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Grady PennaFeb 12, 2019
Observer on the Switch brings back all the good aspects of the game and gives you more flexibility on how to play it with new touch inputs and, of course, the option to play it on the go. Observer also looks better in handheld mode, which provides even more reason to make full use of the console’s capabilities. However, it is still the same flawed game it was almost two years ago when it first released.
Phil NeymanMar 09, 2019
Observer does a lot right, but it’s hard to shake the fact that it all feels so familiar. It’s one part Blade Runner and another part Detroit: Become Human. Yes, we know Observer technically came out first, but this review is specific to the Switch version which released nearly a year after Detroit. With dated yet distinctive visuals, Observer is sure to suck people into the Dystopian world that Bloober Team created, but it won’t be for everyone.
Callum WilliamsFeb 15, 2019
The Switch may not have the power for a game as expansive as Observer, but even with its technical faults and the occasional gameplay misstep, it’s still an incredible experience. Whether it’s the morbid story, the disturbing atmosphere or the deeply involving detective gameplay, this is a genuinely brilliant horror-thriller that works its way under your skin and lingers long after you put the controller down.
Scott JeslisFeb 22, 2019
>observer_ is a wonderful futuristic Cyberpunk adventure game with plenty of detective work that adds the occasional scary thrill. The story is well written and the interrogation scenes are a wild, fun, vivid psychedelic ride.
David LloydFeb 07, 2019
Even with its many flaws, the superb voice acting and serviceable story were still an entertaining playthrough. A linear horror-mystery thriller is a bit niche, but if that’s what you’re into, Observer is a title still worth picking up. If nothing else, it gives us a glimpse of what the Switch is capable of, and it will hopefully be the beginning of a trend of pushing the handheld to its limits.
GameCentralFeb 13, 2019
The Switch is undoubtedly the worst format to play it on, but Observer is a highly impressive mix of thoughtful science fiction and thrilling survival horror. It’s a shame that the voice-acting has such a negative effect on the game, but this is a clear step up from the team’s previous work and well worth playing – rather than just observing on YouTube.
Ethan HuntMar 03, 2019
Observer may be a little rough around the edges on Switch, but it’s an incredible psychological horror experience, and Bloober are right to refer to it as one of the most advanced cyberpunk games on Switch. With some incredible Sci-Fi dream set-pieces, and a harrowing dystopian world starring Rutger Hauer, it’s easy to recommend.
Lisa DahlgrenFeb 10, 2019
Bloober Team's Observer is still a solid experience, as it was when it first released. There are some frame-rate issues, some minor bugs and a less-than incredible, abrupt ending to the story but the general narrative up until that point, the Blade Runner-inspired visuals (and Blade Runner actor Rutger Hauer as the main voice actor for the game) and the interesting gameplay keeps the player interested, for the most part.
Albert LichiMar 02, 2019
Observer could have been more. It has style and exceptional art direction, a creative premise but flaccid and unimaginative gameplay. Maybe this comes with the territory when it comes to walking-sims or first-person adventure games, but there really is no excuse for the lack of imagination because much older games have found ways to keep things fresh while adventuring.
Gavin LaneFeb 07, 2019
Despite threatening to fizzle under the weight of its reverence for Blade Runner, Observer manages to craft an impressive and affecting horror experience on Switch that doesn’t outstay its welcome. It’s arguably at its best when you surrender to the barrage of imagery and sounds rather than scanning pools of blood with detective vision.
Benjamin WeeksFeb 16, 2019
Ultimately, Observer excels at world building and gameplay variety, keeping the player busy with a list of things to do. It’s also supported by a mostly strong story that’s a love letter to cyberpunk and Blade Runner. However, the game’s graphics and obtuse puzzles hold it back from being a truly outstanding game. Graphics aside, Observer is a harrowing and thoughtful experience for its price tag.
Michael KrostaFeb 07, 2019
Obwohl man auf Switch gewisse Abstriche in Sachen Technik in Kauf nehmen muss, ist dem Bloober Team erneut eine ordentliche Umsetzung gelungen, die auf Nintendos Konsole sogar um exklusive Funktionen wie Bewegungssteuerung oder Touchscreen-Einbindung erweitert wurde.
Angel DavilaFeb 07, 2019
Observer reste le jeu de l'angoisse que tout amateur du genre se doit de posséder. Il est aussi important à noter que le titre pesant 18 Go, il est possible que vous deviez faire de la place avant de pouvoir le télécharger si vous n'avez pas une carte SD conséquente.
Pedro MesquitaFeb 27, 2019
Com uma premissa bastante original e uma jogabilidade que junta dois géneros bastante diferentes, Observer é um jogo que todos devem vivenciar pelo menos uma vez, já que não existe nada de semelhante no catálogo da Nintendo Switch.
Tommaso PuglieseFeb 07, 2019
Observer si conferma anche su Nintendo Switch un titolo inquietante e suggestivo, dotato di un comparto narrativo efficace e di una grande atmosfera. Le indagini di Daniel Lazarski si svolgono in maniera lineare, attraverso la risoluzione di enigmi di vario genere, e la varietà di queste situazioni riesce a tenere vivo l'interesse, anche e soprattutto quando il pericolo diventa concreto e una mossa falsa può tradursi nel game over.