Overwatch®: Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch

Overwatch®: Legendary Edition

Oct 15, 2019
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Join the fight for the future in the world of Overwatch® and choose your hero from a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities. Bend time, defy physics, and unleash a dizzying array of extraordinary powers and weapons. Engage your enemies in iconic locations from around the globe in the ultimate team-based shooter.

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Jun 10, 2020

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Rosh KellyNov 03, 2019
It's hard to say whether or not Overwatch on Switch should be recommended. It is still without a doubt a good game. But Overwatch has a reputation now as a competitive game, and this rendition just doesn’t match that. This is Overwatch but muted. Overwatch with kid gloves, if you will. If players are okay having a less serious, less strategic game, then this is a fun way of passing hours. But you won’t be playing it for the fame and glory you might get from other platforms.
Ashley BatesOct 22, 2019
The mileage of Overwatch on the Switch is going to vary. If you’ve never experienced the game before, now is the perfect time to do so. Playing it on the go is an added bonus if you’re used to playing shooters on the Switch anyway. As for existing players, the Switch version offers little to make this port worth shelling out for.
Simon CardyOct 22, 2019
Overwatch on Switch is a less-than optimal way to play one of the most satisfying online games ever made, but it’s still one of the best around. Technical issues are plenty, and in most cases are noticeable, but never truly ruin the fun or makes it truly unplayable. If you already play Overwatch consistently on another console then there are very few reasons to own it on Switch – and in fact it may be extremely frustrating to go back and forth between them – but if it's your introduction the beautifully crafted world of Overwatch then it still promises a whole lot of fun.

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