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Mitch VogelApr 30, 2019
Picross S3 is easily the best entry in the series on the Switch and it's one that we can easily recommend to both fans and newcomers alike. Naturally, those of you that have played the previous games will want to take a minute to ask yourself if you’re down for another few hundred Picross puzzles, but this represents the most bang for your buck in this Switch sub-series yet and stands as an excellent example of how to do a puzzle game right.
Neal RonaghanApr 24, 2019
Picross S3 is another solid entry in Jupiter’s long-lasting Nintendo-centric series. While the lack of touchscreen support is still disappointing, the puzzles are as good as ever and the addition of Color Picross is presented in a smart way that makes me wish more of the puzzles made use of the new hook. Maybe we’ll see that mode expanded on when Picross S4 inevitably hits in 2020.
Lilly K.Aug 23, 2019
Picross S3 definitely improved since its predecessor Picross S2. Especially the newly added colour picross mode is a lot of fun to play and makes a real difference in the gameplay experience. This entry offers more variability, making it easier to play longer and harder to get bored. However, it still has a variety of flaws that could be tended to in the future.
Gianni MolinaroApr 29, 2019
Il s'agit du Color Picross, mode qui nous met cette fois aux prises avec des blocs de différentes couleurs à placer convenablement, image animée en récompense. Un contenu frais, très plaisant, sans accroc pour accéder à sa palette, mais dont on regrette la maigreur. Ses 30 puzzles passent un peu trop vite...