Never Stop Sneakin' for Nintendo Switch

Never Stop Sneakin'

Dec 14, 2017
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Developer: Humble Hearts
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Never Stop Sneakin' is a stealth game by indie studio Humble Hearts, and a parody of the genre, especially of the first installment of the Metal Gear Solid series. The story focuses on the nefarious plans of a terrorist group, which uses a time machine to travel back in time and kidnap every American president. You play as a special secret agent, who is sent to the enemy base to free the presidents. Despite excellent training, the agent has no chance against large numbers of enemies, so he has to avoid being detected and sneak past foes. When it's impossible to do so, he has to eliminate the opponents as quickly as possible.

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Ben ReevesDec 15, 2017
Never Stop Sneakin’ tried to appeal to my nostalgia for the original Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately, you can’t judge this book by its cover. Dodging enemy sight cones and building up a stealth combo is only compelling for a short while, and the lack of overall variety made me want to sneak away to play other games.
Neal RonaghanDec 15, 2017
I dig so much of Never Stop Sneakin’. The aesthetic is beautifully PlayStation era. The soundtrack features absurd lyrics reminiscent of overwrought Metal Gear ballads. It distills the fun of stealth into an accessible analog stick or touch screen-controlled experience. The main drawback is that it leans too heavily on repeating similar experiences. As long as you can focus more on the critical path, it’s still a worthy game, but the charm and ingenuity start to fade when you see the same environment and setup for the nth time.
Greyson DitzlerJan 10, 2018
It's a game I can tentatively recommend, if mostly to people who really enjoy stealth gameplay, as well as people who like the idea of seeing Metal Gear Solid caught with its pants down. Never Stop Sneakin' is fairly polished and unoffensive, but not particularly outstanding in the gameplay department, and it's carried mostly by its charm. I would wait for a sale on this one.

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