R-Type Dimensions EX

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Chris ScullionNov 27, 2018
Interestingly, the gamers who may get the most out of this are those who generally struggle to do well in shoot ‘em ups: the brilliant Infinite mode makes a usually hardcore genre far more accessible, meaning everyone – regardless of skill level – can enjoy the satisfaction of beating the game, submitting their score to the online leaderboards and trying to improve next time.
Chris BowmanDec 04, 2018
Overall, R-Type Dimensions EX brings you back to a golden era of games without loot boxes or DLC. You were able to enjoy a game in the fullest and know that you got your money’s worth on a full game. Released already for consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, R-Type now makes its way to the Nintendo Switch.
Cody MedellinMay 30, 2019
R-Type Dimensions EX is a solid tweaking of a remaster that was pleasing to begin with. The original titles are classics, and while their difficulty is well known, the tweaks and additions make this more accessible to new players by getting them interested in playing the game the right way. There's already plenty of good shooters on the Switch system, but EX is still a great addition to that growing genre library.
Darren PalmaDec 04, 2018
R-Type Dimensions EX is a coding of classics that snugly fits the Nintendo Switch like a comfy old pair of slippers. While the minor quality of life components could be sniffed at, the extra features and visual gimmickry make mastering such an unforgiving piece of history more fun than just a standard cut and paste port of the originals. It’s the crown to top the nostalgic arcade shoot-em-up library that currently fills the shelves of the Nintendo eShop, and a recommended addition to a rapidly growing portable arcade collection.
Ben CongaltonDec 17, 2018
Ultimately, if you like super challenging shmups and especially if you’re old enough to still call them shoot-‘em-ups, then you’ll find a lot to love here. Likewise if you’re a newcomer to the genre then R-Type Dimensions EX is a great place to start and will hold your hand until you’re ready to let go.
Rudy LavauxJan 18, 2019
Fans of the original who want the most accurate and perfect experience that looks and feels perfectly like it, will find that some shortcomings, stemming primarily from how this was designed with the technical limitations of monitors of its day in mind, prevent this from being the most accurate way to play R-Type.
GameCentralNov 30, 2018
The best 2D shooters of the retro era return once again, with a good value package that has plenty for new fans and old. Both games are cast iron classics and still look and play great today. Wide range of difficulty options and assists, as well as a co-op mode. Remastered graphics and music are pretty decent.
Yago Lago ÁlvarezDec 04, 2018
En cualquier caso, tenemos dos joyas del género que siguen siendo tan divertidas y desafiantes como lo fueron en su tiempo, y que lucen maravillosamente bien, y que además podemos disfrutar en modo cooperativo. Imprescindible para los seguidores del género.