Ninja Striker!

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Casey GibsonApr 19, 2018
When I first sat down with Ninja Striker I was expecting a much smaller experience, but was pleasantly surprised by just how much was jam packed into it. As I continued through I kept thinking I’d run into a part where the game would simply lose its luster, but despite replaying stages numerous times over, it continued to be fun.
Dan LipscombeApr 23, 2018
I guess Ninja Striker! is a platform game, with rhythm mechanics. It could also be a title that just requires you hit the attack button at certain points to breeze through levels before reaching the real fun in the boss fight. If you don’t care about scores or stars, the game loses so much appeal, because the ‘story’ is non-existent. This will appeal to perfectionists and maybe speedrunners who want to showcase skills, but it left me wanting so much more.
Kirstie SummersApr 30, 2018
All you know is that you are a ninja and you strike things. It is a simple, yet effective, premise. As far as games of this format and style go, there are certainly better ones available on the Switch. Ninja Strikers is certainly no Celeste. But it also costs next to nothing. For a meagre $3.99, it’s probably one of the best bargains you’ll find at the moment.
Gonçalo LopesApr 20, 2018
Ninja Striker! is the Sega Master System game of your dreams you never knew you needed on your Nintendo Switch. Easy to pick up, nearly impossible to master flawlessly and thus like a true ninja it will take some dedication and discipline while you keep coming back to its charming mains quest.
Nikki KoolonavichJul 23, 2018
Ninja Striker! is a fun retro inspired title that offers a unique gameplay system focused on speed and combos that is worth your time.