Othello for Nintendo Switch


Mar 23, 2017
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Developer: Arc System Works
Content Rating: Everyone


Play in the comfort of your home or outside, and play in a style that suits you best! A total of 16 levels of computer AI difficulty are available for Single Player Modes! Hints on where the stones can be placed, and displays to show which tiles will be flipped in this move are also available to help new players understand the game better!

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Dan ThompsonMar 12, 2017
Othello is a release that can certainly grab and hold the attention of those that like the core game or want a bit of relaxed multiplayer; you can easily pass a Joy-Con or even exclusively use the touchscreen. However, while it's interesting to see Arc System Works diversify itself, the title would be much more at home if it was included with a compilation of other tabletop games. It's a functional and solid release, though it's down to individuals whether the convenience is worth the price, or whether this is one of those 'when on discount' downloads.
Tomas BarryMar 13, 2017
Overall, Othello is a difficult game to appraise. It's certainly not going thrill or blow anyone away. However, it does have hidden depths and is very suitable for play sessions in a variety of situations. There's really nothing it does wrong, although, to be frank, considering it's essentially the type of game typically seen on tablets and mobiles, it does perhaps lack some aesthetic padding and other features.
Paul MurphyApr 13, 2017
It’s Othello, a board game and it can provide a little competitive multiplayer for you and your friends. It’s certainly cheap, but I seriously doubt it’s something you thought you’d want to buy a Switch for.

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