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Dean JamesAug 21, 2019
Oninaki is undoubtedly a very different type of experience from Tokyo RPG Factory’s other two games, offering a much more contemporary style this time around. The story feels unique and manages to feature some very emotional moments without feeling too dour. Beyond the incredibly lengthy load times and stray performances issues on Nintendo Switch, Oninaki is another standout game from Tokyo RPG Factory that need not be overlooked.
Nadia OxfordAug 23, 2019
Oninaki is a likable RPG. Its story and setting are interesting, and the Daemons you collect to help you fight are cool. Unfortunately, bashing through uninteresting swarms of high-HP enemies puts a damper on the fun. Oninaki is still better than Tokyo RPG Factory's previous games; the studio seems to be moving in the right direction. If it can get past its extended growing pains, it'll be a contender someday.
Chris CarterAug 21, 2019
I'm emotionally torn on Oninaki because there's so much to like here: it has a lot of great ideas, it just doesn't execute them all as well as it should. Maybe Tokyo RPG Factory should look at changing their formula and scaling down to tighter 10 hour adventures. By cutting down the scale they can focus on what they do best.
Michael ChowAug 21, 2019
As a whole package, ONINAKI is a decent title. While there is somewhat of a lack of additional activities to do, it fits in extremely well with the game’s narrative. Furthermore, the narrative of ONINAKI reeled me in from start to finish. It could be described as intriguing or mysterious, though at times predictable. ONINAKI is by no means the best in the genre but offers a strong foundation for Tokyo RPG Factory to build off of in the future.
TJ HAFERAug 23, 2019
Oninaki is a gorgeous, distinctive, entertaining RPG that isn’t afraid to explore some heavy themes in novel and thought-provoking ways. It never rises above the fact that the combat feels like it’s not quite there. And at times, it can be overly wordy in the fashion that JRPGs often are. But its dark, beautiful world is a place I never tired of exploring, and the in-depth progression and customization systems provided plenty for my inner D&D nut to sink his teeth into.
Jordan RudekAug 21, 2019
Tokyo RPG Factory’s Takashi Tokita, of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger fame, was given more creative freedom with Oninaki, and that decision has certainly paid off. This is an enjoyable, thought-provoking, and stylish RPG that stands on the shoulders of the developer’s previous efforts. Pacing issues and a lack of variety hold it back from being truly great, but Oninaki is absolutely worth a playthrough, if you’re not averse to the solemn subject matter. The stellar combat feels almost like hack-and-slash, and the overall story compels you through the experience.
Heidi KempsAug 24, 2019
Oninaki is a game that frequently sabotages itself. Its beautiful environments and mood are dampened by annoying hordes of samey enemies. Its amazing concept and world design are wasted on a story that's poorly paced and doesn't give you an adequate reason to care. Its varied and interesting combat styles get dragged down by the need to grind Daemons and uneven difficulty overall. There's certainly some beauty to be found in Oninaki's tragic world, but these flaws make this a circle of life that you can skip over.
Drew HurleyAug 21, 2019
There is a fascinating premise, and a robust story, but it takes far too long to really get going, and the side-quests are wasted. Also, the scope feels too small. When it comes to the combat, the wide range of Daemons keeps things fresh, changing up the experience enough to keep interest higher but, at its core, the combat is just... fine. There's nothing special - same with the RPG elements that add little extra depth to the whole thing.
Reuben MountSep 13, 2019
Once you fall into the groove, Oninaki is greatly enjoyable, even if it initially falls flat because of its repetitive combat. The story heads to dark places surrounding the central theming, occasionally in a ham-fisted way, but still manages to have emotional impact. Ultimately though, Oninaki is a gem of a game if you’re persistent in putting in the work. Tokyo RPG Factory have done it again
Ingar Takanobu HaugeAug 31, 2019
Oninaki could have been a great JRPG, but a poor script and dull characters make the whole thing a monotonous and repetitive affair. Sadly, third time is not the charm in this case. It appears Tokyo RPG Factory has become a mass producer of mediocre RPGs rather than the connoisseur of modern classics that they set out to be five years ago. This is both sad and baffling, considering that Oninaki has been produced by none other than Takashi Tokita, the director of Chrono Trigger itself. At present, however, Tokyo RPG Factory must be considered a one-hit-wonder.
Mitch VogelAug 21, 2019
Bearing this in mind, Oninaki is certainly the biggest and most innovative release from the studio yet, but we wouldn’t exactly call it the best. Though the premise is certainly interesting, we felt let down by the story in this one, and the combat is less generally enjoyable than the turn-based affairs that came before. That being said, we also loved the depth offered by the Daemon system, both in terms of what it offers in character progression and combat variety, and the art style of the dark world is truly something to behold.
Daniel ThompsonAug 21, 2019
Oninaki might seem like a rough-around-the-edges action RPG lacking depth to its combat alongside an anime-inspired melodramatic story. However, for those who are patient enough to explore its world, characters, and ability-based battle system, there’s a lot to like an dive into after all. If you have even the slightest curiosity in this title, Oninaki‘s refreshing take on JRPGs is most definitely worth your time.
Sergio MartínAug 22, 2019
Tokyo RPG Factory nos brinda otro notable RPG que se sale un tanto de la norma establecida previamente en sus dos obras precedentes (I am Setsuna y Lost Sphear) debido a su sistema de combates, enfrentamientos que en esta ocasión suceden en tiempo real. Precisamente las batallas no es el valor más destacado de todos los que posee Oninaki, pero en cambio su historia, protagonistas y estilo artístico resultan muy llamativos.
Sergio MeleroAug 26, 2019
Oninaki cuenta con elementos atrayentes, su sistema de combate divierte y ciertos puntos de la historia nos mantendrán enganchados a la aventura. No obstante, todos y cada uno de sus apartados se sitúan entre lo mediocre y lo poco destacable, dando como resultado un videojuego sin alma, quedando muy muy lejos de los JRPG que pretende emular, y sin las suficientes novedades destacables como para seducir al respetable.
AlexAug 22, 2019
No es un juego terrible, de hecho si te gustan ambos, JRPG y Hack and Slash, aquí encontrarás algo con lo cual entretenerte por una buena cantidad de horas. Y que en cuanto a historia, llegará un punto en el que no sabrás qué esperar gracias a los giros inesperados y que si escarbas, encontraras mas detalles interesantes.
Ramón VarelaAug 23, 2019
La historia de Oninaki es interesante y más si lo comparamos con el tono festivalero de muchos RPG japoneses, pero se podría decir que sufre el mismo problema que los dos anteriores juegos del equipo: las buenas ideas no bastan para hacer un juego rol notable.
Ángel LlamasAug 21, 2019
Oninaki es un JRPG muy clásico con toques novedosos pero con la esencia intacta. Tiene una jugabilidad llamativa y una historia interesante, aunque peca de demasiado convencional en la parte final. La estética y la música recuerdan a los títulos más llamativos de este género, aportando cierta nostalgia. La única pena, y pega, que se le puede achacar en realidad es que no vaya a llegar ni en formato físico ni en castellano a Europa, eso le va a quitar visibilidad y jugadores a un muy buen juego.
Jens BischoffAug 29, 2019
Mystisches Action-Rollenspiel der Setsuna-Macher, in dem man mit Verstorbenen als Waffen zwischen der Welt der Lebenden und der Toten pendelt.
Fabien PellegriniAug 26, 2019
Après I am Setsuna et Lost Sphear, il aurait été suicidaire pour Tokyo RPG Factory de nous refaire le coup du RPG au tour par tour ultra classique. Bonne nouvelle : le passage au genre de l'action-RPG, et donc à des combats en temps réel, apporte un petit souffle d'air frais, tandis que la thématique de la réincarnation se montre vraiment très intéressante. Mais malgré ces réels efforts, le studio s'empêtre dans une réalisation générale perfectible, notamment en ce qui concerne l'aspect purement technique, qui ne se montre pas vraiment à la hauteur des standards actuels.
Filipe Da Silva BarbosaSep 02, 2019
Avec Oninaki, les développeurs de chez Tokyo RPG Factory semblaient sur la bonne voie en nous proposant enfin un titre qui a de la personnalité, tant visuelle qu'au niveau des thématiques abordées, matures pour le genre. Hélas, le studio retombe vite dans ses travers, avec un level design peu inspiré, des affrontements qui finissent par lasser et, de façon générale, une structure bien trop classique. Encourageant peut-être, rageant tout de même.
Lucile MalargéAug 24, 2019
Vilain petit canard du jeu de rôle japonais, Tokyo RPG Factory se traîne encore aujourd'hui les casseroles laissées par Lost Sphear et I Am Setsuna. Pourtant, cette filiale de Square Enix conserve l'ambition de proposer un J-RPG digne de ce nom mêlant nostalgie et modernité. Avec Oninaki, ils tentent cette fois-ci la carte de l'action-RPG, sans doute pour éviter de tomber à nouveau dans le piège des combats sans âme et monotones.
AnagundAug 22, 2019
Oninaki n’est pas sans qualité, proposant un univers sombre où la mort fait littéralement partie du quotidien. Bien que des thèmes reviennent régulièrement comme le deuil par exemple, le titre de Tokyo RPG Factory perd une grande partie de sa puissance dans des défauts omniprésents, comme une mise en scène ratée et une réalisation particulièrement pauvre. Du côté du gameplay, on note un aspect hack’n slash parfois amusant grâce à de multiples façons de combattre, mais aussi frustrant par manque d’équilibre, sans compter les nombreuses phases de donjons sans aucun intérêt.
André ReisSep 10, 2019
ONINAKI tem potencial. É superior na história que quer contar e o combate acaba por se tornar satisfatório. Com uma longevidade na casa das vinte horas, o jogo é uma boa forma de tirar partido daquele espaço de tempo desde que dê tempo para respirar entre as sessões do enredo.
DottorKillexSep 02, 2019
Nel complesso, comunque, considerate le dimensioni del team e la portata del progetto, che, lo ricordiamo, non potrà contare nemmeno su un’edizione fisica nei territori europei, Oninaki riesce a passare l’esame, a patto di non essere particolarmente severi con alcune delle mancanze succitate. Negli occhi degli appassionati di manga tra i lettori di Spaziogames, in fondo, l’ultima fatica prodotta da Square Enix riuscirà a farsi perdonare gli inciampi tecnici con un chara design di buona qualità.
Alessandro AlosiAug 23, 2019
Oninaki è un buon gioco, ma dà l’impressione del “suo figlio è bravo ma non si impegna” perché, nonostante sia dotato di alcuni spunti attraenti, fatica a svilupparli e supportarli come si deve a causa di qualche scelta discutibile e di un combat system tedio-oriented. Evita inoltre di approfondire concetti e risvolti grevi che la storia tuttavia fa emergere spontaneamente tra una missione e l’altra, aumentando nel giocatore proprio quegli stessi rimpianti contro cui Kagachi deve lottare tanto strenuamente.
Antonello BelloAug 27, 2019
Complici le discrete prestazioni tecniche registrate su Nintendo Switch, siamo comunque convinti che ONINAKI riuscirà, se non altro, a ritagliarsi un posto d’onore tra le più originali e drammatiche avventure ruolistiche finora approdate sull’ibrida della grande N. In definitiva, il viaggio spirituale compiuto da ONINAKI potrà non essere ricco e suggestivo quanto quello offerto da I am Setsuna, ma sarà comunque in grado di proporvi spunti di riflessione altrettanto validi.
Christian ColliAug 24, 2019
Siamo veramente dispiaciuti per Tokyo RPG Factory: questi ragazzi hanno una visione creativa e talento da vendere, ma non la competenza o il budget per concretizzare le loro idee in un prodotto rifinito che valga davvero il prezzo di vendita. Oninaki è indubbiamente la loro opera più sofisticata sotto diversi aspetti, ma ogni idea implementata presta il fianco a scelte davvero discutibili. Non ci troviamo di fronte a un brutto gioco, insomma, ma a un titolo mediocre che riuscirà a brillare soltanto per i giocatori più pazienti e determinati.
Furkan GülerSep 07, 2019
Sona geldiğimizde Oninaki’yi eğer JRPG oyunlarından hoşlanıyorsanız, oyunsuz kaldığınız bir dönemde denemenizi öneriyoruz. İki dünya arasındaki geçiş mekaniği ve Daemon’ların oyuncuya sunduğu yetenekleri aktif bir şekilde kullanmak zaman zaman zevkli olabilir. Her ne kadar oyunun hikaye sunumu çok basite indirgenmiş olsa da, hikayeyi takip ettiğinizde güzel detaylarla karşılaşabiliyorsunuz. Fakat hikaye gidişatının bazı yerlerinde kopukluklar olması, zaman zaman oyuncuyu bayabiliyor.