Puzzle Puppers

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Jemma CassonFeb 21, 2018
Puzzle Puppers delivers a relaxing puzzle experience featuring cute puppies that stretch to their food bowls. It’s a simple yet addictive premise, with both easy and more challenging levels to give you several hours of fun. Worth checking it!
Conor McMahonMar 13, 2018
Puzzle Puppers is a very simple game about some very cute dogs. Its bright colours and bizarre premise are endearing, the gameplay is easy to grasp, and you'll be in hound heaven for the first 20 stages or so. After a while however, this old dog shows that it hasn't learned any new tricks, and the repetitive visuals don't do anything to elevate the equally repetitive gameplay. It's good clean fun, straightforward to an absolute fault, and for the low asking price there's enough here to make this worthwhile. If you're expecting a magical doggy story mode, or some imaginative level design however, you'll be left feeling a little ruff.
CJ AndriessenFeb 26, 2018
With more ideas, more obstacles, more varied goals, or just the ability to pet the dogs without screwing up one of my solutions-in-progress, I could easily see this as best in show. Instead, Puzzle Puppers wouldn't even place.
Dan LipscombeFeb 20, 2018
The style is lacklustre, the sound design adds very little to the overall package and it all feels very bland. This is one of those games where, when it loads I found myself uttering ‘Oh’ out loud, because it failed to capture any part of me. Had there been some humorous narrative, a few jokes scattered throughout, maybe even just some puns, I might have enjoyed my time with Puzzle Puppers. As it stands, it’s completely forgettable, which is a massive shame considering the wealth of memes and jokes that exist and the fact that the actual puzzle design is decent.
Bryan RoseFeb 21, 2018
Puzzle Puppers is a good, solid game that shouldn’t take too much time to get value out of. It’s one of those games that won’t keep you busy for days on end, but is nice to pick up and play for some pretty clever brain teasers. It does good on providing a warm, loveable aesthetic while providing quick and easy gameplay.
Georgina HowlettJun 11, 2018
Puzzle Puppers on Nintendo Switch is a delightful puzzle game to pass the time with, and is a solid port of the mobile game of the same name. With a deceptively simple concept, colourful visuals, and upbeat (yet soothing) music, you can spend many hours working your way through the various levels and feeding those stretchy long bois. Just try not to get too frustrated when you (inevitably) accidentally undo your progress on a level every once in a while.