Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

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Mitch VogelSep 16, 2019
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is an experience unlike any other on the Switch, expertly blending standard RPG tropes with a heartwarming story, innovative art style, and an immersive soundtrack composed by some of the best in the business. In more ways than one, this is a ‘dream project’ that’s very existence is a gift to fans of the genre the world over; the privilege of experiencing it is something that shouldn’t be understated. Even so, it also notably falls short of being an undisputed masterpiece, as pacing issues and shoddy AI drag down an otherwise pitch perfect experience.
Jamie WardSep 24, 2019
I had my ups and downs with Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is an amazing looking game with a brilliant soundtrack to back it up. It has an engaging and touching story and a cast of genuinely likeable and fun characters. The only real downside is the combat. While it is fun and new, to begin with, it slowly starts to lose its appeal the more battles you get into to, to the point where it ends up feeling more like a chore.
Casey GibsonSep 27, 2019
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has gained the reputation of being a top-tier RPG and among the favorites of all time for some. While it certainly does a lot right, I think a few things hold it back from being truly amazing. The battle system, while fun, can become frustrating at points with the AI-controlled party members.
Denny ConnollySep 21, 2019
After many fans were left disappointed by the 2018 sequel, this remaster is sure to remind the community why the original 2010 release was so beloved. The remaster is a great reminder of the potential that the series had and hopefully any future iterations of Ni no Kuni return to this winning formula and bring back the story, cinematics, and combat system that all come together to help make Wrath of the White Witch a modern classic.
Stephan AdamusSep 18, 2019
Ni No Kuni is a timeless masterpiece of a JRPG. The only reason to not own it is if the JRPG genre is just not your cup of tea. But if it is, you’ve got up to 100 hours of engaging game ahead of you, and those hours will not be forgotten.
Andreas SalmenSep 26, 2019
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered on the Switch is a great port of a very good JRPG. Its stellar presentation and unique mix of known JRPG systems make it an engrossing experience that every fan of the genre should experience at least once. It isn't perfect, with some frustrations around its combat system and AI, but that doesn't detract from everything else it does as well or better than many other JRPGs in recent memory. If you have a Switch and are intrigued by Ni No Kuni, you cannot go wrong with this game.
Rosh KellySep 17, 2019
Despite its age and a sequel, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Remastered holds itself high above the competition thanks to an amazing mix of design, music and story.
Lachlan BruceSep 24, 2019
Ni No Kuni is a visually stunning classic, whose story of heartbreak will touch even the toughest of souls. Wonderfully-written characters, along with top-notch gameplay, help to bring this game to life, even if it eventually gets a little long in the tooth.
Adam CookOct 17, 2019
The familiar system still seems complicated but isn’t, the story is still beautiful and moving – in part thanks to how good it all looks, and it’s still a huge, deep RPG that will take you 40+ hours to get through. Honestly, with time being against us all, if you’ve never played Ni No Kuni, the Switch port seems an ideal place to start, especially with the Lite model encouraging handheld play more than ever.
Daniel ThompsonSep 16, 2019
Much as it pains me to say, Ni no Kuni — an otherwise masterpiece — is not worth your time on the Nintendo Switch. Its issues are simply too frustrating to work around or forgive. The game is in dire need of patches that overhaul how the game performs on the handheld. I was hoping with talk of a new game in the series and this Switch port that the future of the franchise would be positive. For right now, I’m just disappointed that Nintendo fans have gotten the short end of the stick.
Matthew SandstromNov 02, 2019
Over the course of writing this review I realised I enjoyed Ni no Kuni more than I thought I did when I started. As an introduction to the genre for younger people, which I suspect is what the developers were going for, it is probably best suited, but there is a lot to enjoy for long-time Ghibli fans too.
Nacho Requena MolinaOct 02, 2019
Ni No Kuni: La ira de la bruja blanca Remastered es una remasterización excelsa en el plano técnico, donde apenas se le puede poner pegas más allá de que habría estado bien alguna inclusión a nivel de juego (un modo foto, alguna mazmorra adicional, etc.). Compra perfecta para los que no lo jugaron en su momento o, en caso de hacerlo, rememorar el viaje de Oliver.
Sergio C. GonzálezSep 28, 2019
Ni No Kuni: La Ira de la Bruja Blanca es un JRPG tan especial como imprescindible para amantes del género. Su historia está contada con mucho mimo y con respeto tanto al universo de Level-5 como a los cánones cinematográficos de Studio Ghibli.
Benjamin SchmädigOct 13, 2019
Das wundervolle Abenteuer hat nichts von seiner Faszination verloren: Das gute Rollenspiel wird vor allem von seiner liebenswerten Geschichte sowie der prachtvollen Präsentation getragen.
Michael CherdchupanSep 27, 2019
Märchenhaftes JRPG mit Unterstützung von Studio Ghibli, das sein Potenzial durch Mängel in der Story und Balancing nicht ganz ausschöpft.
Yann BernardSep 19, 2019
De quoi découvrir quelques détails visuels parfois insoupçonnables de ce véritable chef d'oeuvre du genre, un fabuleux conte issu de la collaboration entre Level-5 et le Studio Ghibli à leur zénith porté par les compositions somptueuses de Joe Hisaishi. Si ses petits défauts font hélas toujours partie du voyage, notamment l'intelligence artificielle souvent déficiente des équipiers et la répétitivité de certaines musiques, voici manifestement l'ultime édition de ce grand classique, dans tous les sens des termes.
MidnailahSep 18, 2019
L’arrivée de la création des studios Level-5 et Ghibli sur les machines actuelles est une belle opportunité pour ceux qui ne connaitraient pas encore de découvrir cette aventure intemporelle et unique. En dépit des différences techniques qui existent entre les plateformes, il n’y a pas de défaut suffisamment important pour privilégier l’une ou l’autre machine, seules les préférences et exigences de chacun vont permettre de choisir quel support utiliser pour expérimenter le titre.
Emanuele GregoriSep 20, 2019
Ni No Kuni: La Minaccia della Strega Cinerea arriva su Nintendo Switch nella sua versione originale piuttosto che rimasterizzata. La scelta deriva probabilmente dalla necessità di attingere ad una console che non avrebbe giovato a pieno dei rimaneggiamenti, rischiando peraltro di peggiore le performance tecniche.
DottorKillexSep 16, 2019
Bandai Namco, Studio Ghibli e i ragazzi di QLoc, autori di questa versione, sono riusciti a farci tornare bambini ancora una volta, preservando la magia audiovisiva di questo titolo, che, soprattutto per i possessori di PS4 Pro, si candida ad essere uno dei titoli visivamente più affascinanti della generazione.
Luuc ten VeldeOct 10, 2019
Het aantal gevechten had wel wat minder gekund en is dan ook de reden dat het tempo soms wat te lijden heeft, maar de verschillende soorten zijmissies weten veel goed te maken. Net als de oorstrelende soundtrack die je bijna helemaal grijs wil draaien. Deze remaster is haar prijskaartje meer dan waard dankzij grote dosis content, vernieuwde graphics en de optie om de gameplay nog beter te maken.
ماکان علیخانیOct 07, 2019
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch با اینکه از دل یک گذشته نه چندان دور و دراز به دست ما رسیده و در قیاس با بازی­هایی که اکنون شاهد عرضه آن­ها هستیم می­تواند قدیمی به نظر برسد، اما مثل آثار کلاسیک سینما جایی ورای زمان و تاریخ ایستاده و می­تواند برای ساعت­ها علاقه­‌مندان به بازی­های نقش آفرینی ژاپنی و نیز داستان­های فانتزی با طعم کارهای هایائو میازاکی را سرگرم کند.