Penny-Punching Princess for Nintendo Switch

Penny-Punching Princess

Apr 3, 2018

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Developer: NIS America
Content Rating: Teen


In a world ruled by capitalism, cash is king! Use the money you gather to bribe enemies to fight for you, activate deadly traps with your dough, and when all else fails, smash all that stand against you with your fists! Fight your way from nothing and amass treasures to take on the mighty Dragoloan Family and reclaim your kingdom!

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Chris CarterApr 02, 2018
NIS delivers the weird yet again with Penny-Punching Princess, a fun little arcade romp that just escapes the danger of staleness. Stretched a little too thin but a lot of people are going to be enjoying this one with a price drop.
Jeremy PeeplesApr 02, 2018
The never-ending difficulty won’t be for everyone, but there’s a lot of fun to be had here for those willing to undertake a tough but fair challenge. It’s gorgeous with a killer soundtrack and impressive sound design as a whole. If you want something that blends overhead action RPG gaming with a faster-paced dungeon crawler motif, give Penny-Punching Princess a go.
Alex SeedhouseAug 11, 2018
Long after money has exchanged hands, Penny-Punching Princess will be remembered for the pun-packed, zany adventure that it casts you out on. The game’s inherently repetitive nature will mean it’s best chipped away at over time, but, while some imbalance with the difficulty can irritate, bribing everything in sight with the magical calculator allows it to leave a lasting impression than others on the portable home console.

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