Red Game Without a Great Name for Nintendo Switch

Red Game Without a Great Name

Dec 7, 2017
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Developer: iFun4all
Content Rating: Everyone


Imagine a hostile Steampunk world where long distance communication is limited to post services. Each venture into the world brings great danger to the messenger, thus a special invention of a mechanical bird was introduced. This brave creature takes your secret letters and deliver them to the furthest parts of the world. Will you help him in his tough job? Red Game Without a Great Name is a 2D puzzle arcade game where you control a mechanical bird carrying a secret message. You goal is to deliver a letter to a recipients cage, actually to 60 of them. It won’t be an easy task - you will have to face different traps along the way, including: barbed wire, windmill blades, spikes, and many others. Use the extraordinary power of teleportation to move your character through the level. Pick up power-ups to gain temporary abilities, like smashing walls, or invulnerability to damage. Collect gears to fully complete the game.

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Jon CousinsDec 05, 2017
There is no shortage of quality games to play - covering a wide range of genres, styles and just about any other criteria you could ask for - in the Switch eShop library. Red Game Without a Great Name ends up being disappointing, then, as you'll likely become frustrated with its occasionally inconsistent touch-based controls, along with its initially cool but repetitive mechanic and devilish level design.
Justin NationJan 09, 2018
All said, for the price of admission, Red Game Without a Great Name has more to offer than its lacking title would imply. With the likely frustration factor as you get further in it seems mostly suited to playing in shorter bursts, the levels are generally very quick to either complete or fail at before it takes you right back into the action again. If you enjoy some challenge and undoubtedly some aggravation in your gaming, it’s not a bad budget title to check out.
Dan LipscombeDec 12, 2017
Yes, this last point would occur on any touchscreen system, but here it feels even more ludicrous because the Switch is a system that has sticks and buttons. The developer could have experimented with implementing these controls into the game, rather than just shoehorning the Red Game Without A Great Name onto the system. It’s a real shame as the premise itself is appealing and the art style is sumptuous and brooding. But, beauty is only skin deep, after all.

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