Pato Box for Nintendo Switch

Pato Box

Jul 9, 2018
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Developer: Bromio
Content Rating: Teen


Test your reflexes as you fight your way through an evil corporation in search for retribution. Uncover their deepest secrets by exploring thrilling 3d environments with a graphic novel/comic book art style. Find the henchmen who took your dream away in an action-packed and fast-paced fights that will test you to the limit as a true boxing champion! Will you chicken out or learn how to DUCK?

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Darren PalmaJul 06, 2018
I may have started this review stating that Pato Box is a straight up Punch-Out!! clone, and at its core it certainly is. However, while the abstract world where a fighting Duck seeks answers is a setup that just doesn’t make sense, it happens to mould nicely with its presentation. It’s far from a perfect game, and the filler sections in between predictably never live up to the actual fights themselves. Yet, in spite of all this, Mexican developer Bromio has managed to make decent use out of the Punch-Out!! formula to craft something unique enough to separate itself from other clones that came before it.
Stan CohenAug 24, 2018
Pato Box takes what made Punch-Out such a classic and builds on the gameplay by adding a wacky story and developed levels to explore. Despite the added features, Pato Box should be a short and fun game, but it extends playtime through frustrating boss fights with patterns that have to be learned. Many retro and arcade games, however, were made like this and were very successful, and Pato Box is a game for that type of player.
Dom Reseigh-LincolnJul 04, 2018
While its adventure mode-style exploration could do with a little more meat on its bones, we all know why we’re here - the Punch-Out!!-style bosses. The exploration sections fail to do the eye-catching visual style (and the story) much justice, but those brilliant big bads more than make up for it. Sprinkle in an '80s-style synth soundtrack that wouldn’t feel out of place in Hotline Miami and you’ve got a rough-yet-ready new contender on the Switch eShop.