One Night Stand

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Joe DevaderOct 12, 2019
Those who don’t enjoy more narrative driven games likely won’t find much enjoyment in One Night Stand, but those who do should find it to be a wonderfully awkward and sweet experience.
Kirstie SummersOct 28, 2019
One Night Stand is a game that makes you think, putting you very squarely at the centre of the story, but without feeling preachy. It lets you make your own decisions but also sit with the consequences of them. One Night Stand is a game with a message, that gets it across concisely without compromising on how much you’ll enjoy following the story.
AthanasiosJun 15, 2021
One Night Stand is almost as short as the real thing, but not as pleasant… or unpleasant. Despite the intriguing concept behind this nice-looking visual novel, which is to find out what the heck happened last night, this plays its cards a bit too safe, and never dares offering something more emotive, or to include interesting plot twists.
Oliver RoderickOct 18, 2019
One Night Stand is too short to offer a satisfying visual novel. The emphasis here is on making different decisions to get all twelve endings, but subsequent playthroughs are shorter and nowhere near as interesting as the first.
Ollie ReynoldsOct 07, 2019
One Night Stand is a very unique experience that will likely feel quite close to home for some folks. It’s a very honest, almost heartwarming glimpse into the lives of two complete strangers brought together by a heavy night of drinking. The presentation may be a bit lacking overall, and some may be put off by the short length of the game, despite its many endings, but if you’re after a visual novel that’s a bit different from the norm, then this is it.
André ReisFeb 20, 2020
One Night Stand é um jogo curto e independente, onde alguns podem projectar a sua experiência pessoal, mas que deixa muito a desejar na apresentação. Um título a considerar por quem esteja à procura de algo curto e simples para jogar num dia mais calmo.