Nine Parchments for Nintendo Switch

Nine Parchments

Dec 5, 2017

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Developer: Frozenbyte
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Nine Parchments is a co-op action-RPG game of magic mayhem from Frozenbyte, the creators of the Trine series. A group of runaway wizard apprentices decide to skip their training to search for the Nine Parchments. As the wannabe wizards rapidly discover powerful new spells and ignore all safety aspects, it's natural that their hasty progress results in lots of deadly accidents.

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Christian VazDec 15, 2017
Nine Parchments is a difficult game to recommend as it’s a very average approach to a genre that has existed for some time now. While it’s visually appealing scenes are impressive enough to pique the interest of potential players, it's stale gameplay and painfully slow leveling system lack the fresh and creative experience that you’d expect to find here. Amongst a sea of games on Steam and the other digital stores, Frozenbyte have failed to include features that retain players’ attention in the long-term. There are no puzzles to solve, no secret areas to explore and no worthwhile loot to discover.
Neal RonaghanDec 06, 2017
Online, as of this writing, is a wild card. If it works well, Nine Parchments has the potential to be one of the better online experiences on the Switch. If it's rough? Well, a lot of the appeal for Nine Parchments will wash away. We will update with a final review after more playtime before we reach a verdict.
Ryan JanesDec 08, 2017
Nine Parchments is a perfectly fine dungeon crawler-esque experience that sadly never really manages to deliver on its true potential. While it might tick a lot of the genre checkboxes, these ideas are never expanded upon enough to help the game truly stand out. As a multiplayer adventure, there’s definitely fun to be had in working together to tackle swarms of enemies, but alone, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep engaged through to the end credits.

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