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Ryan WomboldOct 31, 2018
Pilot Sports is a huge disappoint to me. I’ve been waiting for a game in this style for a while now and so to finally get something with the flaws that this game has feels a little bit like a “Monkey’s Paw” situation to me. If you’re thinking though “Hey I bet it’s at least pretty cheap”, I’m sorry to disappoint you again. The game is (currently) $34.99 on the Switch and $29.99 on the PS4 which is flatly outrageous.
Rachel PoliNov 13, 2018
I found myself listening to the music and enjoying myself with that over actually playing the game. Overall, Pilot Sports caused more frustration than fun. The graphics, music, and levels were well done. However, the controls were too sensitive to make it further in the game and there wasn’t much variety in the challenges.
Renan FontesJan 19, 2019
Although Pilot Sports is not exactly bad, it is likewise far from compelling in its own right. Most of its best qualities are shared with the far more polished Pilotwings series, with its reliance on homage doing a considerable amount of damage. The content present is fine enough, but that, in itself, is a problem. Fine is not good. Pilot Sports is a below average flight simulator that might scratch that wholly unique Pilotwings itch, but only for so long.
Evan NorrisSep 29, 2018
Pilot Sports gets some of the basics right—flying and physics work the way they should—and offers a welcome amount of content in terms of missions and local multiplayer, but stumbles over objective design, geographic diversity, presentation, and technology. In the end, it doesn't come close to matching the high level of polish and playability of the Nintendo series that inspired it. If you're looking for a Pilotwings substitute, keep looking.
A.K RahmingOct 22, 2018
Pilot Sports just comes off as a poor man’s attempt at trying to recreate Pilotwings. It simply does not have the same level of polish. Thus, the old saying, “An original is better than a copy,” definitely applies here. If anything, playing this made me want Nintendo to release a new authentic Pilotwings even more than before. But in the meantime, you’re much better off looking at past entries in that franchise rather than playing this.
Laura LunaDec 09, 2018
Pilot Sports recupera la fórmula de Pilotwings: deportes áreos en una isla paradisíaca, en la que recorreremos circuitos compuestos por diferentes pruebas que afrontaremos a bordo de un paracaídas, ala delta, avioneta o mochila propulsora. Sus mecánicas versan hacia un simulador naturalista que no sienta nada bien a un juego que funcionaría mucho mejor como arcade.