Overcooked: Special Edition

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Neal RonaghanAug 01, 2017
Overcooked’s success is based primarily in its varied take on a simple concept. In every stage, the goal is to just make meals, but clever, nigh-endless obstacles and twists complicate things, forcing new strategies and tactics to be tested and used.
Mitch VogelAug 02, 2017
All in all, Overcooked is an absolute must-buy for anybody looking for a fantastic party game to play with friends. The wacky visuals and chaotic gameplay make it an ideal game for local co-op, and there’s plenty of content to work through. Although there are some disappointing launch issues with the framerate (reflected in our scoring), we still give this one a strong recommendation overall; it's a title that perfectly nails what makes local multiplayer games so fun.
Justin SharpAug 11, 2017
If you’re looking for a great couch co-op game, you’d be hard-pressed to find another game like Overcooked. It’s got enough stress to keep the game interesting/challenging and playing with friends is a blast. The content may run dry after a few hours but there is still a lot of replayability in trying to beat your high scores on each level. Overcooked is definitely worth checking out on the Switch.
Tom MarksJul 31, 2017
Overcooked: Special Edition is one of the most fun local co-op games around, even if the Switch port has some problems.
Alex SeedhouseSep 26, 2017
In Overcooked: Special Edition, developer Ghost Town Games has achieved something special. Beneath the surface of this crazy culinary adventure is an experience that is outrageously funny to play with friends, that, even when your kitchen is burning down and the fire extinguisher out of reach, will never fail to raise a smile. It’s a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch, and a game that you need to have in your life – it will be all the better for it. For, there is nothing in the world as contagious as laughter.
Adam RileyAug 06, 2017
An interesting idea that is lots of fun given the right crowd, but despite its best efforts to make for intriguing level design, the more bells and whistles added to the kitchen layout, the more room there is for frustration to creep in. Overcooked! Special Edition is the best value version so far, with DLC already included, and those that enjoyed it before will enjoy it again.
GameCentralJul 28, 2017
One of the best offline multiplayer games of recent years, and proof that shouting at people sitting next to you is still one of gaming’s greatest pleasures.
Paul MurphyAug 01, 2017
There’s a tremendous amount of fun to be had with Overcooked: Special Edition, and it’s another great little party gem that’s guaranteed to generate some hilarity – if not arguments. It’s a joyous little game, and if you love fun it’s essential.
Elia PalesAug 07, 2017
Anyone looking for a fun party game or a fun cooperative Switch experience should pick up Overcooked immediately. Unfortunately, the exciting nature of the game will wear off for those who don’t have others to play with, which should surely be a consideration for anyone thinking of picking the game up.
Juan GarciaAug 03, 2017
Un juego cooperativo delirante y muy divertido, que resulta más completo en Switch, pero no mejor que en el resto de plataformas por culpa de un framerate más bajo, que lo convierten en un título algo más incómodo. Si esto no es problema, y tienes amigos con los que compartir sofá y Joy-Con, este juego tienes que probarlo.
Sergio MartínJul 31, 2017
Los juegos de carácter arcade tienen un nuevo y gran representante en Switch con esta nueva aportación digital que lleva por nombre Overcooked: Special Edition. Un juego especialmente orientado hacia el multijugador, vertiente que se convierte en su mayor atractivo, pero que también puede ser disfrutado si jugamos en solitario… perdiendo parte de su encanto y frenetismo.
AurelianoAug 24, 2017
No les mentiré diciendo que es una de las propuestas más divertidas para compartir en compañía de otras personas en el actual catálogo de la consola. Independientemente de la situación con el framerate se trata de una versión completa y que aprovecha de la tecnología del Switch sin problemas. Incluso si ya lo han jugado en otras plataformas el hecho de tenerlo en una versión portátil lo hace un imperdible si su meta es jugar con los demás.
Vincenzo LetteraJul 29, 2017
A causa dei problemi di frame rate, Overcooked su Switch dà l'impressione di essere un'ottima pietanza impiattata molto male. Ghost Town Games ha già comunicato di essere lavoro su una possibile patch in grado di portare le performance della Special Edition al pari delle altre console, ma non si hanno tempistiche e al lancio siamo davanti a un porting tutt'altro che rifinito.
Stefan StuursmaAug 08, 2017
Het is jammer dat Overcooked voor de Switch enig hinder ondervindt door die technische problemen, maar in grote lijnen doet de game niet onder voor andere versies op de krachtigere beschikbare hardware. De gameplay is net zo spannend en ook de co-op werkt ditmaal prima. Tel daarbij op dat alle DLC is inbegrepen voor een prima prijs van 20 euro en je hebt een hele toffe Switch game om samen met vrienden op te pakken.