RICO for Nintendo Switch


Mar 14, 2019
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Developer: Ground Shatter
Content Rating: Mature


Procedurally-generated, first-person, action-movie shooter. You play as a loose-cannon police detective, given twenty-four hours to crack a case as part of an elite organised crime taskforce, play solo or partner up with a friend in offline or online co-op for the full buddy-cop experience.

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Sep 24, 2021

Good gunplay and I really like the procedurally generated areas with differing objectives, which ensure never the same area twice. A huge turnoff for me is that there is much more ammo lying around than health and it's quite easy to be gunned down playing solo; not helped at all but the games's "save" system - which doesn't seem to be present. I completed a case and moved on to the next one, only to be gunned down and having to start completely over every single time. There needs to be a checkpoint system and a way to save in between cases. The graphics are so-so, but they honestly don't need that much spit and polish for this style of game, so I had tempered expectations going in. A drawback to the graphics is that it is difficult or nigh impossible to see an enemy clear across a well-lit room.

Overall, fun game with very frustrating difficulty curve.

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Seth CanoMar 13, 2019
I found myself pleasantly surprised by RICO, and see myself coming back to it for weeks to come. If you’re a fan of either the Borderlands or Payday series, this game is a must try for you. My biggest request for the developers going forward is that it just keeps getting continued support… I think free updates or downloadable content would suit this game well – whether it be new weapon skins, characters, traits, or even skins for characters, I’d be pleased.
Zachary MillerMar 21, 2019
I like the graphics, what with the cel shading and the environments look nice. Unfortunately, after several hours with the game, I think I’ve seen every asset RICO is capable of showing me.
Thomas MedinaApr 03, 2019
While RICO does little to separate itself from the unending stream of roguelike releases, it doesn’t need to. Randomized objectives, items, and enemies combined with solid shooting mechanics more than offset the too-similar levels and frustrating upgrade systems. It may not have much of a plot or breathtaking graphics, but that doesn’t stop it from being addictively fun to play.

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