Pocket Rumble for Nintendo Switch

Pocket Rumble

Jul 5, 2018
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Pocket Rumble retains all the gameplay elements that make traditional Street Fighter-style fighters great, but reduces the level of execution and memorization necessary to the bare minimum. That way experienced players can learn the game fast and be able to focus on deeper elements of strategy and mindgames, new players can learn the ins and outs of fighting games without being overwhelmed, and everyone can get their skills to a competitive level without too much grinding alone in training mode.

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Sep 15, 2020
Rafael Gazola Ghedini

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Dave FrearJul 06, 2018
As newcomer friendly as the game is, timing and correct move choice are still key, so experience is undoubtably a factor. Working well with any controller, the game is good fun and perfectly suited for quick bursts of play, whether that be in online battles or playing tabletop against friends. Admittedly the Switch is not short of decent fighting games, but Pocket Rumble still provides great entertainment.
CJ AndriessenJul 10, 2018
It’s a beautiful game, but that beauty can’t hide the fact Pocket Rumble still needs a bit of work. When playing with friends locally the game is an absolute blast. That's when it's at its best. It's all the other modes that weigh the package down. I’m not too keen to return to any of the single-player options until the AI is fixed nor do I wish to endure the spammy assaults of the same three or four characters I face online.
Darren PalmaJul 09, 2018
On the whole, Pocket Rumble is a game that fits snugly on the Nintendo Switch due to its portable inspiration and simple control system. I would even go a far as to say that I would love to see it streamed as a side tournament at some of the bigger fighting game events out there. If you are in need of a competitive fighter without the complexities of the genre yet still manages to keep the mind games intact, then Pocket Rumble could very well be right up your street.

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