Project Nimbus: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

May 16, 2019
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Developer: GameTomo
Content Rating: Teen


Project Nimbus is a high-speed mech action game set on a devastated future Earth, where the player maneuvers a weaponized humanoid general-purpose Battle Frame. Engage enemy units with various weapons and defeat huge bosses and unique ace pilots! Fly the skies with 360 degrees of freedom, and battle enemies with a variety of weapons and techniques, from smart missiles to the blade charge. Experience the battle as a young ace pilot destined for legendary status.

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Brad LangMay 20, 2019
Project Nimbus is not a good game. It is a game that succeeds at doing what I had previously thought impossible and takes the high octane thrill ride of piloting a mechanised human and strips it of any excitement, life or joy only to leave behind a carcass of monotonous gameplay, bland visuals and an absolutely painful story.
Jake HillsJun 16, 2019
Project Nimbus is good to look at and great to listen to. It’s got a jammin’ old school video game soundtrack, great explosions, and the aforementioned pilot banter. Diehards of the genre will find a love letter to all things big and clanky, and if your dream is to pilot something big and fast and humanoid shaped, Project Nimbus will make you feel great.
Ed OrrMay 22, 2019
That all said, if you are a fan of mechs, and want to blast off into combat then Project Nimbus: Complete Edition has some great mech combat. It feels like a cross between Gundam and Ace Combat and shooting up the skies in a battle frame is incredibly satisfying.

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