Pokemon Cafe ReMix for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Jun 23, 2020
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Link together Pokémon icons to clear puzzles as you work to build up your very own café in Pokémon Café Mix, a free-to-start game for the Nintendo Switch system! Meet the goals for each puzzle before you run out of turns—link a certain number of icons, get a high score, or even destroy sugar cubes to serve up Pokémon themed menu items.

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Jun 25, 2020
This game is a simple mechanic puzzle game. It's simplicity though won't let much people of keeping this game for long. But for pokemon fan, this game has some cute feature embedded into it.

Gameplay is simple, you drag the pokemon and each pokemon you link will disappear. achieve the requirement to clear the game.

It's a very simple game, so if you are not looking for something challenging, this game may bored you. But despite simple playstyle this is quite a cute game


Jul 16, 2021

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Chris ScullionJun 25, 2020
A decent start. The microtransactions aren’t massively intrusive, the energy system isn’t too debilitating and the stages aren’t Candy Crush Saga-style efforts where it’ll take you 70 goes to get lucky enough to eventually clear them. These are all qualified by the word “yet”, though, and that’s the thing to bear in mind as this game evolves on a fortnightly basis.
D. CrowleyJul 13, 2020
The cafe-style music leads to a very chill atmosphere, and the characters have a nice design to them (except Charmander, who looks like a bald baby to me). Once the game started to demand more of me, however, it just became too frustrating trying to deal with the loose mechanics. I do recommend trying Pokémon Cafe Mix, as it’s free-to-play (and I never felt tempted in the slightest to use in-game purchases), but prepare to not be fully satisfied.
Dave AubreyJun 25, 2020
Pokémon Café Mix is a cute puzzle game with an even cuter art style, but that adorable aesthetic can’t mask a simple, but tiring puzzler. There’s nothing wrong with this game, and it’s worth a shot, but it’s not likely to keep you playing for more than a day or two.

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