Perchang for Nintendo Switch


Jun 4, 2019
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Developer: Chilled Mouse
Content Rating: Everyone


It's a puzzle action strategy. Think Lemmings mixed with Marble Madness and you're a fraction of the way there. Also think of some lovely contraptions to really make you think and BOOM! You nailed it!! The game revolves around getting little balls from the emitter to their home in the goal. Blocking their way are a plethora of obstacles and some helpful elements coloured red or blue. So simple ... yet so tricky.

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Trevor GouldAug 13, 2019
With its simple-to-grasp, challenging-to-master gameplay, Perchang held our attention through to the last of its 50 levels. It has a satisfying length, offering a fair amount of content without overstaying its welcome. Finishing a level with just a Bronze medal (or worse, a Pass) also prompts some replay. Perchang manages to stand out amongst the puzzle crowd on Nintendo Switch and I hope it's a sign of more Goldbergian puzzlers to come.
Brett Posner-FerdmanJul 16, 2019
All in all, Perchang is a mild distraction that does little to be innovative or hold your attention for longer than a few hours at most. For the relatively minimal amount of content that the game provides, there are tons of other games that are much more worth your time. This combined with the lack of a hint system and abundance of glitches in the game’s physics engine leaves Perchang feeling like only part of a complete game. For a simple and short puzzle experience, Perchang may be enjoyable, but many of the eShop’s hundreds of other puzzle games are better options.
Ben LyonsJun 29, 2019
Overall, Perchang is a solid addition to the puzzle genre on Switch, bringing new physics-based mechanics to a saturated market. Genre fans will likely enjoy the game, although it could have done with more content and fewer difficulty spikes, which are the main issues that impact this simple and otherwise easy to understand title.

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