Oh My Godheads: Party Edition

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Matthew OlivoOct 21, 2018
The main thing to be said about Oh My Godheads: Party Edition is that it is a party game to the core and those who are looking for a mix of both single and multiplayer fun will be sorely disappointed by this game. While I did get a kick out of it when playing with some of my friends, it’s best to look elsewhere for a party game that will please you and the crowd.
Nick HanchetDec 18, 2018
Oh My Godheads: Party Edition is a massively enjoyable game that, unfortunately, doesn’t quite manage to hold your attention for extended play sessions. Various game modes are available, yet only the Capture the Flag-inspired mode is worth any considerable amount of time.
Andrew RockettOct 01, 2018
If you buy Oh My Godheads, you will get an exciting local-multiplayer CTF game with a few tacked-on, lesser modes. There is not much to it outside of Capture the Head, and even that probably will not hold your attention for too long. Frankly, it is hard to recommend when party games like Ultimate Chicken Horse and Towerfall are available on Switch.
André ReisMay 27, 2019
Oh My Godheads: Party Edition tem algo para oferecer a quem procura um jogo simples e rĂĄpido de pegar para jogar com amigos numa festa. Infelizmente nĂŁo passa disso, e o perĂ­odo de lua-de-mel com o jogo desaparece rapidamente depois de algumas partidas.