Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast for Nintendo Switch

Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast

Jan 18, 2018
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Developer: Vile Monarch
Content Rating: Teen


The boys are back , and they look better than ever! Oh…Sir! The Hollywood roast is a brand new spinoff to the surprise indie hit 0f 2016, Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator. This time around we’re taking tinsel town down a few notches, whilst classing up the joint. Play as one of many famous, but for legal purposes, slightly different pop culture icons and verbally spar with other Hollywood elitists using a deep battle system

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James JonesJan 24, 2018
Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast is a game so thin that almost all the content can be seen within hours. It is a comedy game so inelegant in its humor that the only emotion it made me feel was discomfort. It is a game of no discernible value that fails to effectively skewer the most skewerable of industries. The one moment of joy this game brought was watching it uninstall. In case there remains any doubt, do not buy this game.
Conor McMahonJan 30, 2018
Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast expands slightly on the original title, but for every minor improvement it makes, it stumbles over a list of missed opportunities, poorly-handled references, and a script that really could have used a few more rewrites. One-on-one verbal battles are still fun enough for the first hour or so, but beyond that it gets repetitious and even downright intolerable. We don't really recommend either title, but if you had to pick one then we'd recommend the original over this tasteless B-movie.
James SweetingFeb 01, 2018
Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast is an unexpectedly fun critique of the film industry. Its sense of humour will not be for everyone, but crafting insults is an engaging and sometimes cathartic experience.