Mushroom Wars 2

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Dillan CombsJul 30, 2018
There currently aren’t too many real-time strategy games on the Switch, but I’m not sure Mushroom Wars 2 can satisfy the demand. With its monotonous gameplay and dull presentation, there isn’t much else to see after the first few conquests. It’s a decent game, but it’s not something I have the motivation to put a lot of time into.
Steven WeberJul 10, 2018
Mushroom Wars 2 is definitely an excellent title for the RTS fan, even if you don’t find mushrooms particularly appealing. The character designs are pleasing, the various multiplayer options are enjoyable, and the difficulty settings will keep you coming back for more. My main gripes here, are primarily due to the control scheme, which I feel could have been better utilized on the switch that is built with touchscreen controls.
Jon CousinsJul 04, 2018
A sumptuous feast in multiplayer, but a bit bland and monotonous when going solo, Mushroom Wars 2 is nonetheless an accessible and deep and enjoyable real-time strategy experience. There is plenty to dig into, especially if you enter the online competitive arena. Although the game does show it's mobile roots on occasion as the single-player campaign is ironically ’by the numbers’, Mushroom Wars 2 is definitely a dish best served cold, and with a group of fun guys or gals.
John RairdinJul 10, 2018
Mushroom Wars is a fun take on the real-time strategy genre that would be perfect for portable play if it weren’t for some technical issues. Pacing can be a real annoyance, especially early on, but gradually fades as you progress further into the game. On the bright side, it is simple to learn, and its bite-sized levels are very addicting once you get going.
Reece HeyworthAug 05, 2018
Mushroom Wars 2 is a successful effort at real-time strategy on the Switch. The simple game mechanics lend themselves to short pick-up and play sessions that anyone can get into. We’re pleased to report that it’s easy to recommend.
David LovatoAug 23, 2018
Gamers are thrown into the thick of things right after the tutorial, and the relentless, sporadic AI makes this feel less about strategy and more about just knocking them out as quickly as possible through any means necessary. In the end, Mushroom Wars 2 is a beautiful, polished title that lacks balance or diversity—but doesn't necessarily lack fun.