lovely in terms of audio and visual design, which certainly helps. Ring Fit Adventure is a great game with lots to offer that will result in a near-brutal amount of burnt calories across the gamer world.
Brendan FryeOct 17, 2019
For as rich an experience Ring Fit Adventure is, it’s a game that only gives what players are willing to put into it. Unlike with most RPGs I’ve played; I can’t simply rush through Ring Fit Adventure to consume all its content right away and I’m ok with that. The game’s slowly introduced items and crafting, stat boosting equipment and even elemental advantages in battle. As Ring Fit Adventure continues to grow into a more complex game for me to enjoy, I’ve been growing more accustomed to the different exercises available and I can both see and feel myself getting in better shape.
Sebastian QuirozDec 14, 2019
2019 estuvo lleno de grandes experiencias, pero creo que Ring Fit Adventure es la más interesante. Este juego sin duda será el primer paso hacia una vida saludable para muchos. No esperen ver los grandes resultados en un mes. En su lugar, disfruten y vayan a su paso.
Alice WilczynskiOct 28, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure ist ein schönes Fitnesspaket! Es macht Spaß die zahlreichen Modi mit dem Ring-Con zu entdecken. Lediglich der eigentlich gelungene Abenteuer-Modus hätte etwas mehr Abwechslung vertragen.
Gianni MolinaroOct 17, 2019
Un accessoire simple, le Ring-Con, bien pensé et qui, avec une simple sangle, le tout marié aux Joy-Con, aide à mesurer avec précision vos efforts, une campagne agréable, drôle, et qui parvient, avec un soupçon de RPG, à faire oublier que l'on fait de l'exercice, tout ce qu'il faut pour se remettre en forme de manière plus conventionnelle : c'est une surprise, Ring Fit Adventure fait figure de sympathique successeur à Wii-Fit.
Silent_JayOct 18, 2019
Nintendo parvient à fusionner sport et jeu vidéo et invite les joueurs du monde entier à transpirer devant leur écran sans même s’en rendre compte. Avec son approche RPG et son univers coloré, Ring Fit Adventure est une invitation attractive à l’effort dans un cadre familier, celui du jeu vidéo. Les athlètes y trouveront certainement à redire, un exergame ne pouvant remplacer à 100% une pratique intensive du sport. Néanmoins, la richesse des exercices proposés et l’univers d’heroic-fantasy incitent à ne rien lâcher et motivent plus que jamais les sportifs en herbe.
Lucile MalargéOct 17, 2019
Attention, ne prenez pas au mot les diverses bandes-annonces dévoilant le concept de Ring Fit Adventure, où ces familles s'esclaffent devant tonton André qui court dans le salon, avec son jean slim et sa chemise bien propre. Ce jeu n'a en effet rien d'un party game, puisqu'il s'agit réellement de faire de l'exercice physique. Puyo lui-même l'a constaté il y a quelques semaines, et heureusement, il avait revêtu sa plus belle tunique de sport.
Ulisses DominguesOct 21, 2019
Fazer exercício é chato e monótono mas Ring Fit Adventure consegue subverter essa ideia por completo. Apesar de não ser perfeito, é uma experiência única que esboça um sorriso em quem menos se espera. Na sua essência é profundamente estranho, inesperado e divertido, algo que só a Nintendo é capaz de engendrar.
Tommaso PuglieseOct 18, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure riesce nel non semplice compito di rendere divertente l'allenamento a corpo libero o con leggera opposizione di resistenza, ponendosi come un titolo imperdibile per chi vorrebbe tanto rimettersi in forma ma stenta a trovare le motivazioni necessarie a svolgere esercizi in maniera costante e progressiva. Gli sviluppatori si sono inventati una formula che, per quanto narrativamente assurda, distrae in maniera efficace dal fatto di star correndo sul posto e comprimendo un anello da Pilates per aprire porte e spiccare salti.
IGN StaffDec 01, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure положительно принимают как игровые обзорщики, так и пользователи. Шутка ли — 82 балла на Metacritic, юзерскор — 8.7! Продажи игры — тоже неплохие: в чате, опубликованном в Famitsu, за неделю с 18 по 24 ноября, игра заняла второе место после новых Pokemon Sword and Shield, а всего с момента продаж набор Ring Fit Adventure купили более 290 тысяч раз.
Remco HayesNov 11, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure is een zeer vermakelijke RPG, die veel oude vertrouwde elementen van het genre toevoegt als XP, geld verzamelen en dat weer uitgeven aan upgrades en turn based-gevechten, maar op de eerste plaats is de titel toch echt wel bedoeld voor de sporters onder ons. Na de oefeningen zul je namelijk vaak zweet op je voorhoofd hebben staan en veel spierpijn hebben. Bel je persoonlijke fitness-instructeur maar af en begin echt met sporten met Ring Fit Adventure voor op de Nintendo Switch.
matus_aceDec 02, 2019
Nintendu sa s touto hrou podarilo úspešne gamifikovať cvičenie. Dokonca až tak, že si pri Ring Fit Adventure užívate hru a zabudnete na to, že vlastne cvičíte. Jednotlivé cviky tu autori naviazali na chytľavé a ľahké prvky prebraté z iných hier, pričom to je v zásade jednoduchá RPG, ibaže vám štatistiky vylepšuje aj v skutočnom živote. Netvrdím, že nahradí posilňovňu a trénera a ani to, že vďaka nej zázračne schudnete. Dokonca podľa mňa ani nie je nejako výrazne zameraná na kardio. Aj tak vám ale pomôže páliť kalórie, zabaví vás a s Vianocami za rohom je to fakt dobrá kombinácia.