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Zack StoutAug 29, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate pushes you to be better. As a newcomer, I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time that the recommended breaks between sessions became mandatory to retain all the new information. The staggering amount of content included is worth the price of admission alone. And yeah, combat can feel janky at times, and there aren’t many visual enhancements from the 3DS version, but there’s a distinct charm and life to Generations that still shines through, compelling even the least competitive of gamers to strive for greatness.
Mitch VogelAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate may lack the smoothness and accessibility that made Monster Hunter: World such a smash hit, but it more than makes up for it by being a sort of ‘greatest hits’ collection of the high points of the series, giving you hundreds of hours of content to play through.
Kirstin SwalleyAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is simply one of the best entries the series has to offer. It opens up a slew of content without feeling overwhelming and gameplay is more varied than ever with tons to do every single step of the way. While it may not be as immediately welcoming to newcomers as Monster Hunter: World, it has that classic feel that makes diving in and learning everything all the more satisfying.
James GalizioAug 28, 2018
If you're new to the Monster Hunter series, it still stands that I wouldn't recommend starting with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. But even if you're a longtime fan, I don't feel comfortable giving a flat recommendation either way on whether you should pick the game up. For all intents and purposes, it's still a great game, but MHGU definitely magnifies the flaws of the original release just as much as it may polish some of them. It's more of the same, whether or not that makes it worth returning to will depend on your own personal preference.
Bob MackeyAug 28, 2018
If you can get over its 3DS-era visuals, you're in for a seemingly endless experience you can easily devote a lifetime to—and one worth devoting a lifetime to. Whether you're new to the series, someone who started with Monster Hunter World, or just a fan of the previous 3DS games, you're bound to get addicted once MHGU gets its hooks into you. Just don't be afraid to ask for help.
Jae LeeSep 13, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate earns the “Ultimate” in its moniker with visual and gameplay improvements as well as a wealth of additional content compared to its original counterpart on the 3DS. Whether you were first introduced to the MH series with Worlds or you’re a long time fan that’s kept up from the beginning, there’s a lot to enjoy here.
David LloydAug 28, 2018
The graphics and gameplay are closer to last generation consoles so if you’ve already graduated to Monster Hunter World, this will feel like a step backwards. If picking up World isn’t an option, or if you prefer to take your Monster Hunter with you on the go, then Generations Ultimate is your best bet for the premiere portable experience.
Alexander ThomasAug 28, 2018
Being a port built for playing on the go, it feels naturally at home on the Switch for the gamer who likes to play in short bursts, however, anyone interested in sitting down to sink serious hours into a Monster Hunter title might get burned out on the repetition quickly. With solid gameplay, enjoyable and colorful hunting grounds, and customizable combat styles, the only thing holding this hunter back is the immense amount of tutorials and the general lack of a motivating narrative.
Javy GwaltneySep 03, 2018
Though this is fundamentally the same game that released two years ago, improvements to the playability and visuals keep the thrill of the hunt alive. The focus on preparation, as well the high cost for failing to do so, isn’t for players who want a straightforward hack-and-slash game. But if you embrace Monster Hunter’s demand for vigilance, this experience holds bountiful treasure.
Steven PetiteAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate brings the majority of the series’ monsters into one package for a lengthy and exciting hunting extravaganza. While it feels dated in some ways post-Monster Hunter: World, it’s a great farewell tour for the old style of the franchise. If you can stomach the pacing problems and obtuse menu systems, it’s a worthwhile and challenging trek through the history of Monster Hunter.
Donovan ErskineAug 31, 2018
All in all, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate brings some neat new features and monsters to the table, but at the same time it doesn’t do anything to truly alter the way you experience the Monster Hunter Franchise. The game works very well as a love letter to all of the games that came before it. Because of this, fans of the franchise will eat up everything the game has to offer.
Dave AubreyAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is one of the best entries in the series and well worth playing for fans. Players new to Monster Hunter might find it difficult to get along with at first, but stick with it and you’ll find an engrossing, valuable hunting experience.
Dan LipscombeNov 08, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is like buying a vinyl record of your favourite album. It’s a little dated, a bit niche and to be honest, newer versions are more accessible and easier to interact with. But there’s love there, what it does, is done incredibly well and while the series is moving on over on other platforms, this is the classic formula distilled into a version that can be played at home on a 40” TV or on the bus. You can play it on your own or call in some friends for the tougher G-Rank quests. Being a hunter has never been tougher, but if you’re persistent, it’s never been more rewarding either.
PramathAug 28, 2018
It’s a game that will appeal to many audiences- those who want portable Monster Hunter, those who want more Monster Hunter, those who want G-Rank, those who want a mix up of the combat systems in World, those who want to see what older Monster Hunter games were like, and, simply enough, those who want more Monster Hunter, which World, for all its merits, can’t yet provide with its paucity of post-launch support.
Lou ContaldiAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a must buy for established fans looking for their Nintendo Switch port, but is a far cry from the series’ recent peak. Those who have tried the game and couldn’t catch the bug likely won’t be swayed by this version. Instead, people who have dived in and fallen in love with the franchise within the year now have a definitive way to play one of the greatest handheld iterations that Monster Hunter has seen.
William SchwartzAug 28, 2018
The Monster Hunter franchise debut on the Switch is nothing short of phenomenal. Significant visual upgrades made possible by the more powerful console accompanied by a slew of gameplay additions make this a must-own for Monster Hunter fans.
Dominic LeightonSep 04, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate ties up the entirety of the series’ history prior to World in spectacular style, and emphasises why the game has worked so well as a handheld title for all these years. While it leans heavily on the past heritage of the series, here’s hoping that there’s a place for further similar titles in Monster Hunter’s future.
Alan WenNov 28, 2018
Once you get past its daunting and archaic systems, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate continuously challenges you with the most thrilling gameplay and rewarding loop few games can match. Meanwhile, veterans will also feel at home – ‘G rank’ awaits you!
Ric CowleyAug 30, 2018
Overall, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a game that fans will love, and newcomers will get something out of if they invest their time. It's big, tough, and full of dangers, and if grindy, loot-filled action is your bag, then you should jump straight in.
GameCentralAug 29, 2018
This is still arguably the second-best Monster Hunter game ever made, but the gap between gold and silver now feels dangerously wide. If you’ve only got a Switch then this is still a perfectly entertaining game but if you’re a new fan attracted by the most recent game you’re unlikely to want to leave your World for this one.
Ben DyeSep 11, 2018
But despite these positives I simply didn't have fun playing through Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Look, I get it; the Monster Hunter series is a mega-franchise that has achieved incredible commercial success and it has a very hardcore fanbase, but try as I might I just couldn't get into this particular entry; I found it to be frustrating bordering on the maddening, inaccessible, and unenjoyable.
Mick FraserAug 28, 2018
There’s a vast amount of content for players who do manage to click with it, but there are so many inconvenient, clumsy systems at play that it’s often more of a chore. It’s a shame, because the base concept is as solid and compelling as it’s ever been, it’s just that, with the beautiful, streamlined World, Capcom spoiled us, and despite the inclusion of G-Rank and almost 100 monsters to hunt, Generations Ultimate feels like they’ve taken away our shiny new Ferrari with two seats and no cupholder and given us a bigger but clunkier, less-attractive old Estate to drive around with instead.
Josh Di FalcoJan 21, 2019
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an acquired taste that long-standing fans of the franchise will happily drink from. The formula for killing monsters and turning them into better gear to take on the bigger monsters is an addictive loop that is only broken up by the mindless and annoying 'egg delivery' quests, and occasional battle control limitations.
Kieran HarrisSep 11, 2018
The Switch may have lost out on World when it launched earlier this year, but Generations Ultimate arrives still a solid addition to the console's third-party lineup. It's easily the largest Monster Hunter title to date and the Switch version delivers many notable improvements making for a definitive version of what has served to be a 'greatest hits' of the series thus far.
Preston DozsaAug 29, 2018
It’s a good sign that the port itself works and plays well, because I hope it signals the start of a new Monster Hunter on the Switch, one that takes the lessons learned in World and applies it to the portability and sheer depth of content that can be found here. It saddens me to say that Generations Ultimate won’t be for everyone, as it has such a steep slope to surpass if you want to dig into the true meat of the game.
James MitchellAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate builds upon the already comprehensive celebration of the Monster Hunter franchise that was established in the original Generations. There is heaps to do here regardless of whether you’ve played before, and the sheer volume of content on offer here is staggering. Yes, it’s slightly less easy to pick up and play than Monster Hunter World, but what Generations Ultimate lacks in polish and pizazz it makes up for with unbridled depth and longevity.
pikamusAug 29, 2018
One could argue that Monster Hunter 4 is the better game, as its environments offered verticality plus it featured a story you actually cared about. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate throws story out the window and trades it for a huge amount of monsters and content. In a way it feels like a send off, of the old Monster Hunter before we get a true version built for the Switch - from the ground up.
Carlos LeivaAug 28, 2018
Por desgracia, el trabajo de conversión no ha sido todo lo bueno que nos hubiese gustado, con un apartado gráfico que no busca aprovechar la potencia de la consola y un rendimiento mejorable, pero ya seas un cazador novato o alguien que busque iniciarse por primera vez en esto de la caza mayor, aquí encontrarás un título repleto de grandes desafíos que te dará diversión para meses, hayas jugado al Generations original o no.
Ricardo FernándezAug 28, 2018
Sin duda lo que más nos ha llamado la atención es la satisfactoria experiencia que hemos tenido jugando a él en formato portátil. A pesar de correr bajo una resolución menor es fantástico comprobar que visualmente es -en ocasiones- más placentero de visionar que en pantalla grande. Además la duración de la batería no se ve muy resentida tras varias horas de juego.
DefaAug 28, 2018
Si vienes de World como tu único Monster Hunter hasta ahora y entiendes perfectamente que vas a jugar algo del pasado de la serie, entonces lo más seguro es que vayas a pasar un gran rato con Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, pues a pesar de todo lo que te he contamos, es un gran título con mucho qué ofrecer y que además, te puedes llevar a cualquier lado en tu Switch.
Mario GómezAug 28, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate es doblemente "Ultimate": además de ofrecer el paquete de contenidos más grande lanzado en Occidente, su lanzamiento en Nintendo Switch le sienta como anillo al dedo a la fórmula clásica. Anda algo escaso de novedades respecto a Monster Hunter Generations (2015), pero sus nuevos monstruos, misiones y estilos de caza harán las delicias de los seguidores más fervientes y dedicados.
Javi AndrésAug 28, 2018
Pero quitando las comparaciones y los sacrificios gráficos, en este Ultimate que estrena la consola híbrida de Nintendo lo que tenemos es un sinfín de horas de diversión, uno de los mejores Monster Hunter de todos, un completo homenaje al fan de la saga, un puñado de añadidos consistente y una perfecta propuesta rolera y de acción a gran escala que no da de lado a la dificultad.
Rudy Jean-FrançoisAug 28, 2018
Mais celles et ceux qui sauront passer outre tous ces aspects découvriront un jeu d'une richesse et d'une générosité comme on n'en fait plus. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate ne se présente pas simplement comme l'extension d'un jeu sorti sur l'ancienne génération de consoles Nintendo, c'est une relique d'un autre temps qui a trouvé un parfait foyer sur Nintendo Switch. Pour chasseurs avertis.
Alice MurratAug 29, 2018
Débordant de contenu plus que de réelles nouveautés, MHGU est l’aboutissement d’une formule dont on pensait à tort s’être lassé. Un mets copieux, à condition de lui accorder du temps - beaucoup de temps. Moins affriolant qu’un certain World et moins accessible aussi, il ne s’en avère pas pour autant moins intéressant.
Ayden_Aug 29, 2018
Se nourrissant de la fibre des Monster Hunter, Generations Ultimate est un « best of » qui mise sur sa générosité et son exigence. Bien loin des standards visuels du moment, le titre de Capcom souffre de lacunes techniques évidentes et aurait mérité un meilleur traitement. Bien que long à maîtriser et d’une rigidité d’un autre temps, il offre un challenge passionnant pour quiconque parvient à dompter son gameplay et ses à-côtés. Archaïque mais tellement délicieux, que ce soit en solo ou en multijoueur.
André ReisSep 22, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate é possivelmente o melhor da série em termos de conteúdo e por uma vasta margem. Com todos os monstros e mapas novos e antigos que se colocaram num só titulo, não se deixa passar por mais nenhum da série em quantidade, e por pouco não se deixaria passar em qualidade, salvo os problemas graves de legibilidade do texto que apresenta. Um jogo essencial para os fãs na 3DS que aguardam por uma nova versão portátil de nova geração.
Pur rimanendo un gioco ben realizzato, che offre una sfida molto impegnativa e, potenzialmente, una longevità elevatissima, l’adattamento per Nintendo Switch a partire dalla versione orientale del gioco per 3DS, complici alcune leggerezze, può far apparire l’ultimo titolo della saga di Capcom come già datato, agli occhi di una certa fetta di pubblico.
Marcello PaolilloAug 28, 2018
Alcune novità di rilievo (come ad esempio una manciata di mostri extra e arti da caccia), unite alla possibilità di trasferire salvataggi e progressi direttamente dall'edizione tascabile, rendono Generations Ultimate un avvio più che dignitoso del franchise sull'ammiraglia Nintendo, in attesa che Capcom decida - il più presto possibile - ad annunciare il vero Monster Hunter sviluppato appositamente per Switch.
Christian ColliSep 03, 2018
La conversione per Switch è di buona qualità, ma tradisce le origini su Nintendo 3DS del codice: la nostra speranza è che Capcom trovi un compromesso tra le capacità dell'hardware di Switch e le meccaniche aggiornate di Monster Hunter World così da poter offrire ai possessori della console ibrida un corso nuovo e parallelo che, grazie alla portabilità, potrebbe rappresentare l'incarnazione definitiva del franchise.