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Ted HazellMay 06, 2022
In its own right, Nintendo Switch Sports is fantastic, doing everything you hoped it would. Super-responsive controls, family-friendly fun, and a solid online and offline co-op system.
Jarred MilnerMay 23, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports, overall, fills a gap for those waiting so long for another motion controlled sports outing. Tenpin Bowling and Badminton alone almost make it worth the asking price, and the addition of online gameplay and cosmetic unlocks adds to the worthiness. The other sports have their positives and there’s more than enough to keep players busy for quite some time even if there are no major changes to the quality of the motion controls.
Colin StevensApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports, like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort before it, is best played as a party game, broken out for any gathering that needs a quick injection of goofy, active fun.
Sam LoveridgeApr 29, 2022
A well-thought-out online mode lifts Nintendo Switch Sports from being a sheer nostalgia trip, to an experience well worth the investment.
Neal RonaghanMay 05, 2022
Switch Sports will be adding golf in a future update, so there will be more than the six sports available on launch day in the future. While the online could sway the eventual review score one way or the other, I’m extremely positive on Switch Sports and look forward to playing it more with friends and family locally as well hopping online and unlocking new gear and equipment and trying to join the Pro Leagues.
Ryan GallowayMay 05, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is the revival of a classic series of games that many have grown to love over the years, and while it perfectly captures the nostalgia, the game doesn’t feel like a big enough development from the original despite being more than a decade removed.
Ozzie MejiaApr 27, 2022
As an offline package, Nintendo Switch Sports is a hoot just for Bowling and Chambara alone. The other games are worth trying at least once. Volleyball might even grow on some people. Unfortunately, Badminton, Tennis, and Soccer lost steam with me after a while, but half a package that I'll return to again and again is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
Ryan JanesApr 29, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports goes to prove there’s still plenty of fun to be had in swinging and shaking away with imaginary sports equipment. With a more generous dose of sports, this could have been fantastic, but instead, Nintendo seems to have settled on pretty good. While some sports certainly score harder than others, the overall package nonetheless remains entertaining, easily accessible and surprisingly competitive online.
James PaleyApr 27, 2022
All of these games are great in short bursts. It’s only over repeated play sessions that they start to falter. To that end, your enjoyment is tied to your playstyle.
Jason GuisaoMay 04, 2022
Switch Sports doesn’t step out of Wii Sports’ long shadow, but it’s still a solid runner-up.
Ryan StevensMay 06, 2022
While some new aspects feel undercooked and the online multiplayer’s reward economy feels imbalanced, Nintendo Switch Sports still has that undeniable charm and endless replayability that we remember.
Nintendo Switch Sports shows that Nintendo still does motion control multiplayer games better than any other company, but a few different decisions would have made it a much easier recommendation.
Andrew ThorntonMay 22, 2022
You can have a lot of fun with Nintendo Switch Sports, whether online or in person with friends. If you’re playing alone, though, its severe lack of content won’t keep you busy for long. Of course, that would be forgivable if it were a pack-in like the game that spawned this series, but as a game you have to actually purchase, players should expect more.
Chris CarterMay 02, 2022
Like all minigame-based affairs, there are sports I can see myself playing time and time again, some on occasion, and one (soccer) that I’ll only play in certain exact conditions. But one thing that worries me about Nintendo Switch Sports for some players is the longevity aspect, depending on the type of person you are and how many players you have access to.
Elliot HilderbrandMay 02, 2022
Overall the games are fun, and they work. I never ran into any issues with the games bugging out, or felt that anything was too unfair. They all have a good level of polish to them, even if parts of the games feel like they were tacked on mini-mini games to the sport.
Cody GravelleApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is an absolute blast and is simple enough for anyone who wants to give it a try.
Alex OlneyApr 29, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a charming but barebones offering. It's not a bad game by any stretch but it lacks an awful lot of what would make for a solid recommendation.
Jason FaulknerMay 17, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports has a weird emphasis on online play, a frustrating unlock system, and is sadly underwhelming compared to its predecessors, which launched over a decade ago.
SnowWhiteApr 30, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is undoubtedly a worthy successor, but it doesn't come for free because of how quickly the world has evolved since Wii Sports. Some problematic judgments drastically restrict the possibilities of participation in this game, while they may delight and appeal to whole families.
Kim SnaithMay 05, 2022
It’s a valiant nod back to Wii Sports, slightly more grown-up and refined this time around. Perhaps it’s not quite as fun – though maybe that’s just because we’re older and more world-weary than we were back in 2006 – but it’ll undoubtedly still be a game to pull out at any family gathering. It’s just a shame that earning new cosmetic items is locked to online play.
Kurt IndovinaApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a fantastic multiplayer game that, for the most part, invites anyone and everyone to pick up a controller and flail their limbs about. It has its issues, but they fall away when you have other people to play with and are joyously going toe-to-toe in virtual sports.
Dalton CooperMay 17, 2022
It's known that Nintendo Switch Sports is adding golf in a future update, but otherwise Nintendo's post-launch plans for the game remain a mystery. There's a lot of work to be done to make Nintendo Switch Sports even half as fun as its predecessors, and as it stands now, it's a game that Switch owners can safely skip.
Dan RockwoodMay 02, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a great addition to the Switch library.
Stacey HenleyApr 27, 2022
If you've been missing playing Bowling and Tennis in your living room, and are keen to add Football and Badminton to your repertoire, then Switch Sports is the game for you. If you're hoping for a modernisation of everything Wii Sports had to offer, you won't find it here. Switch Sports is the Gerrard slip made video cartridge - so close to greatness, yet so far.
Cody MedellinMay 06, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports shows that the company still knows how to make simple but extremely satisfying experiences intended for everyone. The simplified representation works wonders for old and new sports, and the controls are easy enough that anyone can become good at their favorites in no time. Solo players who don't go online will be disappointed at the lack of content, but those looking to play against others either locally or online will have a blast.
Sam SpyrisonMay 08, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports has plenty to offer gaming fans of all ages that are looking to clash swords, score goals or knock pins.
Nathan BirchMay 02, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a fun and nostalgic romp that offers nicely-upgraded visuals and well-implemented motion controls, but there simply isn’t enough of it. With a meagre six sports (only two of which bring anything truly new to the table) and very few extras, this one probably won’t compete for your attention for long.
Daniel BloodworthMay 17, 2022
Daniel NewMay 09, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is an excellent party pastime with the promise of more fun to come. An unfussy online implementation also improves the experience for solo players.
Joshua RobinMay 07, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is in the fortunate position to offer an experience I want. From when it was announced, I knew I was interested in the game. There is no substitute for swinging a controller like a sword and hitting a person in a game with a sword.
Adam CookApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is all about multiplayer action. With more to come in the future, it truly is excellent to have Sports back for the latest generation of Nintendo console.
Jorge Ba-ohMay 03, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a solid start, with that familiar feel and the potential to add more content in the future.
Nathan EllingsworthMay 03, 2022
I think Nintendo Switch Sports might have been better served with a more complete package released later in the year. It’s huge fun with the right people, playing online with friends or strangers who pose a challenge can start a fierce battle of skill and wits that really reignites the spirit of the old Wii Sports.
Paul BroussardMay 23, 2022
So that's Switch Sports. Just like the crown prince of Nintendo's newest investor, it's short, unengaging, and isn't nearly as impressive as it thinks it is. The price point is unreasonable, the games on display don't have nearly enough new content, and what is new has some charm but ultimately lacks staying power. Now all that's left is for me to hope that unlike the aforementioned individual, Switch Sports won't send assassins to kill me because I didn't like it.
Shaun HughesMay 17, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is competent, but unremarkable. It fails to recapture the magic of the Wii days, even though all of the tools are available. It does exactly what it says it will, but little else.
David CaballeroMay 11, 2022
All in all Nintendo Switch Sports is fun to play, a beautiful visual update and a nostalgic experience... but not in the best of ways, as it feels a bit too much like the classic and as Yoshikazu Yamashita and his team have been a bit too shy this time around in adding more depth, innovation, and content.
GameCentralApr 29, 2022
A muddled reimagining of the groundbreaking Wii Sports, with an unwarranted focus on online play and new game additions that are never as much fun as the originals.
Jason ColesMay 04, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a fun reminder of the Wii Sports craze, bringing back some classic sports and adding some new ones that make use of the Joy-Con and motion controls in more advanced ways. It's all just a bit shallow, though, and difficult to wholeheartedly recommend unless you expect to play online a lot or constantly break it out for local head-to-head battles.
A.J. MaciejewskiApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a worthy successor to Wii Sports. With lovely new character models, a solid collection of sports, plenty of multiplayer modes, and a fun-filled atmosphere, you'll enjoy competing with chums and chums-to-be alike.
Preston DozsaApr 27, 2022
Switch Sports is a solid multiplayer game that is fun to play, even if there is a limited number of sports and game modes to engage with.
KostaAndreadisApr 27, 2022
As much fun as it is to see Nintendo Switch Sports bring back some of that Wii magic, that party room vibe, it’s hard not to look at this as anything but a missed opportunity. Having all progression and customisation locked to online play feels like a missed opportunity, and although we couldn’t test the online stuff during the review period it’s hard to see how the Wii Sports formula going online would substantially change the same-room multiplayer fun.
Steve WrightApr 27, 2022
As per usual with any Nintendo title, this comes complete with a catchy, earworm-producing soundtrack and oodles of clean, wholesome fun. Those looking to rekindle a family gaming session akin to ones enjoyed in the past with Wii Sports will find this a sure winner.
Dylan CovingtonMay 12, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that is reliably enjoyable. I’ll probably keep this in the regular rotation of games I’m playing, it’s very good for when you just want to unwind and not worry about anything. Despite its flaws, Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that pretty much anyone can enjoy.
Shannon GrixtiApr 29, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports feels familiar, yet still remains fun after all these years, especially when played with groups of friends. Whilst the offline offering is a little bit basic, what's on offer online will take advantage of the easy to play, hard to masters gameplay mechanics.
David OñaApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports pretende traer de vuelta una de las experiencias más icónicas de Wii, y lo consigue gracias a varias implementaciones que mejoran alguna de las propuestas clásicas de la saga, y a la presencia de nuevos deportes que, fútbol a parte, han sido bien interpretados. La nota negativa viene dada por un contenido que, pese a tener pendiente una actualización que incluirá el golf en otoño, queda lejos de la entrega más completa de la franquicia. Eso sí, sigue siendo un valor seguro como party game y sale a precio reducido.
Daniel QuesadaApr 27, 2022
Su sencilla fórmula de diversión directa sigue funcionando muy bien y la colección de deportes es muy atractiva. Ideal para el multijugador en casa, aunque lógicamente ya no es tan revolucionario como hace 16 años.
Fran G. MatasApr 27, 2022
El party game deportivo por excelencia vuelve con una entrega con una muy buena selección de disciplinas, mejoras aquí y allá, y un modo online con mucho peso en detrimento de la experiencia en solitario.
Ramón BaylosApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports es un juego que llega en una situación de necesidad: dos años después de una pandemia que nos llevó a aislarnos, Nintendo vuelve con una propuesta que nos anima a conectar otra vez con otros. Seguiré dejándome el hombro jugando al tenis con todas mis fuerzas hasta que el cuerpo aguante... o hasta que mis amigos se cansen de mí después de llevarme el juego conmigo a todas partes.
Salva FernándezMay 04, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports recupera la esencia de Wii Sports con seis juegos que responden con precisión y múltiples posibilidades a nuestros movimientos y acciones. A nivel mecánico, el título es muy bueno porque sientes que lo que haces, se replica en pantalla. Los deportes elegidos son variados y diferenciados entre sí, destacando el tenis, que sigue siendo el rey, y las gratas sorpresas que nos han parecido tanto el vólei como el fútbol.
Sebastian QuirozApr 27, 2022
Nintendo Switch Sports no es un mal juego, es solo que las decisiones que se tomaron entorpecen por completo a este título, algo que tal vez pase desapercibido por todas las mamás y primos que solo quieren agitar sus brazos y sentirse en una cancha deportiva.